Marvel's Avengers Q&A details


Oct 25, 2017
Can we play the game offline?

You can. One of the things that's important to us is not only can you assemble with up to four players online and play with your friends, but you can also play the entire campaign in a single player way offline if you want to.

Is there gameplay in the trailer?

Yes, there is. There's big chunks of gameplay in the trailer.

Is there a single player story?

Yes, there is. One of the things that unites Crystal and Marvel is our love of stories and storytelling. There is a huge spine of a single player cinematic led story filled with action and drama. But along the way you can branch off and do multiplayer and go on special missions, and even those missions connect back to the story.

Will we need to play the game as all the Avengers, or will we get to play as Iron Man for the whole game?

(They'd answered this one before; story missions are character locked, co-op/multiplayer missions you can pick any hero)

Will this game have a good balance between co-op and single player?

(Again, effectively already answered. It has both.)

But seriously, how will multiplayer work?

I think one thing to recognize is when you're playing the campaign we don't want you to have spoilers. As you go through the campaign we'll group you up with other players who are probably at a similar point in the campaign, but if you just love multiplayer, and you got this because your friend has it and you want to play together, you can jump straight in online.

We have an introductory level that introduces you to the world, but you can play this game as a multiplayer experience first if you want to.

Will there be alternative costumes for characters?

Yes. We went through everythign and found really cool classic costumes that we're going to make our version of, and then these geniuses then made their own original alt costumes that you can only get in the game.

How many of the five main characters are playable?

All five.

What's the combat like?

It depends on what hero you're playing. Every hero should be able to be the star of their own game. If you're playing the Hulk, you have crowds of enemies around you and you hardly care. You're picking enemies up and smashing them together like coconuts.

That's a completely different experience than if you're Iron Man buzzing around the sky taking out targets. Iron Man can also drop down to the ground and has a full set of melee moves. He can use his repulsors from range. You have Widow and her agility...every hero is their own game.

Will there be ultimate moves?

We have all kinds of moves for the heroes. They have unique ways to get around the environment, so obviously, Iron Man can fly, but Hulk leaps. You're able to do basic comboes and attacks. But of course, as an Avenger you have these special abiltiies. Like calling down lightning from the sky as Thor.

How long have the Avengers been together as a team before disbanding?

I think they've been together a while. Long enough to really get to know each other, to really focus as a team. Long enough to have conflicts brewing under the hood.

Does Iron Man fly all the time or can we choose to be on the ground?

(Already answered, he can fight on the ground)

Is this game on console or PC?

It's on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC.

Will this game have photo mode?

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The Abominable Showman
Oct 25, 2017
You can play just about everything by yourself if you want to. I encourage you to play with your buddies. It's so much more fun in multiplayer. But yeah, most of this stuff you can play by yourself.
In other words, it's not fun in single-player at all.


Oct 25, 2017
Man people love to shit on this game lol. We haven't even seen an official gameplay demo yet.