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Media Create Sales: Week 32, 2018 (Aug 06 - Aug 12)


Jan 1, 2018
Numbers in 25 minutes:
I predict Splatoon #2 with 22k units, Octopath #4 with 13k, NSW 52k

BOTW will pass 15m lifetime. Maybe even 20m.
Oh ya, for sure, I just think these two titles deserve a 75% attach-rate lol
But that's just my fanboyism ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nov 5, 2017
Japan's obsession with Splatoon is hilarious and baffling at the same time
Have you played the game recently? The reason why people get so into the universe is really evident even at first glance.

And by the way it's not only a Japan exclusive, Splatoon 2 has sold more than BotW in Spain for the past 5 months for example, and it's currently doing the same in Italy too. Globally speaking it sold as much as Odyssey in the last 3 month report. 760k Odyssey, 740k Splatoon 2.
Oct 25, 2017
Don't disagree- but 2 months seems like too low of a timeframe for release announcement to release.
Didn’t the first Builders game have a very fast announcement to release cycle?

It would be uncommon, but I think it has become a more popular move in recent years. Most games don’t need the whole hype buildup that they used to.
Oct 27, 2017
.....and ? Those aren't Bamco titles.

I didn't say Bamco doesn't support the Switch. Tekken is the bigger IP and the older game - they are going to bring Tekken to Switch before bothering with something like SC6.

Only exception would be if they get BotW Link for a late Switch version.
Or SC2 HD with Link?