Lost Sphear - A special message from Tokyo RPG Factory+Demo trailer

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by LordOfLore, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Yeah, I’m gonna get the demo, I haven’t been as burned by a game purchase as I was with I Am Setsuna in years.
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    I thought that I am Setsuna was decent enough. How is this one in comparison?
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    That import thread will forever stay in my mind “It’s better than chrono” goddammit lol
  5. logash

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    Perfeeeeect. I was wondering if I should buy this for Switch or PS4 but now I can test both out.
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    After how disappointing Setsuna was, glad it’s getting a demo. I want it to be great
  7. Phantom Thief

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    Did someone actually say that? Lol, damn
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    A couple it was terrifying
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    One of the times I wish there was a wall of shame, lol. They’re not even in the same galaxy.
  10. Scrawnton

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    I hope I can be done with Xenoblade 2 before this drops.
  11. Pooroomoo

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    I wasn't blown away by Setsuna but overall I had a good time with it (by the time I was growing a little tired of it and wanted it to end I was already near the end :-)), so I'll get this one as well.
  12. phanphare

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    nice, definitely interested in a demo. setsuna didn't quite do it for me.
  13. Cranston

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    Same. But it could have been wonderful. The setting and story were genuinely touching. Sadly, the rest of the game was about as average as average gets.
  14. Haunted

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    XC2 has my jRPG itch taken care of for a while and I am Setsuna was a big disappointment for me, but I'm definitely going to give them another chance and try the demo, I'm interested whether they've improved on the formula.
  15. Aniki

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    Great, will download later. Still have great expectations for it. Despite me not liking Setsuna. I hope they learned a lot from making their first game.
  16. ultra bawl

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    Is Setsuna really that bad? I've yet to get around to it.

    I'll be picking up the demo for this though.
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    I'll never understand how people can call I Am Setsuna disappointing. With how long I've read people on forums complain about lack of old school RPGs, they finally make one and barely anyone seemed to even care.

    I absolutely loved that the whole game is set in a dark, wintery world. The OST is one of the best I've ever heard in any RPG, and it took a lot of guts to make it almost entirely all piano. The battle system is literally Chrono Trigger, plus time based button prompts, meaning it's a better battle system. Every character had interesting story moments, and all the character designs were great.

    And now with the new game, you can move characters into position before you use various arts. That could totally revamp the entire Chrono Trigger battle system.

    It just goes to show that a lot of people really don't know what they want. They ask for it over and over but that doesn't mean they'll even bother to play it.

    No, not at all. It has one of the best OSTs I've heard ever. One of the coziest games I've ever played. Play it over winter break and enjoy the snowy world.

  18. Carfo

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    Very excited for this, can't wait to download demo on Switch when I get home. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.
  19. Bigg

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    The general consensus is that Setsuna is a fine, competent RPG but nothing revolutionary. I think people got over-hyped by the Chrono Trigger comparisons.
  20. Aktlys

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    Setsuna ain't bad and not good
    it kinda just is meh
  21. BadWolf

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    Not exactly bad but very by the book and bland.
  22. Jbourne

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    I played the demo when it went up in the Japanese eshop and wasn't feeling it at all. There is something very off visually on the Switch version.
  23. Aniki

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    It's just that it is average in every way but the soundtrack. I don't know about you, but my games have to have something that hooks me, this game didn't have that. It's competent, is the best thing I can say about it.
  24. Dogtato-kun

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    It’s not bad, it’s just boring.
  25. Nauren

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    I enjoyed it but it wasn't anything special and it certainly did not live up to the hype. It's pretty bare bones.
  26. ultra bawl

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    I guess I'll wait for a good sale on Setsuna. I'd always assumed the Chrono comparisons were overselling it but I am sad to hear it's a bit dull.
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    Is on sale right now on Switch.
  28. FromAshesRise

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    I Am Setsuna was a solid game that leaned on mediocre, but it does not deserve the hate it’s been getting. It’s mind boggling to be honest.
  29. tet666

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    Gameplay was ok and the actual concept/story is also interesting, the issue is the writing is absolutely awful and eye-roll inducing on multiple occasions. Also, very very predictable. Setsuna physically makes me ill at some points with how nice/caring she is. She has zero depth, just a blank face that goes "oh i'm so sorry..." or "let's save her!" or "but...i hate killing....". She's the most generic, typical, boring "good girl" that I might have ever seen in a video game. A character cannot be interesting if they are this 1 dimensional with zero depth. This goes for most of the other characters as well, but they aren't quite as bad.

