1. CarthOhNoes

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    Hey guys
    In order to combat the inevitable spread of fake news and misinformation, I thought I'd compile a summary of the new stuff we discovered from the Nintendo Treehouse presentation of Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Evee. I have included some screenshots but all this info is from the Treehouse stuff. If you want to know more, watch it on Youtube.

    Without further ado, let's get cracking.

    Levelling up
    • Pokemon gain levels through experience as usual.
    • Capturing a Pokemon grants experience. Bonuses to the amount of experience gained can be earned through particularly good throws / other modifiers.
    • EXP share spreads EXP through your party. It is NOT CLEAR whether EXP share can be turned off at this time.
    • It seems like ALL pokemon gain exp when you capture one. EXP share kicks in during battles with trainers.
    • Pokemon gain new moves as they level up, just like in the mainline games. We saw Pikachu learn Quick Attack at level 6.
    • Overall, it feels like grinding will still be a thing, except you will be catching Pokemon to gain levels rather than fighting wild ones.
    Capturing Pokemon
    • Works like GO as we knew.
    • Berries can be thrown to make Pokemon easier to catch
    • Lower level Pokemon are easier to catch and don't move much. More powerful Pokemon later in the game will be more difficult - they mentioned moving around the screen more often / more quickly/.
    • Multiple different types of throw - underhand, overhand and side throws. Seems like each give bonuses.
    • Different throws will work better depending on how the Pokemon is moving.
    • Overall it seems like the capture minigame may be slightly deeper than it first appears.
    • In hand-held mode, where waving the joycon obviously isn’t practical, you use the gyro to align a reticule on the target and press a button to throw.
    Available Pokemon
    • Demo area showed Viridian Forest and the patch of grass just after it, before Pewter City.
    • Pokemon seen in the wild in Viridian Forest were: Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod, Kakuna, Butterfree, Pidgey, Pikachu and Oddish.
    • Oddish is clearly there to give new players something to handle Brock more easily.
    • Pokemon seen between Viridian and Pewter were: Pidgey and Rattata.

    • Seem to work in an identical manner to the mainline games. Nothing more to be said here really - it's a shiny mainline game battle system. 3 options in battle - FIGHT, POKEMON and BAG. So just like the mainline games.
    • If you send out your Companion (Pikachu or Evee, who sit on your shoulder), you get a cool animation of you sending them in and them leaping off your shoulder into battle.
    • Gyms are in. Brock is the leader of Pewter gym.
    • On arrival, you are asked to have at least one water or grass type in your team before continuing.
    • THIS IS LIKELY A TUTORIAL. See screenshots below. They strongly hint that this is just for the first gym.
    • Note how it said "for trainers who have never challenged a gym before". This suggests it is just for Brock.
    • After he says this, you have to select a water or grass type in your team. Then he lets you in. It is not clear if you have to use it though. I guess you can show him one of the right type, then box it again if you wanted as you can box Pokemon any time, any place now.
    • This is almost certainly in the game to teach new players about type advantages. Remember, many people have not played the previous mainline games and don't instinctively know that, for example, grass beats rock.
    • The full spread of mainline STATS are in. HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk. Sp. Def and Speed.
    • These stats add together to give you a creature's CP value. They said in the video that the CP value was the total of a Pokemon's stats.
    • In this screenshot, however, the stats add up to 247, yet the Pikachu has a CP value of 277. It is not clear what causes this. It could be that there are some hidden stats which we don't know about yet.
    Here is Theorymon’s thinking on the stats issue:
    • Candy is used to increase these stats, a little like the drugs in the mainline games such as CARBOS, PROTEIN, IRON etc.
    • Candy is obtained by sending Pokemon you have caught to the Professor. If it works like in GO, which I assume it will, this will effectively "release" the Pokemon.
    • Pokemon can be sent in bulk, up to 30 at a time.
    • The more Pokemon you send, the more candy you get back.
    • There is one type of candy for each stat.
    • Overall, it seems like there will be some more in-depth training than just levelling up, though we have not heard anything about IVs or EVs.
    • The core powering up loop seems to be: catch lots of Pokemon, all the time (which you will do as you need to to grind exp); send them to the professor for candies; use candies to increase your Pokemon's stats.
    GO Park
    • Pokemon sent from GO will appear in the park.
    • You can wander the park freely, walk up to them and initiate a capture minigame if you choose.
    • The CP level at which you transfer them from GO affects their LGPE game level. The higher the CP, the higher their level and the harder they are to catch.
    • It is unclear if Pokemon can run away from you and, if they can, it is unclear if that means they will leave the GO Park as well. This seems unlikely but it is possible - we just don't know.
    Other random stuff
    • You have a rival. Their name is Tracie. They give you 5 potions when you enter Viridian city. They seem to be less of an arse-face than Blue. It is unclear whether you can rename them. I hope you can.
    • Following Pokemon will waffle their tails to notify you about nearby hidden items.
    • It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you will have the sort of team they had in this video by the time you reach Brock in the main game. They had a Pikachu, Evee, Onix, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. It seems almost impossible that they could have had all of these before Viridian Forest (which is where it started). This was likely just for the demo.
    • Mystery gift is in.
    • You can to local trading / battling with people nearby on their Switches or trade / battle with people over the internet. At the moment we don't know the extent of the features which will be behind the online sub. I would GUESS that you will be able to trade / battle locally for free but internet stuff will be paid for through the online sub.
    • Lots of the features are designed to make it easy for people to play with their kids (e.g the co-op battling).
    • Nuzlocke won't work. We will need to come up with a new set of SUPER SRS BSNS HARDCORE RULES.
    • Onix is MASSIVE. Riding him is HILARIOUS.
    • Riding a pokemon like Onix happens automatically when you take them out of the Pokeball. It seems any Pokemon can be chosen to follow you. You just go into the menu:

