1. DarkDetective


    It didn't sell as well as the older Pokémon spin-offs usually would, but the detective adventure genre is a bit niche (and I think even more when you target kids) and the 3DS is nearing its end, so I don't think it underperformed in comparison to The Pokémon Company's expectations.
  2. lost7


    The whole "Capcom hates the system I own" narrative was amusing back then with the Vita and still is now with the Switch.

    When it comes to Capcom, I get the impression some people just lost the ablity to think rationally... Like seriously, is it more likely that they are run by a bunch of fanboys or that the company just misread the market and consequently made the silly decision not to support Switch from the start?

    If anyone thinks it's the first option, then maybe they should step back, try to take their bias out of the equation and look at the situation again.
  3. Nocturnal


    It could also be, well above 500K.

    It's far from ridiculous considering how it has historically sold on other platforms which weren't successful in Japan. The fact that it has been released on a lot of platforms which didn't have mainstream appeal won't hurt it's potential on the Switch. While comparing the Switch version of Minecraft to the Mobile version definitely provides certain advantages to the Switch.

    It will no doubt have ridiculous legs but it doesn't need to match Splatoon 2 to reach 5M in Japan. Splatoon 2 is on pace to be very close to 3M by it's first anniversary it could very well surpass 5M by the end of 2019. Minecraft out of all the games launched on the Switch so far, will undoubtedly be the second biggest evergreen on the platform behind. It's eShop performance over the course of the last year is testament of this.

    YouTube views are used to simply demonstrate how relevant it remains in Japan - nothing to do with measuring potential sales. In terms of YouTube performance it's pretty similar to Splatoon 2 themed videos.
  4. Principate


    Obviously this is true though people have been complaining about Capcom's management of it's ip's long before the switch was revealed so I don't think it's just that though that's certainly a large part.
  5. Heartskips


    Capcom doesn't hate the Switch. They just don't care and won't ever care about it as they made pretty clear their focus is AAA/Western gaming. That's it.

    Well, it's actually different for Capcom because it's a family business and they do make silly decisions that make no sense, like their awful mobile "lineup".
  6. cw_sasuke


    Dont get me wrong..just because im calling out what Capcom did - doesnt mean that they were wrong or that i wouldnt do the same in their shoes. If you have to decide in 2013/2014 where all your big IPs go, the PS4 is the obv. choice and it still is. So if i made the choice ill make sure that the systems im banking on are gonna be as successful as possible...and this sometimes means withholding support on competitors.

    I mean does anyone really think that EA cant make money on the Switch with some of their titles like Sims ? They just dont go for the system because its not in their interest to push/strengthen a system that isnt part of their main focus. This era is all about AAA and mobile..and AAA means putting every resources not needed for your mobile spin-offs into console development. So they rather would have 20 extra devs make sure that their big AAA release turns out even better before thinking of adding another system or working on a separate Switch release.

    With the information Capcom had i dont really blame them - it made/makes sense to bet on PS4/XBO/PC instead of the WiiU successor. Even on 3DS outside of MH they really didnt have that many success stories. The move made sense.
  7. CaviarMeths


    Maybe, but within a couple of years, Capcom is gonna realize "oh shit, maintaining a AAA pipeline is actually kind of hard and expensive" and go back to being the same mid-tier Japanese publisher they've been since the mid-90s.
  8. CeroMiedo


    Doesn’t need couple of years,they already are having troubles maintaining aaa development, but it hasn’t stopped them from that AAA dream
  9. Vinnk


    Yeah Minecraft is still crazy popular.
  10. ACL


    I should have been more precise. "They will "surely" have a similar marketing push again around the Switch versions release..."

    I have a similar view at the situation. It seems they didn't even consider a scenario in which Switch could become a viable plattform and didn't have several scenarios planned out, when it comes to Switch, that's why it's taking them so long, with MHXX missing launch windows beeing the first sign. Their obligation to their shareholders is the biggest reason why they try to at least look like they are taking advantage of the opportunity.
  11. Piston


    Lets just see where it starts at, then evaluate how much it will have to sell in perpetuity to even sniff 5M.
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  13. WestEgg


    Oof PS4
  14. faint



    Nintendo: 67%

    Sony: 32.6%

    Microsoft: 0.3%
  15. Slam Tilt

    Slam Tilt

    And that’s when they see the Japanese market they’ve shunned have moved on and don’t care any more.
  16. ccc


    Super Robot Wars X has 2 entries in week 19 on Media Create. According to week 20, rank 33 is the correct entry, is there any way of figuring out what the correct game for rank 39 of this week is?

    Media Create Sales: Week 19, 2018 (May 07 - May 13) 
    33./46. [PS4] Super Robot Wars X # <SLG> (Bandai Namco Games) {2018.03.29} (¥8.600) 
    39./46. [PS4] Super Robot Wars X # <SLG> (Bandai Namco Games) {2018.03.29} (¥8.600)
    Media Create Sales: Week 20, 2018 (May 14 - May 20) 
    42./33. [PS4] Super Robot Wars X # <SLG> (Bandai Namco Games) {2018.03.29} (¥8.600)
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    You remember which thread you're in?
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    Perhaps you don't. This thread is four months old.