1. Krvavi Abadas

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    Yes, really.

    The backstory for this game is ridiculous.
    According to legend, it was cancelled because the makers of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were concerned due to the main audience of the Game Boy back then being children. Though they did keep a prototype cart (possibly the source of this release.) of it for historical purposes.

    ...Except the game wasn't cancelled at all.

    What actually happened next was that it got retooled into three different games.

    North America got the finished product split in half. under the form of two separate Mary Kate & Ashley games. "Mary-Kate & Ashley - Get a Clue" and "The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley"

    Europe on the other hand, got only one game. this time based off the German animated series known as "Maya the Bee".

    It's worth noting that the latter game actually contains leftover sprites from South Park. Which makes sense as it was the first of the three released: [​IMG]

    and now, we finally got a hold of the source game. Definitely one of the most interesting prototype leaks of this year.

    Edit: Here's some gameplay, since people don't think this thread has enough info.

    It should be noted that the game actually uses the exact same passwords as the Maya the Bee game. So here they are in case you want to jump to specific parts of it (Level names are obviously different between the two, but other than that they work just fine.)
    and finally, the soundtrack is composed by none other than Tim Follin, yes, that Tim Follin. None of the music was reused in the three released games that came out of this, unfortunately.
  2. Calibro


    So uh... source?
  3. Gen X

    Gen X

    Not sure how well a SP game would've sold on a GBC but surely it would've made more money than two MK&A games.
  4. Pyro


    Interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did leak it on purpose. Also I love how the bee is clearly a South Park character.
  5. Gaz


    This is really cool
  6. rawhide


    Here's the ROM: [Mod Edit: Link removed. Please don't post links to roms, even for unreleased games]
    It's kinda like Lost Vikings meets DK94 meets shovelware. There's digitized voiced and decent-looking dialogue screens, at least.
  7. Brandon


    That's pretty neat.
  8. Cyanity


    You underestimate just how popular those shovelware titles were back in the GB days. Kids ate that shit up.
  9. Cloud-Hidden


    Sources for the additional info would be good.
  10. MrKlaw

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    If you were trying really hard to find a more polarised license to retool a South Park game, you couldn't do any better than MK&A
  11. Fularu


    Rom linking of commercial games not released by their owners is against the TOS

    You should remove the link
  12. Lame as hell considering it was never released for sale. Ah well, I’m sure I can find it via google. Wanna play it just to try it lol
  13. Jazzem


    Ahhh I remember seeing listings of this in back page catalogues of UK Nintendo magazines, I recognise that screenshot or at least a very similar one to it. Pretty neat it resurfaced, hilarious how it got repurposed too. Love that Kenny sprite heh
  14. Robin64


    Eh? We’ve linked to plenty of ROMs before, both here and the other place, that were unreleased. It’s never been a problem before. Case in point, the recent Pokemon Gold Beta.

  15. Doesn’t look very good, but I’ve always been curious about this. Glad it leaked.
  16. msdstc


    Ahh this is pretty awesome. Has anybody played it yet?
  17. SPRidley


    Nah thats maya

    Hard to deviate too much from the perfect circle head at that sprite resoution. And the side walking body sprite of stan in that video is completely different.
  18. Wowfunhappy


    If this happened (not saying it didn't, I just never saw it), it was stupid.

    Copyright applies whether or not the work was ever released to the public.
  19. Robin64


    Does it though? I mean, Frank Cifaldi, notable developer of Mega Man Legacy Collection and the like, runs a website that hosts old unreleased ROMs just fine.
  20. Wowfunhappy


    Then he could theoretically be sued at any time.

    At least in the United States:
  21. 10k


    Makes sense it was canceled since South Park specializes in off-color humor.

    I'll see myself out.
  22. Robin64


    Fair enough. Though usually the reason for not linking to ROMs is one of piracy. When a ROM was never released, it's not being pirated.

    If we're talking _copyright_, then people posting YouTube videos of game music shouldn't really technically be allowed either.
  23. zychi

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    Or avatars with images used from any media not owned by the person using it. Technically thats violating copyright law as well.
  24. Camjo-Z


    rawhide put it best, it's Lost Vikings mixed with the small stages and collectibles of DK94. Stan can flip switches and throw Cartman at enemies, Kyle can jump the highest and bounce objects/characters off his hat, and Cartman lets other characters stand on his head. Kenny is locked in a cage on every level and dies after every boss. TBH it would have been one of the better pre-Stick of Truth South Park games.
  25. Krvavi Abadas

    Krvavi Abadas
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    In case it wasn't clear from that whole conversation above. I deliberately avoided posting the ROM because of the piracy rules on here. But it shouldn't be too hard to find.

    I did, however, add some more info about the prototype to the OP. Including another major connection to the games it was split up into.
  26. Balmung421


    What an incredible find holy shit.
  27. 5taquitos


    Wow, I'm deffo gonna find this and give it a whirl.
  28. celebi23


    So, I've been documenting various stuff about this on tcrf:

    Had almost all of this stuff documented already when I was playing the game so, I figured I'd make an article for it all.