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Mark Darrah teasing Dragon Age news?


Aug 11, 2018
Mark Darrah, an executive producer at Bioware, has been posting on twitter some hints that seem to indicate there will be some Dragon Age news sometime soon?

In a thread, started with just the words "Dragon Age" (following a tweet saying he was going to "try something") he posted this picture:

He followed up this thread with two more tweets:

I'm not sure if he's saying news outlets are just gonna run with his twitter thread and make something out of nothing, or if we'll be hearing actual news soon. What do you think y'all--news soon or absolutely nothing?

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Oct 25, 2017
maybe ms schreier has a leak and asked him for comment, so he knows it’s coming?


Nov 7, 2019
I think he may be just joking around. But that ME is obviously meant for Mass Effect ... or I'm thinking too far ahead with the joke lol


Oct 27, 2017
Thanksgiving day would be an odd time for any news article at all in the US, so maybe a European outlet?


Nov 4, 2017
I also thought ME = Mass Effect at first glance

According to google Dec. 4? I just recently got into DA, is that a big announcement day
No it's a fan made day that the community came up with for Dragon Age as they didn't have a day like N7 did for Mass Effect. The 4 in Dec 4 (D4) is meant to be an A, so DA (D4) for Dragon Age. BioWare have decided to support it this year. It does not mean there will be announcements. And Mark Darrah also likes to have a bit of fun with the community, knowing they will read in to anything he tweets - there have been whole articles made in the past from an innocuous tweet he's made, and he's fully aware of this. It doesn't necessarily mean anything other than Mark Darrah kinda likes to troll a bit lol


Oct 30, 2017
I know it's a genuine teaser...

but my inner cynic is imagining that DA4 was just cancelled by EA and the dev team is now in psychosis.
Sep 14, 2019
Bioware's Mark Darrah might be teasing new Dragon Age news for tomorrow.

He first tweeted out "Dragon Age".

Then he tweeted this in reply: "You are all highly engaged by 2 words... What is going to be in the news tomorrow?! What have I implied? What have I promised? What HAVE I DONE?!"



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Mar 30, 2018
One thing is sure, Mark Darrah is sure having a ton of fun right now!

He's being a massive troll, and I'm here for all of it :'D


Oct 25, 2018
Honestly kinda crazy how news outlets write reports about a tweet saying "Dragon Age".

If there are news, as a fan, I welcome them, if not, I can always wait a bit more.