Media Create Sales: Week 49, 2017 (Dec 04 - Dec 10)

Discussion in 'Sales Threads' started by Chris1964, Dec 13, 2017.

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  1. Lugia

    Lugia Member

    In terms of public conscious and culturally yes, but game sales wise MH is bigger.
  2. Man God

    Man God Member

    There's no way MH as a series has outsold DQ. It's gotta be tens of millions units behind even with MH's near yearly releases and DQ coming out once a generation.
  3. Peace

    Peace Member

    Yeah, but this boat has sailed. Despite what many people believed, DQXI was actually released on PS4 and sold almost evenly on portable and console in Japan. This battle is already over.

    Dragon quest and Monster Hunter are the two biggest third-party IP in Japan and since the DQ boat has sailed, MH is the next final step, that's the reason it gets so much focus recently.
  4. Man God

    Man God Member

    Well that and there was no real platform controversy with DQ XI as it was announced for everything relevant.
  5. 3DS version currently sold over half a million more than PS4 to my knowledge.
  6. Peace

    Peace Member

    There was. I don't know about the MC thread back in the time, but on gaming boards some people were furious DQXI was not exclusive to portable or Nintendo anymore after IX and all those remakes (VIII, VI), spin-off (Joker 1 and 2) being exclusive. I read people wishing DQXI to fail on PS4 (almost, let's not get crazy) as much as I read people wishing MHW to fail nowaday.

    I don't have a source for it, but it's entirely possible. Last time I checked it was something like 1.3 on PS4 and 1.7 on 3DS. It's still quite close sales if you ask me and really far from the predictions I read back in the time (3DS version bucthering the PS4 version, selling more than double and all that).
  7. Yeah I don't believe that sort of thing was widespread.

    400,000 unit difference is not "quite close" in this region. Also that figure is back before September 24th, which is from Famitsu's Half-1 2017 report.

    If you're gonna try and spin this as "PS4 AND 3DS WERE ALMOST EVEN" at least just say that when it did actually happen at launch. But like you said, that ship's sailed. 3DS "won".
  8. Heartskips

    Heartskips Member

    edit: actually nvm
  9. Man God

    Man God Member

    Switch Version might make up the difference and then some if it is well received.
  10. Also if you wanted the actual numbers, if we wanted to go franchise sales wise, Monster Hunter is at 40 million+ while Dragon Quest is 70 million+.
  11. asmith906

    asmith906 Member

    Maybe I'm wrong but the way people were talking about the ps4 version it seemed like they didn't even expect it to sell 1 million units on the ps4 and that the 3ds version would outsell it by way more than it did.
  12. That part I can believe, sure. But I more meant the other parts where people wanted the PS4 version to fail because 3DS wasn't exclusive anymore even if it had all the remakes and spin offs.
  13. Man God

    Man God Member

    It is funny that PS4 got the spinoffs but not the remakes. Like they didn't even bother with a collection or anything. Then they kinda snuck one in as a post game reward!
  14. Xbro

    Xbro Member

    This was when the 3DS was still killing it. Yokai watch 2 was still on the charts with the first two versions selling over 3 million and the 3rd version over 2 million.
  15. Peace

    Peace Member

    Why should I try to spin anything ? I still stand by what I said, the gap between DQXI versions on 3DS and PS4 isn't what some people predicted. In the context I was talking about (people acting like the 3DS version would butcher the PS4 version sales wise), even a difference of half million isn't really that important. The 3DS won, but the people who predicted the PS4 version would get laughable results compared to the 3DS version didn't, which was exactly my point.
  16. MoonFrog

    MoonFrog Member

    I don't think we need to rehash this again.

    There never had been a DQ release like it before, with it coming out on two disparate platforms at launch and being a mainline single-player game.

    Estimates of 3DS version that were made far in advance were largely based on IX's release, which was a single version on DS, 3DS's predecessor. This is where (and when) you mostly got most of the ~2 million launch week estimates.

    Estimates for PS4 were also largely made with reference to FFXV, suggesting that it outperform that title, at least marginally. This is where you mostly got the "struggle to hit 1 million" estimates as well as the more optimistic ones, which lined up with reality.

