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  1. If he didn't do it, he didn't do it. Ultimately, if this is indeed how it went down, then I'm glad someone didn't go through an awful experience with a shitty human.
  2. He is the definition of "man tears".

    And that time where he defended one of his friends that was accused of sexually molesting someone was pretty gross.

    But he is also against homophobia, racism, so yeah, problematic is a good way to described him q:
  3. Charges being dropped or not moved forward does not prove his innocence
  4. THE GUY


    That was smart booking. Batista power bombs Rey onto Khali and decides to finish off Khali for the win. That shove is right after Rey eats the power bomb. The story of that feud was that Batista was chasing the title and wasn't keen on fighting his own friend, but would hurt him if he had to. That he decided to finish Khali rather than Rey was good storytelling because it showed mercy. The heel turn 2 years later was also a twist on this angle.

    Also, that was the MOTN on that PPV and Khali's best match. Hot as hell crowd too. And because it needs to be said, it was also a better match than any of the Styles vs. Nakamura matches this year.
  5. duh
  6. Heromanz


  7. Aye, took your comment to be about Enzo being innocent
  8. What's this mean? What are you humming about? Would you rather someone went through an awful experience? If it is indeed fabricated, then I'm glad someone didn't go through it. If he did something wrong, then yes, pay for it. If not, I don't want him gone just because I don't like him.
  9. Flammable D

    Flammable D

    I honestly think he's just a fucking dumb dumb, assault defence aside. Even then he's got his own personal issues around that.
  10. Flammable D

    Flammable D

    In other news, Rev Pro have started doing knockoff New Japan backstage post match interviews, which makes sense if any indy was going to steal that.

    I think my favourite thing is that the back drop has 4 different Rev Pro logos instead of sponsors lol

    Also, Zack teasing that (I assume most of) Suzuki-gun are coming to Strong Style Evolved UK
  11. Yeah, what happened to him during his youth is sad, I can relate to that.

    And some of the company he keeps is not good for him.

    Still, at heart, he looks like a good guy, just like you said, really, really dumb in some topics...
  12. No way Vince lets that midget pin Brock.
  13. mattsdl


    Yep, this feels like a NJPW post-match promo.
    Suzuki joking about CCK is hilarious.
  14. sibarraz


    So, what's next for Enzo? seems like no one likes him in the WWE, or the fanbase for the matter, and if all the stuff was made up, I seriously doubt that anyone will apologize to him
  15. funky



    What a tag team
  16. That's a good question. I don't want to see him anymore because I feel like even though it ended up being no charges, etc - I don't trust him at all, and side eye the fuck out of him. Some of that is court of public opinion, some of it is me just thinking he probably is trash.

    But the crowd chanted WE WANT ENZO

    and Cass is a mess

    Man, I dunno.
  17. THE GUY


    Michael Cole: "That's... that's gotta be... that's THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS! THAT'S GOJIRA!"
  18. DarkstarIV


    I don't remember if it was Pollock/Wai or Keller who brought it up on their podcasts today, but one of them thinks that Money in the Bank is being stacked because of All In. If that's the case, then expect several title changes. When I mean stacked, I mean "we can put on a better show than these geeks (Cody and the Young Bucks)".
  19. I dunno if they'd move that quick. As fans we benefit, so great if so. I just don't know.
  20. asmith906


    I don't know what he did or didn't do but if we look at how this all went down nothing was clear cut of what happened.
  21. TheeFanatic


    Watch Fast 8 right now.

    I gotta say Rock and Jason Statham needs to make another movie together. They have good chemistry
  22. I never expected Statham to be much of an action star. Saw him for the first time in Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels and didn't think of it as happening, ever. Loved him in that.
  23. THE GUY



    Is that dude living in an alternate reality? MITB is shaping up to have a relatively crap card. There's nothing stacked about it. It's about as lazy of a show WWE could be booking.

