1. GeoGonzo


    This. While it isn't a great look on London... two months worth of stats is an almost worthless metric.

    A quick search of homicides during 2017 seems to point towards 130 in London vs 290 in NY.
  2. Gen X

    Gen X

    I used to work in live events and had a Leatherman in a pouch on my belt. I bever knew of this law at the time so you could imagine the look of horror on the tube when I pulled it out to sharpen my pencil so I could fill in my work diary.
  3. Anything that is 3 inch or under and is not lockable is legal.

    However I think cops can deem anything a lethal weapon, and confiscate it.

    Its odd people were shocked by your leatherman if its for your job and had a specific purpose also letherman look more like a tool then a threatening knife.

    I carry this on my keychain lol.

  4. Dennis8K


    Why is this effect specific to London though?

    Gangs in New York have social media too.
  5. Bengraven


    Oh the_donald is having a field day with this.
  6. Betty


    Maybe social media is also a contributing factor over in the states too?

    Anyway most knife attack seem to be gang affiliated in London at least, the victims aren't always from gangs but the attackers often are connected to one in some way.
  7. pa22word

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    A good friend of my brother's was straight up murdered over Facebook beef. Insanity to take internet shit slinging that seriously, but that's today I guess :/
  8. Gen X

    Gen X

    Remember it's a different generation of people now, some people fear forftheir lives becausebsomeone has a beard.

    Anyway, this was the Leatherman for those that aren't aware can still be menacing enough to some.

  9. GenericVillainName

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    Nah gentrification has already drove people put of the urban areas of London , you can't gentrify areas with council estates and low unemployment just for the sake of stopping gang activity
  10. St. Alphonzo

    St. Alphonzo
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    Gentrification has ruined London.

    So the opposite of that, thanks.

    Anyway, this is typical Tory government social ennui.

    All we need is a good riot and the Tories in a fucking bin.
  11. The Llama

    The Llama

    Admittedly I don't think I've ever heard of a Leatherman before seeing this post, but if I saw someone pull this out on the subway car I'm riding on right now in Philadelphia, I'd be pretty concerned...
  12. Plasma


    Not all that shocking when the police are run on a shoestring budget that the Tories keep on hacking away at.
  13. chromatic9


    Sadiq Khan did say he'll do everything in his power to lower stop and search by police in 2015.

    Just recently he's said they'll be a significant increase in stop and search.

    Whether there was a reduction since 2015 I don't know but police cuts and lack of stop and search will give people confidence in carrying knives. More knives means others will be carrying them for protection too, it's an awful spiral.
  14. Stinkles

    343 Industries Verafied

  15. avaya


    Banning guns is the most effective way to stop gun crime, proven time and again the world over. It is not even debatable.
  16. Ramjag


    Ouch. Thanks for giving a small breakdown of the situation. Was helpful to me.
  17. disparate


    Germany isn't a city of 8-9 million people.
  18. Gonzalez


    Did Jack The Ripper steal H.G. Wells time machine?
  19. UTiii

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    • User Banned (Permanent): Racism, history of similar behaviour.
    Think we need to bring back stop and search and allow it to be targeted or be used more disportionately against minorities within London.

    As the problem seems to lie within gangs made up typically of black men and boys.
  20. Cranston

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    I don't think people are *blaming* social media.

    Rather, that young teens are instigating gang warfare over social media and sending each other videos of fights and stabbings to goad one another. And then it gets circulated to everyone and their uncle and normalised. It's a factor.

    There are some fucking horrible areas of London and Greater London. I live about three miles south of Croydon. I have no intention of ever stepping foot in that cesspool.
  21. Gonzalez


    Uhhhhhh... Joking?
  22. GrizzleBoy


    People need to stop with this fucking bullshit about croydon.
  23. Azraes


    Explains all the knife-free since 20xx posters and banners up in various parts of the city. But seriously it isn't as bad as it was 10 years ago. It went on the rise till some high profile deaths - siblings of famous people and then started to decline. While it has increased, it remains to be seen if these past two months are an outlier or part of an increasing trend. I mean I remember a time when you needed to show id to buy a metal spoon at some supermarkets we aren't there yet. And this would happen with cuts and other factors.
  24. photonblack


    Then blame states with lax gun laws. Many of the illegal guns come from there.
  25. Floex


    So basically get rid of the poor so those rich folk can move in, got you.
  26. Beefy

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    Problem is in London all the poor people are already on the outskirts. It is why these areas have got so bad with gangs. So like shit is worse for moving the poor into shit rundown areas.
  27. Virtua