    There was talk in the weeks leading up about a) how "independent" the sales of the two versions would be, b) if there was a FFXV problem in addition to a PS4 problem, and c) what the state of the 3DS was as the game was being released. I was in those discussions. And I think all of these things did play a role in the difficulty getting the numbers right.

    I thought the 3DS version could do better than it did. The PS4 version did about what I expected. I think I was at about 2.5 and 1.5 ltd by the end. Yes my 3DS numbers came down over time from higher numbers, but you know what? The reason they did so was MC threads, yes those things full of terrible Sony haters and Nintendo fanboys :P, which goes to the whole point of this post.

    Edit: Heck, by the end there was all that thought about television ads in Japan being about the PS4 version and I think YSO even had PS4 version launching possibly ahead of the 3DS version. There was talk of PS4 consumers being pre-order prone and 3DS having a more pick up the game in store audience. There was talk of PS4 winning launch week but losing LTD. Etc.
  17. Man God

    Man God Member

    People seemingly forgot that DQ XI wasn't multiplayer for the 3DS estimates.
  18. Zool

    Zool Member

    followed by 109 posts about some game on vita or another console which should have been on Switch.
  19. MoonFrog

    MoonFrog Member

    The space fish game is also a recurring theme. A very oddly present mobile game despite our bias towards console.
  20. Vinnk

    Vinnk Member


    "Vinnk's Village" Anecdotal Report

    Hello all. Sorry this week was really busy. Between work and getting ready for the holidays I only had time to hit 3 stores (and Famicom Dojo, but they don’t sell new hardware). Because of this, the report, which isn’t too useful to begin with, is in fact less useful. I’ll try to do more next week because this is indeed a very exciting time for sales.

    Disclaimer: These are my observations and not intended to represent all of Japan or really anything other than my own experiences in a small town in Japan.

    Switch Hardware: Sold out

    Youme Town
    Didn’t go this week

    Didn’t go this week

    Best Denki
    Switch Hardware: Sold out

    Wanpaku/[email protected]
    Didn’t go this week.

    Famicom Dojo
    No Switch, but they don’t sell new hardware at all anymore.

    Yamada Denki
    Didn’t go this week.

    Book Off
    Switch Hardware: 0 new. 0 Used.


    1. I have still never seen a new switch unit in the wild. I got mine at launch on Amazon and have never see another new unit. However this week I can report that there were Switch units on shelves mid week and that they did not sell out instantly. One of my friends was able to walk into a store and buy one off the shelf with no reservation. More than that, he was tipped off by another friend that they were in stock a day before. So it is possible that this store had them on shelves for consecutive days (or 2 independent shipments close together). By the time I got to stores (Sunday and Monday) they were sold out but if they were in fact on shelves for multiple days before that, or if shipments are indeed coming that fast, it would represent a change. I will try to verify next week. I won’t read too much into it until I see it myself or have more data points.

    2. None of the big (or recent) Nintendo titles are supply constrained at those 3 stores. Zelda, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, Mario Kart, etc. All in stock. But 2 stores did not have the new Zelda SKU. Also it seems that Xenoblade 2 box sets are sold out because they are going for above retail price online.

    3. Xbox One X. No store in my town has them stock. But I can’t confirm if any store had them to begin with. Most stores don’t carry Xbox1 at all. What makes that double weird is some of those stores DO cary 360 games. Odd.

    4. Super Famicom Minis in stock. Now if someone would just buy me one…

    6. MHW PS4 systems sold out at the 3 stores. I am not sure how many each store had (if they had any at all), but there were none available for purchase.

    7. In store displays for MHW are ramping up. Lots of print materials. Video screens. It is probably the game with the most in-store promotion right now (though Pokemon is still getting a lot). I am thinking retailers (especially the game stores) have big expectations for this one.

    8. I saw much more in store promotion for Xenoblade X than Xenoblade 2. But I am guessing that is because Nintendo is pushing Mario and Splatoon as the games to buy this holiday for Switch. When XBX came out there was not a lot else that the stores could promote in their WiiU sections. I also have not seen a TV ad for the game, but believe they do exist. I see a lot of general (not game specific) Switch ads.

    9. If you have a request for what I should look for, let me know.

    That’s all for this week. Hope it was entertaining.

