Legacy: Peter Molyneux’s newest game I Levels

Oct 26, 2017
Man, I miss this dude so much. He is the worst PR person of all time and instead is a pure game designer, someone who utterly loves the medium and talks to press the very same way he talks to his friends and collegues.

Yeah, he made some of the most important games of the industry and I, personally, absolutely love the Fable series for it's charm and ambition but this is what I respect about him the most. He is endlessly positive and shares his vision completely unfilitered, enthusiastically. Godus didn't work out, at all. That sucks. The fact that the Cube idea didn't work out was directly connected to that, and that sucks, too. The way this community wants to crucify him for that, however - after he has already endured the shitstorm of the century, was abused and harassed to no end & has basically completely stopped talking to the press or otherwise appearing in public for several years - seems incredibly toxic to me.

Y'all want endless creativity and enthusiasm without actually accepting failure. Even though failure is an integral part of the creative process and is absolutely bound to happen. Normally, these failures are hidden behind closed doors. This one happened out there in the open, on Kickstarter. And, seemingly, this means people are not only mad about that in the moment, but want him and his team completely shunned from the industry, forever demonized as a hack fraud who only wants to cheat you out of your money. He talks about this himself in the video, by the way. Not sure anyone watched it, though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wait, what happened to Godus?
They made it, it was terrible, people stopped playing it, they tried to fix it, no one cared & the game was so fundamentally ill-advised that it was hard to fix anyway, so they stopped work on it several years ago to work on other projects that could actually make some money and keep them from shutting down.
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Oct 28, 2017
I've missed Peter. He's done a lot of extraordinary work. I'll take his over-ambition over the banality of modern corporate gaming any day. I remember my creature picking up some truly bizarre habits in Black & White, then going online and spending hours laughing hysterically at all the stories people had written about odd lessons the creature had learned and the insane behaviors it could result in. That kind of emergent madness was something special that people like Molyneux and Will Wright brought to their games. I see these guys as old school techno Utopians who always reach for a truly ambitious concept. Perhaps they'll miss completely, but it's usually a miss more interesting than many hits.

This seems interesting. I can't help but wish he was doing another big game though. I'd like to see him on a big state at E3 again.
I think it’s better for him to remain in this market. He gets to make his games without having to deal with toxic people who will drag him like he shot a dog or something. The mobile audience will enjoy his game for what they are. He can also focus on ideas without adding the unnecessary flourishes that the console game industry demands
Oct 30, 2017
His legacy is great but I think he's past his prime - we've seen it happen to film directors, and the same can apply here.

the bullfrog library can be had on GOG btw, great stuff to revisit.
True to an extent, but especially in video game development no one is too old or past their prime for amazing concepts. And like he said in the video, stop giving yourself excuses and just do it.