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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 announced exclusively for Nintendo Switch (Team Ninja developed, Nintendo published)

Nov 2, 2017
Not too excited by the gameplay but Team Ninja behind it gives me some hope. Will wait for more footage before deciding.

Good 3rd party exclusive though, would have done wonders if this launched this year.
Oct 25, 2017
Hope it's like 1 and less like 2, having Team Ninja on board maybe they'll make the combat more enjoyable than it's predecessors.
Oct 25, 2017
Could be a timed exclusive though. Remember that Lego game when Nintendo published it as an exclusive on the wiiu and then WB published it to other platforms
Given the license it's probably reasonable to assume that it may not be a permanent exclusive, but with Nintendo publishing it will likely be several years before it shows up elsewhere. The Lego game you mentioned didn't appear on other consoles for a whole generation.
Jan 22, 2018
Could be a timed exclusive though. Remember that Lego game when Nintendo published it as an exclusive on the wiiu and then WB published it to other platforms
Or ninja gaiden 3 razors edge which was wii u exclusive and published by nintendo for like 1 month.
Nov 27, 2017
Original was one of my all time faves and now we got a combat proficient team behind it I’m so hyped, just need my main Moonknight back
I got Star-Lord, I got Scarlet Witch, & I got Green Goblin. Just give me Ms. Marvel & we're good to go.
I need Squirrel Girl, Antman and Thing... unless I missed one of him... so hope this comes out mid year
Oct 27, 2017
2019 is gonna be crazy for Switch

Marvel Alliance 3
Fire Emblem
Animal Crossing
Pokemon Gen 8
Bayonetta 3 (?)
Metroid Prime 4 (?)
Luigi's Mansion 3
Smash DLC
Mar 2, 2018
LOL is that supposed to be a guarantee of quality?

Then explain Triforce Heroes or Kirby Battle Royale.
Wait, so you pull out budget games to overshadow the great games like Luigi’s Mansion and Metroid? FYI, Nintendo publishes more great games than not so great games (those games you posted about weren’t even bad lol)...you look like you have an issue with Nintendo if your first response is to be negative...


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Houston, TX
Marvel vs Nintendo produced by Sakurai. You just know the roster would have some great surprises along the lines of Devil Dinosaur.
Marvel's pretty hands-on when it comes to their characters, so I doubt that Sakurai would be able to get too creative. If I had to guess the roster, it'd be...
    1. Iron Man
    2. Captain America
    3. Hulk
    4. Thor
    5. Black Widow
    6. Captain Marvel
    7. Scarlet Witch
    8. Ms. Marvel
    9. Black Panther
    10. Doctor Strange
    11. Star-Lord
    12. Rocket Raccoon
    13. Gamora
    14. Wolverine
    15. Cyclops
    16. Storm
    17. Magneto
    18. Deadpool
    19. Spider-Man
    20. Green Goblin
    21. Venom
    22. Thanos
    23. Dormammu
    24. Loki
    25. Ultron
    1. Mario
    2. Link
    3. Donkey Kong
    4. Samus
    5. Pikachu
    6. Fox
    7. Kirby
    8. Captain Falcon
    9. Ness
    10. Luigi
    11. Mewtwo
    12. Peach
    13. Bowser
    14. Inkling
    15. Spring Man
    16. Shulk
    17. Marth
    18. Isabelle
    19. Zelda
    20. Ganondorf
    21. Pit
    22. King Dedede
    23. Rosalina
    24. King K. Rool
    25. Ridley
Sep 1, 2018
Guess that means Activision has a reason to re-license the original games again. So we should see those return soon, perhaps with Switch versions coming up as well.