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Mass Effect: Remake or remaster

Do you want the Mass Effect series to be rereleased as a remake or a remaster?

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Oct 27, 2017
New Yawk City!
Remake and reboot, and cut the Reaper shit. There's plenty of material in Mass Effect that we don't need a lazy deus ex machina that runs roughshod over a relatively interesting universe. I'll take the sci-fi spy thriller any day over Sovereign or whatever.

But the safer thing is to just bury it.
Apr 4, 2018
I'd be fine with a remaster, so long as it fixes the controls.

Mass Effect 1 is so dated now though, that could really use a remake or overhaul to put the combat at the same level at 2 and 3, and to also bring those controls closer to the cover system in Gears 5.


Nov 6, 2017
idk if a full Remake could do what it needs to in order to translate/deliver the experience the first game offered in its own time without costing an insane amount of development resources

Id rather just have it with better visuals.


Oct 30, 2017
People asking for a complete remake of 3 full RPGs + loads of DLC are expecting far too much lol.
I agree, though I'm still thinking a "director's cut" of the games is feasible. A LOT was cut at the last minute in all the games. Modders restored some of it and it greatly opened up replayability.

But going in and fleshing out small things here or there - while keeping the bulk of the original games there - is a great way to cater to the original players with a superior version of the original games with new content here or there that helps them stand out as definitive experiences.

It could literally be stuff like visiting the Hanar homeworld or seeing Elcor battle tanks in battle. Stuff we heard about but never glimpsed. Heck, they cut the final boss fight of the franchise against The Illusive Man for being "too much like a video game"... in a video game desperately needing some engagement in its final act (I would pay good money for them to do-over the major of the Priority: Earth mission for that matter, which is one of the weakest missions in the whole franchise...).

Retool ME1 and ME2 to play more like ME3, for instance. Something I always wanted as them to patch in some exploratory planets in ME3. It'd be wild to drive around Rannoch or Tuchanka in the Mako.


Nov 14, 2017
The very last thing I would want present day Bioware to do is touch anything related to ME or ME2 in content. I can see little hope of them doing anything but making it worse.

If they have to do anything to them, I hope it's a 100% faithful recreation of the original games. And even then, of be very wary.

Bobcat Fancy

Jul 21, 2019
Would love it if they supported game pads on the PC. Also, Vanguard/Charge is buggy as h*ck in ME2. (smooth and beautiful in 3...) Would also like to be able to keep my fish without flirting with racist creep Kelly. Kelly can pop as a named husk like the more sympathetic Morinth does if she sticks with Cerberus. Feel these are more remastery than remake-y requests. Would definitely prefer a new game than a remake, but a remake is not going to happen anyway. Neither will a new game. 😥

Think 1 is still pretty fun to play and doesn’t need changes to the gunplay/space magic, even if it is pretty different from what comes after. Would love to excise all the planetary exploration which make the game as “well-paced” as Dragon Age: Inquisition. Even so: Mass Effect 1 is like 70 hours shorter than Inquisition. It’s fine.


Oct 23, 2019
People don't want to have their PS3s or 360s hooked up in 2020.
Why do people not want to have their PS3s hooked up in 2020? They can't play most of their PS3 games or digital PS1(physical too)/PS2 games anywhere else and it's much better as a blu-ray player than a PS4, I don't see any reason why people are going to specifically avoid keeping them hooked. I can see your point regarding 360s since the One pretty much replaced it outright but the PS4 is no substitute for a PS3... at all.

People like to play games at 4K and 60 rather than 720p and 25ish.
People like to play games at 4k? 4K TVs only had a 30% market penetration as of last year and that's specifically in the USA which is one of the wealthiest markets around.

ME2 and 3 have $50 worth of DLC each and no GOTY versions.
Fair enough but the average user doesn't buy or even care about DLC, sales are always much much lower than the actual game.

The PC versions need mods to even support controllers. Most people's PC libraries are going to be split between ME1 and 2 on Steam and 3 on Origin.
As someone who has the games on PC, this is true but having the 3rd game on Origin is hardly that inconvenient and the mods you're speaking of aren't hard to find at all but most PC players don't much care about playing shooters with a controller when the M+Kb is right there.

A re-release creates a community of people replaying, or playing for the first time, which leads to shared experiences, togetherness, memes, some small spark of joy in an otherwise miserable existence.

Plenty of reasons to do it, zero reason not to.
Well... all the reasons you cited are pretty damn niche and judging by the sales of the Bioshock and Borderlands collections, the investment it would take to get this done wouldn't be worth the return at all as I really doubt it would sell that much. I get what ou mean and of course it would be really cool to relive one of our favorites all dolled up for current gen stuff but I don't really see a thirst for this in the marketplace and I doubt it'd perform all that well either. I'd buy it to show support, but you seem to be overestimating the sales potential here, sadly.