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  1. silpheed-mcd


    8 weeks: 3D Mario Ranking Sales by Famitsu (no digital)


    1- Super Mario Odyssey: 1.055.806

    2- Super Mario 3D Land: 1.042.511
    3- Super Mario Galaxy 2: 680.395
    4- Super Mario Galaxy: 680.165
    5- Super Mario 64 DS: 586.253
    6- Super Mario Sunshine: 581.765
    7- Super Mario 64: 492.908
    8- Super Mario 3d World: 485.013

    Super Mario 64 (23/06/1996)
    week 1: 162.111
    week 2: 121.921
    week 3: 63.849
    week 4: 45.665
    week 5: 30.486
    week 6: 23.834
    week 7: 22.647
    week 8: 22.395
    total: 492.908

    Super Mario Sunshine (19/07/2002)
    week 1: 280.610
    week 2: 102.576
    week 3: 59.975
    week 4: 39.562
    week 5: 43.921
    week 6: 22.794
    week 7: 18.588
    week 8: 13.739
    total: 581.765

    Super Mario 64 DS (02/12/2004)
    week 1: 120.062
    week 2: 52.591
    week 3: 68.590
    week 4: 125.360
    week 5: 103.049
    week 6: 63.178
    week 7: 27.345
    week 8: 26.078
    total: 586.253

    Super Mario Galaxy (1/11/2007)
    week 1: 256.341
    week 2: 78.349
    week 3: 43.317
    week 4: 37.484
    week 5: 36.354
    week 6: 48.750
    week 7: 70.541
    week 8: 109.029
    total: 680.165

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 (27/05/2010)
    week 1: 337.569
    week 2: 116.153
    week 3: 71.803
    week 4: 49.304
    week 5: 38.461
    week 6: 30.470
    week 7: 21.122
    week 8: 15.513
    total: 680.395

    Super Mario 3D Land (03/11/2011)
    week 1: 344.698
    week 2: 87.886
    week 3: 52.793
    week 4: 57.465
    week 5: 69.215
    week 6: 101.223
    week 7: 128.090
    week 8: 201.141
    total: 1.042.511

    Super Mario 3D World (21/11/2013)
    week 1: 106.967
    week 2: 39.306
    week 3: 39.289
    week 4: 60.318
    week 5: 92.993
    week 6: 71.159
    week 7: 60.397
    week 8: 14.584
    total: 485.013

    Super Mario Odyssey (27/10/2017)
    week 1: 511.625
    week 2: 125.592
    week 3: 65.908
    week 4: 49.052
    week 5: 67.636
    week 6: 48.563
    week 7: 77.345
    week 8: 110.085
    total: 1.055.806

    Super Mario Odyssey is so impressive, damn!
  2. Zedark


    No, they want 14 million in the period April 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018, for a lifetime total of 16.7 million from launch until March 31st 2018.
  3. N00MKRAD

    Banned Member


    You just said this year, then you said 2018?
  4. Zedark


    No, and Skyrim isn't out in Japan yet. XBC2 sold 9k first week. While a good number for the series, it hardly qualifies as big.
  5. Grads


    He taking about games that can sell a million or more in Japan.
  6. DarkDetective


    This is actually asked in the Investors Q&A.
    Japan makes up 70% of all sales
    Asia 15%
    ROTW 15%
  7. Marukoban


    When I said this year it refers to this financial year.
    It's quite clear from the context ...

    Yes, I read that part. Hence why I put explanation as to how I come to that conclusion:

  8. jariw


    Those titles are really really small in Japan. Xenoblade 2 will sell less than 10% of Splatoon 2 in Japan.
  9. Switch will sell on par with 3DS imo.

    ~25 million lifetime
  10. N00MKRAD

    Banned Member

    Oh, ok. Nvm then

    Sorry, didn't realize this was about Japan.
  11. Zedark


    There is this thing called a fiscal year, which companies use. It runs from April to March, and fiscal year 3017 is April 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018. The launch month is not included in this fiscal year, so it shouldn't be taken into account in the 14 million number.
    Unless stated otherwise, you can assume that everything in this thread is in reference to Japan.
  12. DarkDetective


    I'm sorry. I read it the wrong way. My bad. :)
  13. Phendrift


    Oh wow. 3D World sales were abysmal.

    Odyssey’s already over doubled it
  14. skullwaker


    Is it possible for the Switch to match 3DS in the number of million sellers? It seems like the market has contracted quite a bit in this regard.
  15. Pooroomoo


    What gives you that impression?
  16. Marukoban


    Aggregated software sales in Japan this year is most likely down vs 2016, and has been on downward trajectory for years.
  17. silpheed-mcd


    Super Mario Odyssey is a monster, incredible.
  18. DarkDetective


    I don't think Nintendo's first-party series have lost much terrain. Third-party franchises will be a different story tho. Bandai Namco and Square Enix have changed their strategies last gen. The 3DS got a lot of relatively cheap games (especially anime games from BNE), but such games usually go to mobile now, while consoles get less, but higher-profile games. If we're talking about million sellers in Japan, I think that's a milestone that only a handful of games can reach. In terms of worldwide sales, it's a matter of support, just like PS4. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a good example. It was a higher-profile title than any of the Dragon Ball games for 3DS, it didn't come anywhere near 1M in Japan, but sold multiple million units in the west.
  19. skullwaker


    Just looking at the charts the past couple years. Million sellers aren't as common as they used to be.