    • Go into your party menu, select the Pokemon as usual and a standard menu pops up which lets you take them out of the ball.

    That's all for now. I hope this helps clear up any misunderstandings etc. I will add more screenshots and details over time.
  2. Mr. Phellps

    Mr. Phellps

    That was great. It seems to be a lot less watered down than the reveal made it look like. Thanks for this summary!
  3. Firestorm


    To be honest, I think the only people who thought the capture mini game was less in-depth than this are those who never really got into Go. It’s cool they’ve found a way to do something to make up for the fact that curve balls don’t work the same in 3D space.

    The candy definitely seems to be EVs as that’s how the vitamins work too. Really hope they keep that for future titles.

    I missed the end of the play through so thanks for the summary!
  4. Silfer


    "Chase" was the name of the player character.
  5. CarthOhNoes

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    Good spot, edited.
  6. this game was the biggest surprise for me at e3. it looks great!
  7. kitsuneyo


    Nice work OP.
  8. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    It sounds great! Looking forward to it :)
  9. Byakura


    Good stuff. Definitely alleviates some of the worries people had with this game at it's initial reveal imo.
  10. Twentieth


    Info I heard on the Treehouse stream: If the console is in handheld mode, the whole catching minigame changes: you have to align a reticle using the Switch's gyro with a target. Also, the Pokémon following will might wiggle their tail to warn you of a hidden item. Co-op partner is named Teresa.
  11. RochHoch


    Still looks like trash. Can't wait for Gen 8 next year.
  12. ParanoidRED


    Amazing work OP, absolutely hyped for these !

    Seeing wild pokemon roaming around in the world is fantastic
  13. Looks amazing, can’t wait to play it!
  14. Heartskips


    Saw the gym thing and though "2019 can't arrive soon enough".
  15. CarthOhNoes

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    Cheers, added to OP.
  16. Relix


    Looks fun! Insta buy for me
  17. Spartacris


    Day zero.
  18. Issun


    Did they say if there is anything that makes the starter Pikachu and Eeevee stronger than standard ones?

    If you can catch Pikachus in Viridian Forest, why would I keep the broken one that cannot evolve.
  19. ohlawd


    thanks, OP.

    informative stuff in here
  20. Slamtastic


    Have they confirmed you can remove the starter P/E from your party?
  21. Aokiji


    so gooooooood
  22. LordKano


    Better implementation than Mario Odyssey, that was the only thing I was worried about. Cool stuff.
  23. Torlain


    Awesome job OP!
  24. Cheebo


    Sold. A lot more in depth than initially thought.

    Why? Its a tutorial thing just for the first gym.
  25. TheKeyPit


    Thanks for the info OP :)

    Sounds good.
  26. Jiggy


  27. CarthOhNoes

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    Yes you can box them.

    It isn’t clear whether the starters will have specific bonuses to offset their inability to evolve.
  28. Dude how do you forget the biggest change?!
    You can change your Pokemon's name from the menu. No more Name Rater!
  29. darkside


    This looks absolutely awful.

