Media Create Sales: Week 29, 2018 (Jul 16 - Jul 22)


Oct 31, 2017
There are several other benefits, people are not paying for online only, but even if they were, they are getting the best online experience possible. Nintendo is charging for subpar online play.

People are not stupid.
Breh that was alway a factor this gen you got almost jack shit for the 360. Plus your snes games and it comes at a lower price.

O'be lost all faith we'll be seeing any push back to paid online. That ship has sailed.


Nov 18, 2017
MHW PS4 bundle having no notable impact on hardware sales, is tragic for MHW, since it further proofs weak legs, despite relaunch.


Oct 28, 2017
Does the "proportion of digital sales" table mean that, given the last 2 quarters, we can now estimate for each new title an average of around 25% digital?

If I am reading this right, given Nintendo's historical digital sales, that is a significant improvement (which I expected for the Switch), and it can only go up.


Oct 29, 2017
I think many Nintendo fans will just sign up for the Classic games play will be just a bonus for the non-hardcore players.

20 bucks a year is literally nothing .....even kids will be able to get those gift cards as presents to keep them afloat for another years.

ERA like always is making a big deal about the negatives, which is fair...but most regular customers will see that they are getting access to classic titles like Mario and Zelda + more sales for less than two bucks a month.

If the sales are somewhat split the subscription will pay for itself in a matter of months for for people who buy stuff on the eShop.
Yeah I mean $20 is pretty cheap and you get 20 classic games...look at NPD thread NES console #1 unit seller, also very handy having the cloud saves

Splatoon 2 is really a MP game, the SP is short - expansion added a large amount of story DLC but that was very recent and after the game sold huge