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    But gun control

    "Both cities have similarly sized populations of around 8.5m people. New York City's murder rate has decreased by around 87 per cent since the 1990s"
    The statistics that are not politically correct I guess.
  28. Falchion


    Which is crazy because it's the city with the most surveillance. Just goes to show that no amount of cameras will deter some things.
  29. Virtua

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    Cameras and laws onlyatter to people who follow the law or care about getting cought.
  30. Openrob


    It's about carrying a knife on you in public but the issue is that stop and search policy has targeted minorities, and the success rate of actually finding something was like 1%.
  31. Steel


    I mean, before this point London was safer than the safest big city in the United States.
  32. HenrySwanson


    It's called stop and search.

    I'm half black and have been subject to it but understand it's for the greater good. Politicians need to stop listening to the moaning of certain communities because the facts speak for themselves. It's the product of a perfect storm of May's ineptitude as Home Secretary and Khan's as Mayor. Having more PCs on the streets wouldn't hurt too, and a zero tolerance approach to even minor crime as per NY under Giuliani
  33. Bleepey

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    I am pragmatic. Whilst stop and searches might annoy me, if they reduce crime i'm for it.
  34. Beefy

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    Stop and search isn't working if only minorities get stopped due to racism
  35. excelsiorlef


    More would be dead if you added guns to the mix
  36. Xiaomi


    Pretty much. I lived in New York a while back, in one of the "least safe" areas just north of the Bronx (Mt. Vernon), and it was fine. It's safer than LA, Dallas, San Francisco, or numerous other cities in the US.

    That said, I didn't know real safety until I moved to Asia. In my city of almost three million people, we generally only have about ten murders per year (and that's high for this part of the world). Strict gun laws and strong social safety nets work.
  37. Dyno


    It's worth remembering the people who died at Grenfelt. Plenty of buildings are still up with that cladding. People got bored of being mad at them and let it slip. This is how it always goes with the tories. String it out long enough that people get tired of waiting for the repurcussions
  38. GenericVillainName

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    And whats wrong with Croydon..too much diversity for you aye?
  39. Arkestry


    Smdh at all these people trying to make this out as a policy issue. It's a police funding issue. If you have less police on the streets, people will feel less safe. When people feel less safe, they take measures to protect themselves, and when they have weapons, they eventually use them.

    May removed four fucking thousand police from London's streets, that's over a 10% reduction.
  40. Hodgy


    Yet another statistic that shows the failings of the current government's policies over the last 8 years
  41. GenericVillainName

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  42. excelsiorlef


    Like folks are actually drawing conclusions about bloody gun control because London for one month, and the first time ever, had all of exactly one more murder than NYC except NYC is not even all that relatively high on the US murder rate city list:


    But sure anti-gun control folks you've totally exposed the gun control myth, the gun control hoax.


    4 US cities in the top 50 Deadliest cities in the whole world.
  43. dan2026


    Our despicable Tory government won't be satisfied til we are all dead or penniless.
    They don't care about the police force, the don't care about the health service, they don't care about the disabled, the elderly or the poor.
    All they care about is lining their own greedy pockets.
  44. HenrySwanson


    So you'd rather have this alternative? I don't understand the logic behind "it's not working" when it actually does reduce knife crime.

    We have racial profiling in other instances and no-one makes much of a fuss - e.g. FGM in the Somali community
  45. Davidion


    Which is more scary: double digit murders or single-digit IQ?
  46. Boxxy


    Do you get it yet, gun control morons?

    I kept trying to tell people that if you ban guns, people will just find another way to commit atrocities. The Vegas shooter could've thrown knives from that hotel window and produced the same results. Wake up.
  47. There is some real mental gymnastics in this thread. This has been a problem that has been brewing for decades, not just 2 years.

    I suppose Khan is responsible for the rising gun and knife crime rate in Birmingham too?
  48. Beefy

    Community Resettler Member

    So you are saying stop and search being used to harass minorities is worth it if it reduces knife crime? (Which is actually still going on and is clearly working lol)I am saying it needs to be used properly instead of black dudes being stopped all the time. I get stopped at least once every time I am in London.

    Not sure why you bring whataboutism into this? Two completely different things that both need reducing in different ways

  49. Bashteee


    I'm not sure if you are serious?
  50. excelsiorlef




    To date:

    NYC: 55
    London: 45

    Conclusion: Don't make this about making dumb remarks about gun control.