Media Create Sales: Week 25, 2018 (Jun 18 - Jun 24)

Oct 26, 2017
Somewhere. I think.
Human: Fall Flat get 8-player online multiplayer on August 28th. Curious to see if it'll be well received in Japan, since the game has been quite popular there.

Nintendo account is required for pre-registration that immediately limits the number of potential users.
NA is just one way to pre-register. You can also do so via Google Play, YouTube (sub to the YT channel), Twitter (follow the official Twitter account), and via Yoyaku Top 10 (
Oct 26, 2017
Very poor PS4 sales and surprisingly good Switch sales right there.
Eh PS4 is inline with what it should do this summer (< 20K).
Previous two weeks it performed better thanks to the deals.
Previous summer PS4 averaged > 20K only thanks to the DraQue hype.