    Like they're basically banking on the two ladder matches and Ronda because they clearly don't give a crap what happens with the rest of the card.
  24. You're right, the answer is clear: fire Cass
  25. Soupman Prime

    Soupman Prime

    Don’t know, didn’t he wanna be a rapper? I think he sucks in the ring and wasn’t a fan of mr cheap pop but I wouldn’t hate if he came back because I didn’t like how quickly he was let go.
  26. Smylie


    Have you even seen the two masterpieces included in the Crank series?
  27. SageShinigami


    Here's the thing: Enzo wasn't fired because of the accusation. He was fired because he didn't tell anyone. You can't do that, you've left the company open to something with no defense. That means you're a liability to the company. Depressing as it is, this was just the excuse to fire the guy. They'd never bring him back. He's not likable in the locker rooms, the fans don't love him enough for it to be a major boon to have him return.
  28. TheeFanatic


    Watch Enzo try voice acting. He did try to tell stories. Weak ones but he tried
  29. I'm OK with this outcome
  30. I watched the first one, it was good. But I only watched it once and it was LONG ago. Have no idea how they'd do a second. Maybe someday.
  31. DarkstarIV


    I don't know. WWE is trying to portray MITB as a major PPV now, and All In is probably being seen as a threat to them, however minor it may be. Keep in mind this is the same company who quickly revived their dead UK division in response to World of Sport. And while the card may be questionable, it has some decent on paper matches on it.

    - Mens MITB will probably be okay

    - Roman vs Jinder (most likely) will suck

    - Nakamura vs AJ may be good depending on what the stipulation may be.

    - Ronda vs Nia won't be good, but they are bringing in Ronda to draw more people to the show probably.

    - Asuka vs Carmella won't be good, but I can see them putting the title on Asuka because of the Japan tour coming up two weeks after MITB. There is a near 0% chance they don't send over some people to represent the company in a media blitz beforehand. Asuka and either AJ or Nakamura are your best bets for that.

    - Women's MITB will probably suck.

    And there are a bunch of undecided matchups still as well. You have Seth Rollins who will probably defend his title against Sami Zayn or something, and Jeff Hardy against Almas as well.
  32. Brian_FETO

    The Million Post Man Member

  33. Slightconfuse


    All In is in September how is a ppv in June comepteing with it??
  34. THE GUY


    These are some of the matches likely to be added to MITB:

    Reigns vs. Jinder
    Bryan vs. Big Ass
    Sami vs. Lashley
    Bray and Matt vs. The B Team
    Rollins vs. Corbin or Elias (no one else left on Raw)

    That's in addition to an underwhelming WWE title feud that never ends and is getting a 5th match, and Carmella likely having another horrible match.

    Like this ain't a stacked card. It's incredibly lazy even for WWE. They basically made 2 ladder matches and a Ronda match, then called it a day because they don't seem to actually care about doing anything for the next 2 months.
  35. Beefy

    Community Resettler Member

    Fuck Enzo
  36. The Maharaja

    The Maharaja

    hmm this gargano tweet i just saw circulating
  37. Anth0ny


    give it a couple days, wwe will randomly transform their house show on that night to SUPER SURVIVOR SERIES

    featuring bryan vs gargano, reigns vs cena, triple h vs brock and undertaker vs braun
  38. ArmsofSleep


  39. Kuroyume


    I've been happier not seeing Enzo on TV. The product still sucks, but it sucks less without him.
  40. Slightconfuse


    Are you going to share with the class?
  41. The Silver

    The Silver

    According to that letter he apparently only found out about the accusations when everyone did, so now he's safe on that front.
  42. The Maharaja

    The Maharaja

  43. Xeno


    Are we really digging for 8 year old tweets
  44. [​IMG]
  45. Aiii

    何これ Member

    You don't come back from that shit.
  46. I'm sure everyone was a super great person when they were a 22 year old shithead.
  47. Anth0ny


    add him to the list
  48. That letter was so cringe worthy and clearly slanted by the lawyer to paint Enzo differently.
  49. Angry Grimace

    Angry Grimace

    I have to say that I love the fact I can stop watching NXT for a while and whenever I go to catch up it feels familiar but the cast is totally different.

    Oh god velveteen dream is great still
  50. Trawling through youtube for Dusty promos and there sure are a lot of variations of "Honky Tonk Man SHOOTS on Dusty Rhodes", all from different interviews, all terrible, all typical whiny Honky Tonk Man bullshit. Is there any other dude in pro-wrestling with such an over-inflated opinion of his worth? Other than Disco "I was a draw" Inferno, of course.

    Also, Honky must be the only dude to accuse Dusty of working stiff. I dunno, maybe he did. Maybe he just didn't like Honky :p
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