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Media Create Sales: Week 26, 2018 (Jun 25 - Jul 01)

May 14, 2018
No worries, thought you might be in Japan. Japan likes to pay on days ending in 5. It's weird. They also like to pay close to a month after you do the work. So your typical part timer will work say June 1st-30th, then the company calculates it all on July 15th, then they deposit it in your account or give you cash on the July 25th.
Oh really? I had no idea! Is it also that way for full time employees? I love the bit about the 5. So people must be very good at saving then, right? Because as I was told last summer when I was there (first time and looooved it :D), credit cards and so are barely used? Or is that really not true?


Nov 18, 2017
If the games will sell well, like DBFighterz will most likely do, there is no reason to ignore these titles. No one ignored the retail release of Minecraft on Switch or the Dark Souls port on PS4.
Oct 25, 2017
Ok girls and guys, i heard you :p


Please, write like this:

Your name: sales

THX :)

<70k: 01
70k/79k: 05
80k/89k: 08
90k/99k: 11
100k/109k: 17
110k/119k: 12
120k/129k: 08
130k/139k: 01
<140k: 03
The Sammy's World: 02

_Dog: 75k
会津Aizuの復讐: 123.456
Almasy: 117k
Almaz_Hiro: 121k
Andri: 88k
Arynio: 86k
BishopLamont: 148.888
bxsonic: 93K
casiopao: 124k
ccc: 113k
Cinemikel: 8:p
Dardan Sandiego: 117.999
DarkDetective: 121.212
DaSorcerer7: 93k
DecoReturns: 108K
DeuceGamer: 102k
DrWong: 101K
Edigar: 120k
ggx2ac: 94.3k
Grads: 105k
Guaraná: 92k
Herb Alpert: 102.436
ILikeFeet: 88.888
James: 135K
jamesRainbowBoy: 125.000
Jamiem: 181.364
Jim_Cacher: 111k
Joseki: 109k
KaiPow: 87k
Kenzodielocke: 127.281
krlitros87: 118k
KtSlime: 122k
KuwabaraTheMan: 124k
Lichtsang: 102.000
Limabean01: 80k
LordKano: 99k
MegaXZero: 92k
Menx64: 150k
Mr Swine: 107k
Myriotes: 100,888
MysticGon: 79K
Nathan.exe: 90.000
Nemesis162: 105k
NiteJohn: 101k
Nocturnal: 113K
olobolger: 118.888
Pablo Mesa: 118K
Pooroomoo: 83.700
Radishhead: 78k
RailWays: 93k
Ryng_Tolu: 89.000
Sammysback: 88.888.888
schuelma: 97k
Shepherd: 103k
Sinonobu : 88k
Skullwaker: 98k
Slarvax: 111k
The Horror the Horror: 116k
Thoraxes: 74k
TwoDelay: 95k
umbrianpauly: 103K
Umibozu: 70k
unfashionable: 123.019 (rectified: 238k)
Welfare: 102k
WestEgg: 108k
Yep: 101.681
zakatana: 113.210
Zarckoh: 109k
Zedark: 118k