Media Create Sales: Week 49, 2017 (Dec 04 - Dec 10)

Discussion in 'Sales Threads' started by Chris1964, Dec 13, 2017.

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  1. Peace

    Peace Member

    What is supposed to happen tomorrow ? That's the second time someone mentions it.

    If anything, the discussion of the last pages I've been more interesting than the one we have usually, imo.
  2. DarkDetective

    DarkDetective Member

    New numbers.
  3. Peace

    Peace Member

    Yeah, but is there a particular number that should be interesting ?
  4. asagami_

    asagami_ Member

    New weekly numbers, new hot takes!
  5. Chris1964

    Chris1964 SalesEra Genius Member Original Poster

    How high Switch will be and how low PS4 will be.

    And Busters 2.
  6. Xbro

    Xbro Member

    New thread will always reset the discussion. Reason we get the same topics in most threads is because people don't want those discussions to stop.
  7. 200k+ Switch Numbers, baby.
  8. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    That and Odyssey over 1M, MK8D approaching or over 1M, Zelda possibly approaching 900k (combined SKUs)...

    Should be a lot of different things to discuss than what's been discussed over the past few pages.
  9. Chris1964

    Chris1964 SalesEra Genius Member Original Poster

    Nintendo started restocking Mario bundle again. Whatever they have produced will be shipped at next 2 weeks.
  10. Peace

    Peace Member

    Ok. First time in the year or did it happens before ?
  11. Zedark

    Zedark Member

    First time since launch
  12. NarohDethan

    NarohDethan Member

    Amazon still has Switch stock, the biggest bomba :S /s

    Is 300k possible?
  13. MoonFrog

    MoonFrog Member

    I want big numbers, personally.
  14. NarohDethan

    NarohDethan Member

    How big is big? 400? 500?
  15. funtastrophe

    funtastrophe Member

    I didn't include the DS because I wanted the other systems to feel that they're doing well.

    (I'll throw it in eventually, but it'd take longer than the others due to more relevant entries)

    I kind of have been assuming that it'll be fairly in line with Wii with not quite as strong a start but a longer tail. No early megahits from an expanded casual audience but a more persistent curve from the LTTP devs that took a little bit extra to kick things into gear. So maybe it stays below the Wii curve until week two hundred something and then crosses over but doesn't really get close to 3DS's EOL. Obviously, I'm being very bullish here.

    As for the source: Since most of the data was in a spreadsheet, I opted out of my usual preferred tactic of perl/ruby + mysql/sqlite and did all my wrangling and graphing in LibreOffice. The directory that image is linked from has my workbook in case I drop my laptop down a furnace hole.

    edit: With the caveat that it'll likely temporarily cross over with Wii's total, launch-aligned, in a few weeks until Wii has its ridiculous first month and a half of '08.
  16. Lelouch0612

    Lelouch0612 Member

    This year, Week 51 will be particularly big because it ends with Christmas Eve. Depending on the results of tomorow it can be a 300K+ week or a 400k+ one.
  17. MoonFrog

    MoonFrog Member

    IDK. I wasn't in MC at Switch launch. I think Chris was saying to expect closer to 300k than 400k this next reported week? I'd be really happy with close to 400k, content with ~300k.

    And it'd be next Wednesday we'd see the best week right?
  18. Grads

    Grads Member

    Pretty much, that's if they ship tons.
  19. Sphinx

    Sphinx Member

    I haven't followed the MC/famitsu numbers every week but from what I recall there hasn't been a single week in which Switch hardware didn't disappoint.

    If numbers are supposed to be above 300k, I'd bet it will be 260k. That has happened every "big week" for switch that I can remember.
  20. MoonFrog

    MoonFrog Member

    The thing is I think it is more important to Nintendo to make Switch do better than 3DS in the west than it is to them to compete with 3DS in Japan. I think they want less lopsided towards Japan sales numbers, so Japan isn't getting the supply it should, in a better situation, have.
  21. silpheed-mcd

    silpheed-mcd Member

    Flyhigh Works games on 3ds + Wii U eShop over 1m sales in Japan

  22. Hieroph

    Hieroph Member

    I guess BC also helped. You can play all of Etrian Odyssey on 3DS, even before the Untold versions. Makes the transition easier. Atlus fans tend to stick around late into the gen and their games still do alright at that point, but if the new system is BC, you can buy the late gen release with the new hardware.
  23. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    Yeah they seemingly already have Japan in the bag, so they now feel confident that they can put off some shipments from coming there to bring more to the west. I guess if those shipments continue to sell well that's not the worst idea.

    Just sucks for Japanese people who are still looking for a Switch.
  24. NarohDethan

    NarohDethan Member

    It seems both Switch colors are now 1st and 2nd place on the Amazon's TV Games Best Sellers
  25. djinnEXE

    djinnEXE Member

    I finally made it to the last page
    Man were these last 10 pages filled with many bad hot takes. Glad it's seemingly calmed down a bit.

    Can't wait for tomorrow. New numbers is always exciting. Switch might be up by a lot (finally) and software as well.

