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Looks like Jack Black is starting a YouTube gaming channel

Oct 27, 2017
The English Wilderness
I hope he is at least decent at playing games and by decent I dont mean he can pull of SFV combos or can speed run Dark souls (although that would be awesome) but at the very least he is able to navigate within RPG world and mix up his playstyle instead of just do one thing most of the time.
That Project Gotham image on the first page wasn't good enough for you?!
Nov 3, 2017
Just saw School of Rock during Christmas break. My fave movie of Jack Black. Looking forward to see what kind of let's plays he does. Hope he is also a decent player lol.
Dec 7, 2017
After the latest Tenacious D album I'm sure we have nothing to worry about with Jack Black.

NSFW (Minute 9:18 starts the masterpiece song "colors"):
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