    Previous reports:

    Media Create Sales: Week 46, 2017 (Nov 13 - Nov 19)

    Media Create Sales: Week 44, 2017 (Oct 30 - Nov 05)

    Media Create Sales: Week 42, 2017 (Oct 16 - Oct 22)
  21. kuroneko0509

    kuroneko0509 Member

  22. Xbro

    Xbro Member

    230K switch
  23. Vena

    Vena Community Resettler Member

    Almost? Well Switch confirmed horseshoe or hand-grenade.

    No wonder third parties are confused, the Switch is regularly becoming other objects!
  24. MoonFrog

    MoonFrog Member

    So Famitsu will have ~230k Switch reported tomorrow?
  25. asmith906

    asmith906 Member

    Speaking of Yokai Watch what happened to that series. It seemed like at one point it was becoming bigger than Pokemon but now I never hear about it at all.
  26. Xbro

    Xbro Member

    Milked to death
  27. Sandfox

    Sandfox Member

    The popularity took and hit and Level-5 decided to give it a break in 2017 to focus on pushing other franchises(which all ended up getting delayed).
  28. Kandinsky

    Kandinsky Member

    Damn I guess the dream is indeed dead D:

    This company man :/
  29. Blessed Kimishima has done it again with the >200k prediction absolutely no one could have said.

  30. ILikeFeet

    ILikeFeet Member

    Switch not even at 3M. Atlus totally justified with Catherine Vita!
  31. Vinnk

    Vinnk Member

    Franchise fatigue. Kids can only care about so many titles in one year. It is still fairly popular. Lots of merchandise in stores and there is some hype for the new Busters, but it is nothing compare to a few years ago when it was beyond Splatoon levels of visibility.
  32. CeroMiedo

    CeroMiedo Member

    Erm................ Did GTS do Ok,Vinnk?
  33. CeroMiedo

    CeroMiedo Member

    double post
  34. 230k is a big meh for week 50 actually..

    It ended up being an ''OK'' December for Switch after all.
  35. Nemesis162

    Nemesis162 Member

  36. And then its 300k for 51 and you hear a knock on your door. You know who it was. Because you slighted him with your words for the last time.

  37. Vinnk

    Vinnk Member

    GTS is OKOTF.
    (OK Of The Forever)
  38. Nintendojitsu

    Nintendojitsu Banned Member

    Downplaying 230K in hardware in a post-mobile Japan. lol
  39. Peace

    Peace Member

    I thought 230k was supposed to be huge for Japan ? It's the first time it reaches those numbers + supply constraints, lottery and all. Quite impressive if you ask me. What were the predictions for week 50 ?
  40. DecoReturns

    DecoReturns Member

    Why do you keep giving him a gun?

    I think i missed something.
  41. I saw one guy go for 300k+, which I thought would be too much for this one. Probably next week.
  42. skullwaker

    skullwaker Member

    I think it's been quite a while since we've seen a system sell 230k in a non-launch week. It's definitely a good result.

    Of course it could sell more if it wasn't supply constrained, but them's the breaks.
  43. You missed something alright.

    You missed your train to the other world, and Kimishima's putting you on the express.

  44. Nintendojitsu

    Nintendojitsu Banned Member

    Japanese 3rds kicking themselves something fierce.
  45. Nintendojitsu

    Nintendojitsu Banned Member

    The Men of Yoshiwara by D3Publisher - visual novel
  46. Kanann

    Kanann Member

    What will be next big thing for JPPS4 after MHW? KH3?

    FFVIIR is Ps5 tho.
  47. Terrell

    Terrell Member

    Nah, they're not. It can be argued that they should be, but they're not.
  48. Nintendojitsu

    Nintendojitsu Banned Member

    I stand by my earlier statement that longtime software partners of Nintendo's inability to support the Switch with meaningful content in it's first year is one of the greatest mistakes they have made so far.
  49. Chris1964

    Chris1964 SalesEra Genius Member Original Poster

    Anecdotal info was correct, according to Famitsu. Now waiting for Media Create and how different numbers they will have.
  50. LOCK

    LOCK Member

    I expected 250 so this was an ok result.

    I bet MC is higher due to Amazon.
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