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Love, Death + Robots Trailer - Netflix embraces the WTF

Oct 25, 2017
The Witness was a pleasure to look at. It was fast-paced, but I didn't get a whole lot out of it. There's something to take from the ending, but I'm not sure what and if it couldn't have been constructed in a better way. Still better than the previous two.

Suits was fun! Pleasant to look at with a little twist on farm-invading aliens topped with simple, cute dialogue about. It's my favorite so far: giving an actual story while sticking to the themes and keeping my attention.
Oct 28, 2017
Finished the series, talk about ending on a whimper. "Alternate Histories" might be my most "wtf is this shit???" ever. It's just too stupid and juvenile. "Secret War" feels like playing one of those Metro games --- well made, great looking and has alot going for it but it is so basic in its execution and extremely boring.