1. sauce


    I really enjoyed this game, I need to get back to it.
  2. werezompire

    Zeboyd Games Verafied

    I just got trophies working on the Vita version. Time to double-check everything & then submit to Sony for release. :)
  3. VaeVictis


    Been waiting for the Vita port. Glad you made it work :)
  4. coopolon


    Can't wait! Is there any reason to wait for the potential switch port, like planned extra content?
  5. That's great! Even with the PS4 plat, I might still check out the top top difficulty more thoroughly on Vita. Did not finish with that mode.
  6. werezompire

    Zeboyd Games Verafied

    NA Vita version has been approved by Sony! Just gotta set a release date and get it approved by Sony EU (we may end up just having the NA release come out first if passing the EU version takes too long).
  7. hibikase


    Whooooo congrats!
  8. Bishop89

    Member OP

    Awesome news.

    If you like, I can create a thread on your behalf once you have all the release details.
  9. TeenageFBI


    I like your game, werezompire!
  10. SweetSark

    Banned Member

    werezompire I am very curious to learn where I can see updates for your upcoming videogame you mentioned in the past.
  11. werezompire

    Zeboyd Games Verafied

    Sure, if you want to start a thread for the Vita version when we announce the release date, that's cool.

    I sometimes talk about Rx Machina here & on Twitter, but I don't have any official place where I'm sharing updates. We don't even have any screenshots to share yet.
  12. SweetSark

    Banned Member

    Ah, ok then. I just wanted to check for a screenshot, even if it was a concept art, so i can put in in one of my Threads I have:
  13. Nice!
  14. MilkBeard


    I've been eying this, but never pulled the trigger. Might pick it up next time it is on sale.

    Edit: Congrats on the Vita version.
  15. Yeah, that would be a good idea. This is a pretty good game. Go for it!
  16. thomasjast


    Finally! So happy about this. Vita means life!
  17. Zippedpinhead


    Congrats on the vote version!

    Is this the last major release for CSH?
  18. *Guaraná


    the best jRPG I played in 2017.
  19. OléGunner


    Hmm I've had Cosmic in my wishlist forever.
    Nice to know Vita version isn't far off, been waiting to play it there!
  20. Jashobeam


    Definitely picking this up for vita, cant wait!
  21. Zophar


    Terrific news, I have had it sitting on my PS4 for months but I've been waiting for Vita to drop instead. This kind of game is so much more cozy on a handheld.
  22. robotzombie


    Such a good game, I'd recommend it to anyone

    Cannot wait for their next game, I'll buy anything from Zeboyd
  23. Bishop89

    Member OP

    Noticed psnprofiles.com have posted the Vita trophies ;)

    Release coming soon!
  24. So psyched for the people who have been holding out for a Vita release before playing, and hopefully the number of Vita players who will now pick this up. CSH is a great game, especially in its art, music, and combat design, and I hope it gets recognized as the gem that it is all over again.
  25. Awesome news. I will bust out my vita to play this.
  26. Kresnik


    So glad they persevered and this is finally happening. Can't wait!
  27. denpanosekai


    Lrg when?
  28. kvetcha


    Any updates to give on the potential Switch port? I read something about that being in the cards back in January.
  29. bstiernberg


    Guys, we finally have a release date for the Vita version of our game!
    April 24, 2018! That's for North America, we're still finalizing the European release but it shouldn't be much longer after.

    Also to reiterate something.. It's cross-buy, so if you have the PS4 version, you'll get the Vita version for free. And.. if you get the Vita version at release, you'll be able to download the PS4 version as well.

    Thanks for being patient, everyone with a Vita!!

    It's not an overnight process or anything, but the ball will get moving on that front a lot easier/quicker now that we're about to have the Vita versions out on the PSN.

    Nothing in terms of updates on that front, but things are looking up.
  30. Morrigan

    Armoring Moderator

    Congrats to Bill and Robert for all your great work. Pretty wild that the port took a full year and more. I'm sure you have regrets by now. ^^
  31. Wanted to give this game a shout out. Many games have come and gone that try to replicate the 16-bit RPGs of yore, and most have been forgettable tedium. Cosmic Star Heroine and CrossCode seem to be the only two games to live up to the hype and introduce new elements to the genre.

    If you’re reading this and haven’t bought the game or gotten around to playing it, please do. I’m only starting out but I’m hooked. The music is lovely and the sprite work is amazing. I can’t believe this game hasn’t gotten more attention. I’m such a fan that I might double dip with a Steam purchase just to support the devs (or gift to a friend).

    I’m anxious to see what Zeboyd are up to next. Won’t be missing out on Kickstarter this time!
  32. DJ Lushious

    DJ Lushious

    The game is coming up $14.99 USD for me on the PSN Store, whereas the PS4 version shows as free. Am I too quick on the draw? Should I wait a few hours or is something more nefarious at work here? Thanks!
  33. "Buy" the free PS4 version and then you'll get the Vita version added to your download list.
  34. DJ Lushious

    DJ Lushious

    That worked perfectly, thank you! I was able to download it straight from the Vita's PS Store after "buying" the PS4 version via the online Store.
  35. TinTuba47


    This game’s combat system is an all-time great
  36. I'm glad I could help. Enjoy :)
  37. I encountered this same thing. Thanks, jetsetnickradio and DJ Lushious! Any idea why this is happening?
  38. Mutagenic


    Thank you for the Vira port. You didn’t have to make one, but I’m glad you did. I was waiting to jump into this once it became available as a handheld game. Time to enjoy.
  39. DJ Lushious

    DJ Lushious

    werezompire 's post here discusses it. I'm glad that he could give us some insight!
  40. TheCed


    Quick Question, Will I be able to Sync my trophies from PS4 to Vita ?

    Edit : Looks like Cross-Save won't be available.
  41. Suikodan


    Finally bought it. However, I was waiting for the Vita version to hopefully play it cross-save style with PS4 (not doable) or play it on Vita and do it Switch-style with my PS TV (not doable).

    Arghh! Guess it'll be Vita-only then. Liked the first minutes of it, looking forward to the rest!
  42. Dragon1893


    It's sitting in my steam backlog, got it from that voting thread OP mentioned. Game looks charming, I've been wanting to try it but there just aren't enough hours in the day.
    One day...