Lil Wayne drops out of Blink-182 tour, 20 minutes into his set

Dec 31, 2018
Listen to what he said. He dropped out because the crowd wasn't massive.

"I am so not used to performin to a crowd and there's not too many -- you know like still forming"

The quote in the tweet, "please forgive me I'm not used to performing in front of a crowd that looks like this" isn't what he actually said. Do people not watch the videos? Why is that tweet misquoting him?
Wait so you mean it was for this and not how awkward you would think it would be for someone to immediately jump to racism for a reason.
I am curious how promoters will handle him saying he is back now. Maybe put him on later in the card?


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Oct 27, 2017
The people there probably thought it was cool to see him but don’t know how to act during a rap show. He probably shouldn’t have agreed to do it.

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Oct 25, 2017
Lol I saw a Facebook advert for the blink 182 Lil Wayne concert last night. Guess they need to make some changes

Edit: oh maybe he’s not permanently dropping out


Oct 25, 2017
Viral press for the tour.? I bet this helped sell at least SOME tickets.


Oct 27, 2017
All Time Low just kind of seems like a straight upgrade, and I'm not even a fan of them

but Wayne has been trash for so long now. And not even the 'I don't like this rapper' trash like he shouldn't even qualify as a musician anymore. Especially live.
He was never much of a rapper. He was more of a personality with a microphone


Nov 6, 2017
This was an odd pairing to begin with and if the crowd isn't what he is used to than I can't really blame him.
Wtf... Why are people saying this?! The guy signed a contract and I guarantee a huge chunk of those tickets were bought with the idea they'd be going to see lil Wayne. Now they're stuck with these tickets because he decided he wasn't happy with the crowds?


Oct 27, 2017
From what he said sounds like the arena was half empty.

It's certainly not a race issue. I know many people on era don't actually go out but at rap shows most of the crowd is white.


Oct 25, 2017
Perhaps this shit stain wants a crowd where he can make fun of Emmett Till?

I lost all respect for him once I found out about it.


Oct 25, 2017
Remember when U2 had Kanye opening for them? Yea that didn't make sense, either.
I went to a Fall Out Boy show where 50 Cent was opening. He spent most of the time offstage while his hypemen called his name, then he came out and slowly paced around stage mumbling through songs, then walked back off stage until he felt like doing another one. It was the most “contractually obligated” performance I have ever seen.


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Sep 26, 2018
I'm confused, aren't the fans at his concerts similar looking? They just wear Ralph Lauren and the men have much shorter hair lmao.


Oct 25, 2017
Lil Wayne has probably sold more albums than blink-182. But as a live act in 2019 blink just has more pull.

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Oct 25, 2017
looking back, man overboard was one of the most hateful and disrespectful diss tracks in pop punk history.
Oct 30, 2017
How is Lil Wayne not relevant when his last album was a thing that people actually bothered talking about when it dropped
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Oct 25, 2017
All of this because of a storm that delayed the crowd. Such nonsense.


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Oct 25, 2017
How is Lil Wayne less relevant than blink 182 when his last album was a thing that people actually bothered talking about when it dropped
Blink’s previous album was a hit and people pay to see rock bands that have been around for a while, they maintain their draw. Not really the case in rap unless you’re Jay Z or Kanye.


Oct 25, 2017
Where are you getting these numbers from?
you're talking about worldwide record sales for two American acts on a 40-date US tour?

Let's quickly compare certifications provided by the RIAA website (these are only U.S. sales)

Blink 182
Dude Ranch = 1x plat
The Mark, Tom, And Travis Show = 1x gold
Enema Of The State = 5x plat
Take Off Your Pants And Jackett = 2x plat
Blink-182 = 1x plat
California = 1x gold
10,000,000 certified US albums sales

Lil Wayne
The Block Is Hot = 1x plat
Lights Out = 1x gold
500 Degreez = 1x gold
Tha Carter = 1x gold
Tha Carter II = 1x plat
Like Father, Like Son = 1x gold
Tha Carter III = 3x plat
Rebirth = 1x gold
I Am Not A Human Being = 1x gold
Tha Carter IV = 2x plat
I Am Not A Human Being II = 1x gold
Tha Carter V = 1x plat
11,500,000 certified US albums sales

Looks like Wayne slightly beats out Blink 182. However, both Wayne and Blink 182 haven't had some of their older albums recertified for a while (an artist/act must pay the RIAA to certify an album and update their sales total), so some previous releases may have sold slightly more.

I would have compared Worldwide sales numbers, but they're not easily accessible/available.
Blink has sold 50 million albums worldwide according to Wikipedia. Wayne is about 15 million. But he has a ton of records and singles sold. Like 100 million.