Looking for a Photoshop replacement?

The Poochy Kid
Oct 30, 2017
OP, if you are going to do professional work and focusing on illustration, some of the better alternatives is CLIP Studio Paint. It has the easiest transition and most robust features comparatively.

But if you are into image editing, you are out of luck. PS is the best image editing software currently.

I know 120/yr seems pricey, but i look at it this way. PS used to costs 600 as standalone, and people still use it anyway because it's the best. So at $10 per month, I just take it as if I'm using PS for 5 years before I buy a new version.

I know it's a lame analogy, but the reason others price their software so cheap because they know they can't compete on features. I'm all for a cheaper software, but until others can provide similar feature, PS gonna stay that way.

ps: I've used CSP, Painter, Photoshop.
I appreciate the perspective, but 1) I’m pretty deadset on Affinity now 2) I’m just a hobbyist and don’t even use (or know about) all the myriads of features PS has 3) I’m gonna be saving like $300 a year moving off CC, and still saving over $100/yr moving of PS, which is like enough Switch games to last most of the year (or idk save up for more important stuff in life)


Oct 25, 2017
Been messing around with a trial for Affinity Photo, and damn. This runs so much better than any recent version of Photoshop.

I dunno what Adobe's doing, but they've managed to create one of the few apps that actually refuses to cooperate with my 144hz monitor most times.

Edit: Certain menu functions threaten to crash my computer though? Was messing around, clicked that Tone Mapping Persona, and then a menu popped up with a loading bar that made real slow progress. Task manager said the app was using nearly 100% of my CPU and RAM for whatever the hell that was. I quickly backed out of that, messed around with preferences, and clicking "Photoshop Plugins" tried to crash my computer.

Do I just have really bad luck with photo manipulation software or something?


Oct 25, 2017
Perhaps, but I'm not an average user. I've tried many softwares that claim they are a good alternative to PS, but nothing actually truly comes close.
...yet you haven't used this one. There's a reason why it's recommended over all the bullshit alternatives. Plenty of professionals have dumped Adobe for Affinity.