    Anyhow, point being, the actual concept/story is interesting, it's just poorly executed 'cause of the writing and lack of depth in any of the characters.
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    I kinda feel for this guys. It's clear they are at very least passionate about classic rpgs, but what made those games was not just the battle system. Story, character dialogue and music goes a long way in making a rpg memorably, even if the battle system is just ok.
  31. Sedef122

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    Played it for a bit, good tnto a bossnthat cast charm on three of my party members and they quickly wiped each other out...will not be playing again.
  32. Slushimi

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    Played the demo. I liked the combat and the music, only the characters seemed extremely one dimensional. That was the only real complaint I had. The world felt a bit generic, but you're placed in a desert so I guess that's why. I'll definitely wait for reviews to see if the story and characters hold up. P.s. playing it on PS4 increased my urge for a Bravely Third on Switch :P
  33. Slushimi

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    Also happened to me. Just focus on the girl and immediately use an item against it.
  34. Sedef122

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    Honestly not feeling it enough to give it another go, I haven’t deleted it so I might go back to it but probably not. The battle system is fine but it is not doing much other than making me want to play Chrono Trigger again.
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    Is the demo on the american eshop? Looked for Lost Sphear and didn't find it.
  36. Echo

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    I don't need no demo! Had this pre-ordered since day 1 just for the lovely PS4 theme it came with haha. Haven't even gotten around to Setsuna yet, so uh rip me.

    It's already up on NA PS4, I dunno about Switch though...
  37. Slushimi

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    I understand what you mean. It really doesn't come close to the charm that Chrono Trigger had.
  38. Holundrian

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    It was still a better game with more heart than all of XV and despite the barebones budget it was more complete as well. That said it's an rpg with a barebones budget attempting something to ambitious for it.
  39. Flevance

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    Well, goodluck with selling it for $50
  40. Beje

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    Holy shit, no wonder people got so burnt with it. I went almost completely blind on it because it was discounted on the eShop just when I bought my Switch and really liked it for what it was and how much I paid for it (like 20-25€?)
  41. rhandino

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    Setsuna is not bad but is priced way too high for what it is (and this is coming from someone who buys Ubisoft seasons passes [​IMG] )

    Also it was kind of boring tbh

    I am willing to try this one after a substantial sale
  42. Dekuman

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    Havent played Setsuna but it is well liked by all the people i know who got it.

    Personally i wish they would move to a better artstyle.
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    Same composer as I Am Setsuna, Tomoki Miyoshi.

    You can hear he even throws in a I Am Setsuna melody in there pretty explicitly. I wonder if they really are somehow linking these games as in the same "world?" The dev team video called it the Project Setsuna series. Who knows.

    The characters use "spritnite" too. Same as I Am Setsuna.
  44. Shadowrun

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    Proof positive that wrong opinions exist.
  45. Dekuman

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    Is Lost Sphear $50? Setsuna is cheaper than that in canada even when not on sale
  46. Holundrian

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    probably their last game it seemed to have bombed in japan with the game price falling insanely fast to sub 3k yen territory.
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    You ain’t lying ima fool for buying into it
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    Loved I Am Setsuna. Wonderful atmosphere and the music was worth the price ($19 :p) of admission for me.

    Looking forward to this!
  49. Print_Dog

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    I don't really like the way the font and textboxes look in this, but that's something I can get over fairly easily. Downloading this.
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    Trying out the demo now. The big change to the battle system is that once you select your character's move, you can then freely move them anywhere you want and then execute it. No longer are you waiting for your character to randomly get into a position where they can do a slash hitting multiple enemies in a line or a circle. You just move to the position you want instantly now.

    Really curious what end game fights are going to look like with this system. Changes the whole balance of the game really.