    In terms of Switch, I can't think of anything not published by Nintendo that could be a million seller in the next couple years barring any surprises (which of course are possible). MH is on PS4 right now but they could make a portable entry for the Switch at some point. DQXI is coming but I don't expect that to hit 1m on the Switch, and I don't know if any remakes or spinoffs could do it. Yokai Watch isn't as popular as it used to be, so that's another wild card. Those were the main tentpoles on the 3DS.

    Oh, I'm definitely just referring to Japan. I don't have any doubt that the Switch will have more million sellers than the 3DS worldwide, since it seems to be a much more healthy platform in the west and many games seem to be finding success on it.
  20. Pooroomoo


    I think part of it is the age of the 3DS, and another part is the running down into the ground of some franchises such as Yokai. I actually believe Switch will end up with either the same number or more million sellers than 3DS.
  21. DarkDetective


    For third-party games in Japan, I'm afraid we have to say that 500k is the new 1M...
  22. Marukoban


    Fixed this for you :p
  23. Aostia82


    The difference in terms of third party support will put the switch below the 3ds in numbers of million sellers

    Dq and MH and yokai watch will not see that many million sellers on the switch as on the 3ds
  24. Sammy Samusu

    Sammy Samusu

    Today I saw pre-order cases for Doom and Skyrim at Tsutaya. They looked good but they were at the bottom of the shelf, so I moved them to the top cause I felt that they needed more visibility.
  25. personally, monster to me seem even scarier than beast.
  26. cw_sasuke


    Good guy Sammy.
  27. FreedomFighter

    Banned Member

    I used to do stuff like this too.
  28. silpheed-mcd



    SMO vs SPLATOON 2! 8 weeks by Famitsu


  29. Ikaruga


    And they said Nintendo was dead, consoles were dead in Japan and 3D Marios won't sell well.
  30. LordKano


    That's 230k for Famitsu though, I wonder it will be low again on MC.
  31. ghostship


    I'd suggest the situation is likely that consoles aren't dead in Japan provided they also work as handhelds, which doesn't really make it a triumph for consoles.
  32. Ikaruga


    Yeah, true. I can live with a triumph for Nintendo then, putting undercover consoles in the hands of the Japanese people, what an evil plan!
  33. Mory Dunz

    Mory Dunz

    I don't think the switch will go as long without a replacement.
  34. Grads


    We will know who to thank if these do well in Japan.
  35. DeuceGamer


    Wow, incredible results for both Switch HW and Mario Odyssey. Look forward to see the rest of the numbers and hope other software gets a significant bump as well.
  36. Mr Swine

    Mr Swine

    Probably 198-209k in MC. And very good for Mario if it manages to do 110k in this week :)
  37. Chris1964

    SalesEra Genius Member OP

    Even if you want to talk worldwide a half decade old port and Xenoblade 2 are small for holiday releases.
  38. v_iHuGi

    Banned Member

    Mario beasting, congratulations Nintendo you deserve all the success, amazing console with stellar games.
  39. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert

    That's our Sammy, the true video game shop guerillero :)
  40. LordKano


    While we're waiting for the numbers, here is duckroll's sensei, Kawazu-sama talking about the Switch and Romancing SaGa :

  41. Eolz


    Thanks for your village report Vinnk!
    Also, lol Sammy.
  42. Oregano


    That's a really disappointing answer to be honest. It would have kinda made sense this time last year(or earlier this year) but Switch is a runaway success in Japan and game developers are still hesitating about it?
  43. ILikeFeet


    No, Xenoblade isn't big.
  44. Marukoban


    I really like some of his answers in the interview.

    Modern games do place excessive emphasis on story to the point of sacrificing gameplay element.
    This is especially true for RPG, especially AAA. I'm glad he stick to his guns even though it might have resulted in smaller potential audience.
  45. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert

    So they witness huge numbers but they still are "but is it a home console or a handheld ?"... Strange answer
  46. only because last week numbers are lower on Media Create doesn't mean this will be the case here.

    I expect Media Create numbers this week to be about the same as Famitsu, if not even better.
  47. silpheed-mcd


    Right, 2017 (Nov 20 - Nov 26)
    M-C: 145.200
    FAM: 133.746
  48. Revolsin


    The opposite should be true based on previous MC/Famitsu patterns. If one's lower, it tends to re-adjust higher next week.
  49. pld


    Weird answer but it perfectly sums up what a lot of 3rd parties are thinking about the Switch. They see the success, they see the numbers but they have no idea how to capitalise on that.
  50. DrWong


    It's probably a deflection response at this stage, for companies that don't plan to go there, or don't have the resources to commit/announce stuff at the time. Because there's no need of economic science to figure out how to make money on the system. Throw something decent with some kind of ip relevance and it'll sell.
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