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Linux running Windows game (Farcry btnchmark) : 95% performance


Oct 26, 2017
I'd like to interject for a moment with a progress report from Linux land.

Two of the panels in the video are both Linux using slightly different methods. To give you an idea of the significance here, 2 years ago we would expect about 75% performance from an official Linux Port of a AAA game. Here, we're looking at 95% performance on a game that is supposed to be Windows only.

Not all games run like that, (this is not the only one though) but the point is that not long ago, no games ran like that. This is evidence of major progress.

End of report. Neckbeard out.


Dec 16, 2017
And I love it. I've actually been testing out some games that have native Linux ports just to see if running the Windows version in Proton works better for performance or visual reasons.


Oct 25, 2017
in wine you can grab the latest stuff. Latest version of dxvk in particular. Tends to show up in proton a bit later.
This! Proton is a fork of Wine, A "Valve Version" of Wine. So new improvements show up on Wine first, then get moved, maybe changed a bit to suit Valves needs, and implemented to Proton by Valves team.