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Mario Tennis Aces is getting a special online demo, April 26-28 (US), April 26-May 3 (EU), includes code for a free week of NSO

Boiled Goose

Nov 2, 2017
Fair enough thanks. Seems like a fun game, wish it was a "Greatest Hits/Player's Choice" whatever pricing.
Yeah. For the content that would be good value. If you have friends or enjoy online play I think it's worth it at full price. Just buy physical and sell it when done. Good thing about no price drops is used games also hold their value

Red Arremer

Oct 26, 2017
Does anybody in Europe (not sure you can pair up with other regions) want to play the Yoshi co-op challenge?
I wanna unlock the Yoshi colours in case I want to get the game eventually. :D

Edit: Got 'em, but I'd be willing to help if people want to try.
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