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    I wasn’t entirely clear on when Reset favors a new thread versus updating old ones, so feel free to merge this into the old one if it should be.

    IGN put up a big interview with Platinum/DeNA in which they asked a lot more questions than just doing a basic preview, so we have a lot of new info.

    • The game has been in development for around three years. This is actually longer than a lot of Platinum’s console games IIRC.
    • Platinum notes that while this is most likely the first mobile game you will play from them, it’s not the first they have worked on, implying that Lost Order’s development cycle has been even longer.
    • The people leading the game are “Atsushi Inaba (Executive Vice President and Studio Head), Masaki Yamanaka (PlatinumGames Head of Game Design and World of Demons Creative Director), Andrew Szymanski (World of Demons Producer and Product Owner), Kento Koyama (PlatinumGames Lead Game Designer/World of Demons Co-director), Yasutaka Maeki (Environment Artist) and Hiroshi Yamaguchi (Music Composer).”
    • Yamanaka was a lead designer on Resident Evil 4, a designer on The Wonderful 101, and the director of Anarchy Reigns. There are too many Kento Koyamas on MobyGames to tell what he worked on.
    • The project came about when Andrew Szymanski, who was a designer on games like Ninja Gaiden Black (and later a producer at Capcom), got hired by DeNA. He wanted to produce a game on smartphones that was like the titles he used to work on, so he went to Platinum and asked if they could make a sword combat game for mobile, which became this.
    • Inaba doesn’t view making mobile games as a shift for the company since they like making high end original action games regardless of platform.
    • They talk for a while about the art style.
    • The revealed male character is a samurai ninja, and the revealed female character is a shrine maiden. There will be three characters at launch with more added over time.
    • It’s an action RPG specifically, where you have a stylish action base and RPG stats. Think more along the lines of Nier than Bayonetta. You can also summon 80 different monsters to fight with you (this is the Gacha element of course).
    • The soundtrack is 40 songs long, which they think might be a record for a smartphone game. It was originally going to be 6. They talk a lot about the variety there at the link.
    • The game is free 2 play, but no content will require a purchase to play. You can buy monster summons and cosmetics. They also have a one time purchase you can buy that will notably increase drop rates on monster crafting materials if you’re the type who wants to make a one time value purchase, but aren’t into the whole keep purchasing more stuff thing.
    • The game does not have a stamina bar outside of live events that pour out tons of rewards. Everything else you can play as much as you want.
    • The game will require an internet connection.
    • They spent a lot of time trying to make sure the RPG and stylish action elements blended well.
    • There will be large updates every month with new yokai, story chapters, multiplayer bosses, and more. I think new characters will be slightly slower than that, but I wasn’t 100% clear there.
    Source: http://m.ign.com/articles/2018/04/19/platinum-on-its-new-game-world-of-demons
  2. LiK


    Holy crap, 3 years.
  3. Nirolak

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    There are actually quite a few mobile games coming up that seem to have that development length or more.

    High end mobile titles have really reached console development length.
  4. sir_crocodile


    welp. :/
  5. Sargerus


    3 years for a mobile game wow
  6. Zacmortar


    All gachas require internet, as do pretty much all free 2 play. Consider it a gacha before a Platinum game.
  7. RyougaSaotome


    This looks really cool but I DESPERATELY want Lost Order to resurface. They've been real quiet after the closed beta last summer.
  8. I hope it's really successful on mobile, I'd be down for a console version later on if they ever are able to make one.
  9. Nirolak

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    This type of game has been picking up Steam in Japan and does really well in Korea, but isn’t super crowded, so it will be an interesting one from a business perspective.

    Honkai Impact is even having some Western success, and this is a bigger name than that.
  10. Calibro


    All of this makes me slightly more interested. Still, an action game on a touchscreen always feels like shit :(
  11. Boogiepop


    Said it in the other thread, but mobile I can handle, but Gacha + F2P is a no-go for me. Shame, as the trailer looked solid.
  12. TreIII


    The gacha elements seem to be a little bit more on the reasonable side, on paper at least.

    Ah, well. I'll keep an eye on it.
  13. RyougaSaotome


    Huh, I had no idea Honkai Impact launched in the west. Rad. That's actually a fun little character action RPG sort of deal.
  14. Eolz


    Uh, all those details are pretty interesting. Good to see what some designers worked on too, impressive.
    Hopefully it'll run well on my smartphone...
  15. Cantaim


    Do you know what the average cost for developing these high end titles is now? Cause if it's taking 3 years to come out with these high end titles I can't imagine the price tag for that is gonna be small.
  16. Bits N Pieces

    Bits N Pieces

    How many employees do they have? They seem to be almost factory like with their efficiency, well apart from one obviously.
  17. Nirolak

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    Kabam was moving toward standard $14 million dev budgets, though I could see that moving up for the really big Western devs.

    Japanese developers get paid less, but Square Enix was noting high end mobile games can cost the same as high end handheld games.

    Of course, titans like Fate/GO have 200+ person teams, but usually that doesn’t happen prior to success.
  18. CountAntonius


    Sounds better and better with all the news that comes out. Really want to see some gameplay. I’ve been desperate for a new mobile game since I stopped playing PAD after many years.
  19. Cantaim


    Thank you and dang I was behind on the times thought the standard was 10 million
  20. Einbroch


    Monster gacha, that's...not very enticing.
  21. machinaea


    I can sort of concur/verify this:
    - there are definitely high end mobile games that go live with a budget of over 15 million usd (hell, some I've heard have went past 30 million), and then can even considerably staff up if the game succeeds after soft-launch
    - even the normal titles tend to start from at least 5 million usd (and this talking about even genres like Match3 or "Simulation" builder titles that might not seem expensive from a player's perspecti ve) , and most of those do not become succesful, but that's that what you can expecto to pay if you want to compete in the mobile market
    - mobile production costs being comparable to handheld production costs is definitely getting closer and closer to true, and for sure is true for some high end titles using existing IPs (so the pressure to have high production value is there from the beginning)
    - also as a side-note, I've definitely seen and heard of big and released mobile projects that have taken far longer than 3 years...
  22. Golnei


    I wish it didn't have such a horrifically generic name, but I'm definitely interested in what they manage to do with it. And even if I can't see touch-only being an ideal control scheme for even a watered down action RPG; it'll probably be at least serviceable.

    The visuals and music carry on from Okami perfectly, as do the specific enemy designs - with the gradual addition of playable characters; one has to be patterned after Amaterasu. With the playable characters being more bare archetypes, extensive costumes to drive spending should work well, especially if they start bringing collaborations into it.

    Things like Mobius Final Fantasy ended up launching a Steam version of the game as well - given the action focus, this might be a good choice to bring to PC sooner than later.
  23. Glio


    Time also depends on how many people have been working on it, I guess
  24. Strings


    Same. If only so I can dream about Matsuno working on something else in secret when it's done (I watched a bunch of beta footage and it really wasn't doing it for me).
  25. Eolz


    They say 30 people in a recent Eurogamer interview (probably less in preproduction obviously).
    Edit: uh, I can't find it back but I swear I read that. Wonder if they edited it.
  26. LordKano


    Hopefully I get a new phone before this release, it probably won't run on my old one.
  27. ILikeFeet


    I think he means "picking up steam" as momentum. Not Valve's Steam. Unfortunate capitalization there
  28. squaredname


    They're taking this game quite seriously. 40 plus tracks seems almost excessive but I'm a fan of Yamaguchi so I'm quite excited in that regard.