Media Create Sales: Week 3, 2018 (Jan 15 - Jan 21)

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  1. Damn, those sales are just insane for Switch.
  2. sfortunato

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    So it makes more sense to compare sales during the second year with first year sales...? I don't think so.

    Launch aligned comparison until the first holiday is the most reasonable one.
  3. casiopao

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    What crazy for me is how strong the software Sales. Almost all the first party title is hitting strong.
  4. Astandahl

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    Both are doing great. This is best take away from these results.
  5. Zedark

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    Those numbers are for Q4 2017 only (October-December). Lifetime shipments for software is 52.57M, after 10 months. PS4 was at 81.8M (sold-through) at the start of January 2015, which is in just under 14 months.

    Edit: Of course, the two aren't really comparable. A more comparable situation is when you take PS4 sales as of March 2nd (13.7M) and subtract that from the January 6th numbers, which will give you a number for 10 months of PS4 (but missing launch from that). Doing so gives 68.1M, which is over what Switch sold, quite likely, as you mention, in large part at least due to the 3rd party support.
  6. jeromeSF

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    It's a mistake. PS4 shipped 12.4M between April and December 2014
  7. KillerMan91

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    I mean of course you can but you have to factor different launch periods when you analyze those numbers. As years go by this will be easier as we can start to compare holiday and non-holiday quarter shipment patterns but after just one year it makes this direct comparison little flawed.
  8. Mpl90

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    Digital for games with retail releases are included. Digital only games aren't.
  9. MatrixMan.exe

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    Monster Hunter World is a roaring success. Switch is a roaring success. Yo, Japan is just doing bits right now. I love it.
  10. Oregano

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    Nintendo only includes packaged software in their software totals, so anything that doesn't have a physical release isn't counted but if they do have a physical release it includes the digital sales.

    I think Sony/MS include digital only sales, but I'm not sure.
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    Can't wait to see media create chart :D
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    Your numbers are wrong, you took Wii U version. Switch version was 390k the last fiscal year. Adding this fiscal year 510k, makes 900k by the end of December (remember the game was sold out by these dates).
  13. Lite_Agent

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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf still trucking along...

    07./07. - Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 11.59 million units (+360 000 units)

    But nothing compared to the Mario couple:

    05./05. - New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 12.43 million units (+700 000 units)
    06./06. - Super Mario 3D Land - 11.77 million units (+670 000 units)

    Damn those two deserved their evergreen status, just like Mario Kart 7 (+560 000 units. And they didn't even a re-release like AC New Leaf (ie: Welcome amiibo, not just Nintendo Selects).
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    You quoted me too? Lol funny if you think i'm hero of legend ^^ good joke ;)
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    xx went up too lol
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    Switch looks like it’ll be ahead of PS4 for FY2 despite being heavily supply constrained for half of it.
  18. byDoS

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    I actually did.

    iirc, my prediction for MHW FW was 2 Million units, Japan only
  19. Boney

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    So there was no Pro Bundle? That's odd.
    It's a great debut. More than doubling Tri's lackluster launch. 2 million is a sure bet and it might even go past 2.5 if legs are good. It'll be a drop from 4, but just like 3U releasing on 3DS was a massive drop from P3rd, developing on PS4 was the only realistic choice for the franchise to bet on franchise growth. And while the real test will be WW sales, Japan definately showed up in droves, all things considered.
  20. sfortunato

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    Considering the fact that this is not launch aligned, Switch and PS4 basically are selling neck and neck even considering this arbitrary period.

    I didn't say I didn't want to discount for differences. I just said that this is the most reasonable comparison right now, unless you want to compare a platform with one holiday with a platform with two holidays.
  21. MoonFrog

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    Thanks for clearing that up. I was worried too looking at those numbers.
  22. Spine Crawler

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    Mario Rabbids is doing really well