Media Create Sales: Week 49, 2017 (Dec 04 - Dec 10)

Discussion in 'Sales Threads' started by Chris1964, Dec 13, 2017.

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  1. Chris1964

    Chris1964 SalesEra Genius Member Original Poster

    230k for week 50 is a big number in Japan period.

    Only DS and 3DS have topped this number.
  2. Rainrir

    Rainrir Self Requested Ban Member

    Downplaying 230k is ridiculous.

    Are we starting a DOOM train?
  3. Sage

    Sage Member

    That means over 120 million people didn't buy one this week. Pretty much a bomb, really.
  4. Nintendojitsu

    Nintendojitsu Banned Member

    For the record, I wasn't downplaying the 230K.
    Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule
  5. Hero

    Hero Member

    Fantastic results. I honestly did not see SMO being the 2nd Nintendo Switch game to hit a million, I figured it was going to be MK8D.
  6. Sander VF

    Sander VF Member

    Does it run over demons?
  7. Jonno394

    Jonno394 Member

    Good week. Switch will likely be ~300k in wk 51 then, which means it'll outsell the Wii u before end of 2017!

    Great year (10 months)
  8. Famitsu based on calculations:

    Super Mario Odyssey - 110.085
    Switch HW - 230.259
  9. Menx64

    Menx64 Member

    So Splatoon must be above 110K I guess. Maybe even MK8D... I hope Xeno bounce back a bit, same with Arms.
  10. KCS

    KCS Member

    During its first December in Japan, I'm pretty sure PS4 sold around 200k total based on what I could find (this includes 4 days of January 2015 as well), so less than Switch did in just this one week. People have short memories.
  11. LOCK

    LOCK Member

    That's like a 40% increase for Mario. I hope all software had similar or better increases. I don't want software to fall behind.
  12. Elfteiroh

    Elfteiroh Member

    Thank you again for this! :D
    It's okay, you don't have to stress over it. Do them when you have time, we love them, but nobody will die if they are too thin. :)

    Oh! So the Otome games are starting to Switch console! I have a friend that will be happy. He love those. :3
  13. Aostia82

    Aostia82 Member

    Wow at Odyssey
  14. Lwill

    Lwill Member

    “Meh” and “Ok” compared to what? WW, the Switch will likely be around 12 million worldwide by the end of the year, with it selling over a million in Japan for December alone.

    Your info was on the head with the Famitsu numbers. I would guess that Media Create would be lower, though.
  15. Piston

    Piston Member

    Pshhh only 230k. I could do that number in my sleep.

    12 million shipped would put Nintendo behind their projected forecast for this year. They would have to ship some 4+ million in Q1 2018. I think they will be closer to 13-13.5 million shipped. Shipped also takes into account units in transit.
  16. Probably Mario Odyssey Switch bundle's doing.
  17. sfortunato

    sfortunato Member

    Never underestimate Mario under holidays.

    Last year we had Super Mario Maker which sold 300k+ in Week 51.
  18. Dunban

    Dunban Member

    What it could have sold, presumably.

    I don't think he was downplaying it vis a vis other hardware, but relative to the Switch itself in a more ideal world.
  19. silpheed-mcd

    silpheed-mcd Member

    Famitsu: Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo) {2017.10.27} – 1.055.806 + 63.538 digital = 1.119.344


    Last week:
    Famitsu: Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo) {2017.10.27} – 945.721 + 63.538 digital = 1.009.259
    M-C: Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo) (2017.10.27) - 949.470
    Dengeki: Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo) {2017.10.27} – 935,920
  20. Lwill

    Lwill Member

    You’re right. I meant well over 12 million.
  21. Kinger256

    Kinger256 Member

    It's quite remarkable how you're able to construct weird and irrelevant groups such as the Xbox One, Wii U and Vita then promptly compare without even any consideration to what my original point was. Like how are they even related? A console that's only 4 years in it's lifespan? Two of the greatest failures in gaming?

    I'm not saying it sold more or less then this, or that the number isn't sizable. I'm saying that relative to Japan, interest in Nintendo's handhelds have gone down in the west, and that you can't argue that. There's cold hard stats backing me.

    I never said anything about standards what it should have sold...
  22. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert Member

    Great numbers. And that while still being supply constrained is quite huge for Switch. downplaying this makes no sense.

    I'm glad we now have the proof that 2d linear Mario games don't have the monopoly of huge sales.

