March Wrasslin' |OT| Remembering WCW

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Oct 25, 2017
I really wish there was a subscription service for Evolve or something. I really want to watch some of their older shows, but being 10 bucks a show seems expensive over time.

Segment just happened, very well-done and I'll try to post the clip here when it's officially uploaded if someone doesn't first. Highlights/summary:

Oliver started by showing some of his favorite moments in wrestling, including the Austin beer truck and Kurt milk truck, talked about how much money the company makes that stands out not just for the industry but in general, then showed clips of how grotesquely high the early ex-wrestler death rate is compared to...everything else really
Vince montage, including Bret talking about how bad the business treats you, and him saying the n-word to Cena
Employees are not independent contractors, analyzing contracts, clip of Ventura talking to Stern about it. Mentions Ventura trying to unionize in his time active but it being squashed
Lance Cade (RIP) saying "everyone knows you'll work hurt because if you don't you lose your spot", audio of Punk talking on the Cabana podcast
Addresses the wellness program
Piper saying he won't live to 69 to get his pension; he died at 61
Jake Roberts' surgery got crowdfunded by fans and him and DDP getting emotional about it; fans shouldn't have to shoulder that responsibility
Wasn't really expecting that big of a dive into things tbh. Pretty cool of him though. This is certainly stuff the company is shitty about and should be better at.


Oct 27, 2017
As we end this month's thread dedicated to the memory of wcw and go into April, the most important thing to remember about WCW is............WCW sucked.


Oct 25, 2017
I've decided to make a huge mistake and watch Raw live today. Only because I can switch over to the Bucks and Brewers game easily if nothing interesting is happening.

Steph in them jeans tho
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