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Marvel’s Spider-Man |OT| Face it, Tiger… you just hit the jackpot!


Oct 26, 2017
100% completed Spider-Man today. Took me about two weeks. I have all the trophies but two. I need like 30 tokens to unlock all suits and once I do that, I’ll get the other trophy for having all trophies. Not sure I’ll do it or not. I’ll need mostly good. I spent so many tokens not knowing, not even sure I can earn enough to unlock them all.

Is the DLC worth it or should I move on to a new game? I have God of War, Horizon and Resident Evil 2 on deck. Not sure which one I’ll play first.
The DLC is pretty fun, but it's also kinda "more of the same". I feel like you should probably move on to something else and maybe come back to it if you feel like it or if there's a good sale maybe. If you enjoyed the game, you will enjoy the DLC I feel like, but you might get burnt out if you just played it straight after.