Make a beloved game worse with one simple change


Oct 27, 2017
Dark Souls - No Undead Burg, only an elevator straight to the cathedral, then you get a key to open the waterduct key near Firelink Shrine that leads to Capra Demon and then the rest of the game.

Bonus round - the butt dragons in Izalith respawn. Weapons have the same durability as in Dark Souls 2. Instead of Ornstein and Smough you fight two Ornsteins. In Anor Londo there are silver knights before and after that tower that blocks the path to the two archers. Instead of finding the Spider Shield in the Depths you find it at the bottom of blight town and enemies no longer drop dung pies. Leaving and reentering the game does not restart Bed of Chaos any more, you have to do the three phases in one go. Crystal caves don't have crystal drops showing you the path.

I think that's enough evil for now :P


Oct 28, 2017
DmC5 weapon degradation and loot system like in BotW. It would destroy the game.

Hotline Miami with a different soundtrack. The soundtrack added so much to the overall game. Just imagine it being jpop lol.
Oct 27, 2017
NIER: You play as a generic prettyboy Anime protagonist who's Yonah's brother instead of grizzled old Papa Nier
Any PS3 game: Forced Sixaxis motion controls

Don Fluffles

Oct 28, 2017
A lot of these "changes" aren't even design related. Step it up, ERA!

Rockstar Open World Games - You have to follow the mission path exactly the way the game tells y- oh wait.

Shovel Knight - You have to press down + attack while airborne and the shovel just stays out temporarily(see: Rogue Legacy)


Oct 25, 2017
Bloodborne: all dodge animations and invulnerability frames are now DS style heavy rolls
(I was gonna go with the only ammunition is blood bullets but then again a lot of folks just brute forced without using the gun anyway)

Banjo-Kazooie: Every time you collect a jiggy you are booted back out the stage ala Super Mario 64, the note collectable system still stands as is

Castlevania Symphony of the Night and all its successors: No backdash

Dark Souls: The player character lets out a snarky quip after they kill an enemy or boss.
Oh man, just imagine, recurring canned dialogue related to the enemy type
Going through the catacombs conking out the reviving skeletons...
"No bones about it"
"bone appetite"
"No bones abo-"
"Spare ribs tonight"
"bone appe-no bones abo-bone appet..."

This concept could be a thread in itself, it's so wonderfully horrible

Classic Sonic Games:

Rolling does not provide invulnerability to normal enemies.
This is incredible in how subtle a change it seems yet how much it would ruin it.
Well played.


Oct 27, 2017
Witcher 3... Geralt has a high pitched voice
Any jrpg... add in a save system like Souls games instead of multiple save slots
GOW... no boy


Oct 25, 2017
World of Warcraft: remove the need to communicate with other players.
As it happens, we're currently working on heroic Mekkatorque, which as a guild that a good half of the members or so are unwilling to talk on mic due to either shyness, lack of confidence in their English skills or to simply not having the tech is making the fight... a challenge.

(The fight basically singles out three people at a time; each of them needs to press three buttons in sequence, but only the other people can see which buttons they are)

Don Fluffles

Oct 28, 2017
Most 64-bit 3D Platformers - You must find ALL the McGuffins in a world before you can unlock the next(I'm looking at you, 40 Winks!)