    Switch won't catch up with 3DS this year it seems because of 3DS ridiculously huge first holidays but it probably will regain some ground in q1. This assumption is offered to you directly from my ass though.
  23. CeroMiedo

    CeroMiedo Member

    lol somehow looking at this report proved your words even more
  24. [​IMG]
  25. Elfteiroh

    Elfteiroh Member

    I love these alternate Simpsons subtitles gifs. :3
  26. sfortunato

    sfortunato Member

    I guess Falcom is betting on the right horse (PS4) given how much they sell domestically versus worldwide.
  27. Marukoban

    Marukoban Member

    Is this talking about this year only or on average?
    Sen3 being released last financial year probably skews this ratio a bit in favor of Japan. That and there were no notable Asian release last year I believe.
  28. Chris1964

    Chris1964 SalesEra Genius Member Original Poster

    I don't think Media Create will be very far from Famitsu this week.

    There are Switch restocks everyday and everywhere. 300k+ for next week are sure now.
  29. Terranigma

    Terranigma Member

    They were also ALOT cheaper to buy, which makes their potential market larger. Switch has yet to have its big pricecut.
    Which won't happen until demand died down enough to make it worth for Nintendo.
  30. Joseki

    Joseki Member

    200+k last week, probably 300+k this week. DS and Wii move over.
  31. Chris1964

    Chris1964 SalesEra Genius Member Original Poster

    Nintendo has left the system without a big title since October, it has high price comparing to previous Nintendo systems and still sells out. I don't think some realize what Switch has achieved in Japan.
  32. Well I mean, I consider Xenoblade 2 to be a decent tentpole.
  33. NiteJohn

    NiteJohn Member

    You know, this kinda give me prospective. It also make more curious about how much the Switch LTD will be. The demand seem to be either close to or at the max the Japan can provide. At least with the games that are out now. AC and Pokemon might cause another shortage, especially AC.
  34. Chris1964

    Chris1964 SalesEra Genius Member Original Poster

    Switch LTD is a big mystery because it depends on how far Nintendo will go with revisions. 20m is the bare minimum for generation leaders.

    Software wise it will have no problem to clear 3DS.
  35. FireFistAce

    FireFistAce Member

    Well according to Vinnk, it seems that the Switch was not sold out this week.
  36. FireFistAce

    FireFistAce Member

    Context. You’re comparing a home console with a hybrid.
  37. Oregano

    Oregano Member

    Yes but remember they self publish in Japan and rely on other companies for overseas release. A copy sold in Japan is worth more to them than a copy sold elsewhere.
  38. So we're probably looking at close to 600K in 2 weeks, that would be something else. That's whilst being at a high price and with most of its biggest SW still to come.

    Hopefully all switch SW sees big boosts in the next 2 weeks. That's what I'm most excited to see.
  39. Zedark

    Zedark Member

    I don't think that's what he said. He said that someone saw a Switch on shelves on two different days, which is quite possible since there have been restocks every single day this week. He also mentions that all units were gone when he checked, so that tells you that it really is sold out. Lotteries still persist, for example.
  40. Aostia82

    Aostia82 Member

    Wait so next week numbers will be higher than today's ones?
  41. silpheed-mcd

    silpheed-mcd Member

  42. Aostia82

    Aostia82 Member

    So I would say that these famitsu numbers are simply great
  43. Marukoban

    Marukoban Member

    I won't dispute that Falcom being only on PS4 is a long term obstacle for their financial growth, unless somehow they can be much more efficient and churns out more games at faster rate.
    I would just like to make sure the number is put in proper context.
    I guess the split is also probably in terms of revenue, so it would be impossible to draw any conclusion from that answer, since income from licensing is much lower than self publishing.

    Maybe the only takeaway here is Asia is probably still bigger market than west for Falcom.
    With no notable releases the revenue generated from the market can still match those generated from Cold Steel 1 PC, Sky 3rd, Tokyo Xanadu PSV and Ys VIII PS4 and PSV
  44. FireFistAce

    FireFistAce Member

    I think the 3DS went up to approx 0.5M in week 51 2011.
  45. N00MKRAD

    N00MKRAD Member

    They want 14m in ONE YEAR, not in THIS YEAR.

    Said year ends on March 3.
  46. Pooroomoo

    Pooroomoo Member

    The 3DS at that point also cost far, far less than the Switch.
  47. 230K Switch is very good, but can we talk about 110K Odyssey? This game is a monster.
    With digital sales and still 2 weeks to go, we are looking at ~1.5 million in 2017 alone.

    3 million lifetime isn't a dream after all.

    This is not correct.
  48. jariw

    jariw Member

    And the storage volume required for a 3DS is probably one third or forth of a Switch.
  49. N00MKRAD

    N00MKRAD Member

    Xenoblade isn't big? Or Skyrim?

    Don't act like people only care about Mario and Zelda.
  50. Marukoban

    Marukoban Member

    Actually you are wrong.
    They want 14m this year, not one year since launch.
    Look at last page. 14m is for Apr 2017 to March 2018.
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