    I'm just hoping that come january (post holidays) the numbers don't drop way to low.
  26. Nintendojitsu

    Nintendojitsu Banned Member

    Wednesday's thread might get 50+ pages.
  27. djinnEXE

    djinnEXE Member

    MC threads have been getting bigger. Weekly threads now outdo the monthly NPD threads in post count ever since the format changed. And with Nintendo doing better it's also much more interesting to follow.
    The “dark” days are behind us.
  28. MoonFrog

    MoonFrog Member

    Nintendo dug itself into this position over time, starting with the knee-jerk reaction to the failure of the N64 in Japan, where instead of building on SNES like numbers in America and putting out a console that played to N64's strengths, they put out the GCN, scrapped online plans, sold Rare, tried to win exclusivity with Capcom, etc. This just landed them with a weaker position abroad and still as also-rans in Japan and called for them to try and do something different, hence the Wii. It was successful at home and abroad, but also the sort of console Japan needed in the face of the HD twins and HD development. The thing is that the Wii stagnated in its last years and the Wii U was a muddle-headed successor that failed in all markets, leaving Nintendo with just its portable hardware as a success. Portable hardware that also was lopsidedly relevant in Japan by that point.

    Basically Nintendo "won" back Japan from Sony, but it puts them in a tough spot as the Japanese market is shrunken and large Japanese companies are variously divested from it as "chasing the west" increasingly means simultaneously ignoring Japanese preferences and as the mobile scene exploded in Japan attracting what efforts were intended to make money off Japan.

    So Nintendo needs to both a) try and maintain (or expand) its Japanese market and b) expand again outside of that market and the two feed into eachother. Namely, getting the support to engage Japan increasingly means providing for Switch/PS4 multiplatform but also making the Switch and Japanese games on the Switch a success abroad. So in a sense b comes before a. But a also comes before b in the sense that Switch's most likely support is from Japanese companies and being a hot product in Japan is going to be a distinguishing feature to make it relevant to those companies, as with the DS and 3DS.

    They have the hardware and they're off to a good start in hardware sales and at least in the west the installed base seems quite engaged wrt things like indies. They need to build on this success and get success for Japanese 3rd party software to happen both abroad and at home.


    And expanding relevance in the west also encourages a) indie support and possibly b) western third party support to supplement or possibly supplant what you'd expect they could get out of Japan too, which is another way out of this but is more banking on unknown appeal imo.
  29. So what you're saying it Nintendo needs to carry the weight of all sins for about a year.
  30. Man God

    Man God Member

    MHW at least helped strengthen one Japanese platform.
  31. Principate

    Principate Member

    The quality of discussion hasn't increased I can assure you that. This is coming from someone that longed for more popular media create threads during the dark ages. All shits about to break loose once MHW releases. I'm thinking of avoiding these threads until it blows over because it's going to get silly regardless of what happens.
  32. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    That's a pretty succinct explanation, yeah. I agree with all of that. It's an interesting position they're in, and I think the level of global success the Switch has achieved this year is basically the best case scenario for the successful execution of that strategy.

    Of course this means that the support from both the West and Japan will be somewhat slow to start but of course we already knew that!
  33. I don't see why it would be any worse. We already have endless arguments in these threads about MHW at least this way there will be some actual sales numbers to throw into the mix. No doubt things will get heated but they do already.
  34. Principate

    Principate Member

    Oh it can always get worse it always seems too and I thought the Vita and 3DS discussion on this was annoying way back when.
  35. James

    James Member

    Way past 8. Still in stock.

    What does it mean?
  36. Why does specifcally Monster Hunter get so much focus in these threads i wonder? ,heck i swear there are more people arguing about the franchise than they are playing the games on this forum XD
  37. djinnEXE

    djinnEXE Member

    I don't see it moving the needle that much. It's still 1 game and it's no Splatoon, Animal Crossing or Pokemon
  38. ILikeFeet

    ILikeFeet Member

    it means v2_0 is justified and the Switch is doomed
  39. sinonobu

    sinonobu Member

    It means that there's enough Switch stock and sw numbers will start increasing.
  40. 14 million sales hit by next week confirmed.
  41. Man God

    Man God Member

    I meant this thread. It ain't gonna do squat to PS4 beyond the first week or so.
  42. DeuceGamer

    DeuceGamer Member

    Just to make sure I understand, Monday’s are the cutoff date for the weekly charts, right?
  43. Dunban

    Dunban Member

    Switch has finally sold to the core Wii U audience of ~3 million and, as many predicted, fallen off precipitously. Capcom vindicated, Nintendo to go third party and develop exclusively for the Xbox One X confirmed.

    Maybe we'll finally get a non-disappointing Switch hw week.
  44. djinnEXE

    djinnEXE Member

    Oh for sure. I see hardware raising only on week 1 and 2
  45. Charts are Monday through Sunday.
  46. Alrus

    Alrus Member

    Because it's the biggest third party franchise in Japan.
  47. Lyrick

    Lyrick Member

    Although there's a good probability it won't be for much longer.
  48. Famitsu hasn't said anything about 3 million yet, it's over. Pack it up.
  49. Man God

    Man God Member

    Dragon Quest is actually still bigger overall anyways.
  50. Blessed Kimishima of Great Fortune, what say you, what do you think the results will be.


    "Over 200,000 units at least."

    Thank you blessed Kimishima.
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