    It will sell quite well.
  30. Vampirolol


    I really liked what I saw. As a casual Pokémon player (only played Blue, Black 2 and X) I'm interested in the neat touches like Pokémon following you.
  31. -PXG-


    So this is basically a remake of Red and Blue, just with some tweaks and additionns from Pokemon Go?
  32. zephyrsquall


    Thanks for the summary. Alot of this info has alleviated some of my fears with this game. I hope they made the demo easier than the main game. Each trainer only had 1 Pokemon and since wild battles are gone, I was expecting there to be more trainer battles or more Pokemon per trainer. Maybe there will be a VS seeker-esque device
  33. shiftplusone


    so I hate pokemon combat but like just collecting pokemon

    is this the perfect pokemon game?
  34. David___


    There's still trainer battles, so maybe?
  35. Theorymon


    Funny ya mention that, I was doing some sluething on Pikachu's stats based off when it leveled up and learned Double Kick... and they don't seem possible at that level! It has at least a positive Attack nature with 236 Attack EVs and 232 Special Attack EVs at MINIMUM assuming the regular Pikachu stats, which doesn't leave enough investment for its other stats to be where it is.

    Note however that the Pikachu stat spread in the OP is totally possible (guessing its a +speed nature since its Speed would require max investment otherwise), but if I didn't screw up my math, I think there's a chance that the starter Pikachu / Eevee has buffed stats compared to regular ones!

    Knowing gamefreak while I suspect that to be the case, the "needs 1" makes me really hope that its actually raising IVs instead. Would make sense with the lack of breeding, and to be honest I'd much rather have this system in gen 8 too. After going through my latest breeding disaster, I never want to rely on RNG for quickly getting competitive mons again ;_;
  36. Lee Morris

    Lee Morris

    I have to say the art and graphics in this game are really really nice. I felt like the last couple of pokemon games have really struggled with moving to 3d on a system that couldn't handle it but everything looks so cute in this game. The capturing mechanic will probably keep me away from the game but it makes me even more excited to see next year's game in this engine
  37. TriGen


    It looked good. I was impressed by what I saw on the stream. Feeling more positive for sure.
  38. Luchashaq

    Banned Member

    Mock Nuzlocke all you want, but when the games were already so simplified and easy it was nice to have some way of playing that wasn't 100% mindless or based on competitive battling.

    This is the first pokemon rpg I'll ever be skipping, it genuinely looks awful to me. Been looking up freaking fan games to tide me over until 2019. What a bummer this thing is.
  39. CarthOhNoes

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    Fantastic detective work on the stats! I’m not very good with EVs etc. Added this to the OP.
  40. EvilChameleon


    So the only way to grind in this game is to catch duplicate Pokemon over and over?
  41. Nacho


    Yeah it definitely is a complete game. Just not the game Pokemon fans seem to want. Which is very indicative of why Pokemon largely has stayed the same over the years. Not a judgement on the changes from mainline games but Pokemon fans and a prevalent inability to have a real critical eye towards new mechanics without freaking out.
  42. Luchashaq

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    Yup, you want a stronger Pikachu? Be prepared to send 50 to prof Oak so he can blend them up and bake them into candy for you like pokemon go.

    Kinda the exact opposite of the message Pokemon used to have but oh well. Go made too much money so it reigns supreme now.
  43. Serenitynow


    Really? Even after OP pointed out that it’s likely only for the first gym?
  44. Knight613


    Still need confirmation of Poke Bank support.
  45. Terraforce


    The fact that you are forced to have a grass/water type is kinda yikes, but everything else about this game seems fine. I know they want this to be baby's first Pokemon, but I hope it's not painfully easy.
  46. MCN


    That message died when people discovered EVs and IVs, and turned into a bunch of Gary Oaks.
  47. Sou Da

    Sou Da

    yeah pretty much.
  48. Kiraly


    Personally: The Onix riding part looked ridiculous in the crampy ass environment of the 1996 gameboy maps, and it really shows the limitations of its map design. Never mind the clipping of the co-op character and other Pokémon straight through Onix.
  49. CarthOhNoes

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    So I have a theory about that.

    I reckon Poke Bank support will come just before gen 8, and that gen 1 Pokemon will be entirely absent from gen 8.

    This means that people can use LGPE to catch gen 1 Pokemon then transfer them to Poke Bank to bring ‘em into gen 8.
  50. Aostia82


    Sounds great