Lindsay Ellis: We Need To Talk About Game of Thrones


Nov 3, 2017
Yeeah.....i love Lindsay 's videos but this one is kinda beating the dead horse. Still top quality tho.

Dream Machine

Oct 25, 2017
I was gonna make a thread on this, but I'll put it here for now. So the disgusting reddit sub /asiofcirclejerk has been openly harassing her due to her criticism of the final season and the sub owner ( or whatever is called) recently started posting pics from her private life. They made a bot that post her mug shot whenever she is mentioned. They also hate Emilia Clarke for some stupid reason and openly hate on her. A bunch of incles is what they are.
The hardcore asoiaf fans are mad that someone criticized the show's finale? Or are these the last diehard show fans?


Oct 25, 2017
The new video is what people hoped for from the first video. It's good.

If you want to see it now you can sign up to her Patreon.