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  1. Oregano


    Surely that's the most worrying thing?

    Kawazu is saying this after just releasing a Switch game and his company is its biggest third party supporter.
  2. Kouriozan


    Mario Odyssey being the best selling 3D Mario in Japan should be a revelation to Nintendo, who tried to 2Dify their 3D Mario in the past in the hope to sell more.
  3. LordKano


    That's Kawasu's opinion and he just released his only game of 2017 on Switch a week ago.
  4. Zedark


    Actually it happened two times in a row over the last two weeks, so it's not completely out of the blue. I do expect them to line up nice again this week myself, though.
  5. DrWong


    ah ah yeah you're right, a silly post of mine lol after reading the quote.
  6. It worked for 3D land so.....
  7. Sammy Samusu

    Sammy Samusu

    Minecraft happened some years ago, that made kids more comfortable with 3D worlds.
  8. Phendrift


    Honestly I don’t think it has much to do with it being an open or linear 3D Mario. To most of the GP, it’s just all Mario

    It just comes down to

    1) Advertising. Odyssey was everywhere compared to 3D World or Land.
    2) Being on an appealing, healthy system. It was an exclusive on the amazing Switch in it’s first year.
    3) Looking charming and appealing. Odyssey’s captures, New Donk City, and Pauline’s song were all infinitely more interesting than anything they could show off for 3D World

    Although the return to “open” Mario definitely helped propel it to maximum hype in the core gaming sphere, most casual players don’t really distinguish between the two types I would think.
  9. cw_sasuke


    Lets not kid ourselves...3D World would have sold millions as well on a device like the Switch. Especially if it had been 4 years since the last 3D Mario.
    Obv. the Odyssey hype is something special, but the benefit from being on Switch shouldnt be downplayed.

    Hope we get a 3D World GotY release on Switch in 2019.
  10. Gotdatmoney


    3D World (on a terrible platform) and 3D Land sold well enough that I dont think this is actually all of a deterent. Games are well reviewed and they sell well. Not a crazy revelation.

    3D World would have done so much better on Switch. Especially with out of the box 2 player. Game is like built for that system.
  11. Lite_Agent


    It's not. In fact, it's yet to outsell Super Mario 64 (1.64 million), though it's highly unlikely it will not get there eventually.

    And the 2Dification (?) of the series has worked. Super Mario 3D Land is the current best-selling 3D Mario game in Japan, though unless Nintendo pulls off a Super Mario Odyssey 2 in 2019, Super Mario Odyssey should definitely get there eventually.

    It's worked for Super Mario 3D World, too.
  12. Oregano


    It's not all that dissimilar to what Yuzo Koshiro said earlier this year. Either way it's a weird statement IMO when the Switch is doing really well.
  13. cw_sasuke


    Its easier for them to justify being slow with Switch support if they keep repeating that the didnt saw it as a 3DS successor. Its weird how important the label of the plattform is for japanese devs/publishers meanwhile western devs dont really care as long as they can get their games running on the system.
  14. skittzo0413


    So with 230k this week and 300k+ next week Switch will easily outsell Wii U's LTD according to Famitsu numbers. Might be a bit tougher but still likely for MC numbers since Switch is behind a bit more, but I guess we should see if they overcorrect again and wind up with higher numbers than Famitsu this week.

    I'm curious to see how much other Switch software was lifted, specifically third parties and Zelda.
  15. Lugia


    I wasn't talking about overall sales. I was talking about latest entries sales, Monster Hunter 4 to Dragon Quest XI
  16. Mark H

    Mark H

    It does feel weird that average joe consumers are sold on the hybrid concept (with Nintendo's survey showing majority using it as hybrid), and yet we have these renowned developers fumbling around with words on what they think the system is.
    Why can't they just treat it as just another platform that's seeing huge success with software selling great?
    It's like they think they're forced to do something special with the unique hardware, when all they need to do is to bring normal games for it.
  17. Principate


    It strikes as odd that the guy even thinks a 3DS successor exists. Does he not pay attention to basically anything at all about the domestic industry.

    The guy must still be waiting for that Gameboy successor to arrive.

    It's coming, any day now....
  18. Celine


    And it's adopting "home console-like" pricing scheme for hardware and software.
    Once Nintendo will introduce the online subscription fee, more money will flow in Nintendo pockets.
  19. Oregano


    Well as I said it would have made sense earlier this year but not so much now.
  20. Maybe Nintendo could stop being ambiguous (if not outright lying) and clearly state that there will be no successor for 3DS other than Switch. We mostly agree on this and everything points to it, but it's just an educated guess at this point.
  21. Oregano


    Why does it matter?

    Switch is dominating. Isn't that enough?
  22. I really want a 3D World Switch port so it can shine in a successful platform.

    (I also really want to play 3D World again since I don't even use my WiiU anymore).
  23. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert

    That's always the case when it comes to Nintendo platform support. That's infuriating sometimes. Just release "normal games" dammit...
  24. Principate


    These are companies they have business relations with them and the system is selling extremely well. All of that is completely irrelevant. Like atomically small irrelevant. If they were that confused about a 3DS successor is coming they can ask Nintendo themselves otherwise it's pure unadulterated nonsense.
  25. halvvapoori


    The Switch is Nintendo's new platform, and will be the only one for the foreseeable future, this basically got cemented when a new mainline Pokemon was announced. Not that hard to understand
  26. Principate


    I know right. Japanese kids understand this.

    It is not a difficult concept. The mere fact it would need to be pointed out is shocking in itself.
  27. Marukoban


    I'm not sure how people take issues with what Kawazu said.
    He is being asked about Switch's effect in general to video game industry, not whether he will make his game available for Switch (which he already did).
    I feel his answers is quite logical. Switch will get more games if developers feel it brought over 3DS audience.
    3DS game have narrower scope and lower budget in general, so of course lower production value can give publishers/developers more leeway to take risks and develop more titles. Switch will absolutely get more games if developers aim for 3DS scale of games.

    If you know Kawazu, his game does not ever try for cutting edge graphic or utilize hardware gimmick.
    His game system tends to be the innovation in itself.
    If he makes another game, I'm quite sure he will try to port to as many platform as possible, provided SE give their support.
    Problem is his type of game is extremely niche, so I don't even expect new entries for at least 3-4 years or so if any.
    I'm actually very surprised SE greenlighted Scarlet Grace.
    All in all, Kawazu is rather irrelevant if you are talking about third party support.
  28. So Kawazu is lying?. If nothing else, it would be a more transparent policy if they were more upfront with their users. And it would also render moot excuses like Kawazu's, if that's what they really are.

    If everybody and their uncle (who works at Nintendo :P) already knows this, what's the point in being sneaky?.
  29. K Samedi

    K Samedi

    The Switch is most surely the 3DS successor. It isn't priced that way, or isn't targeted at a younger audience right now but in a couple of years when they have many different SKU's they will position the OG Switch as a cheap kids device. That's why the Switch concept is so brilliant. They can move in many directions with revisions, and cater to a broad user base with different models.
  30. Chauzu


    If we’re digging so deep that we’re redoing the ”will a 3DS successor happen?” argument, we really need the new MC thread already, heh.
  31. pld


    Very infuriating lol.

    "We are releasing a port of an old game BUT it has motion controls and this one mini game."

    No, just release a solid port that doesn't cost 60 bucks and try to bring games to the console that are coming to PS4/Xbox One (the ones that can easily run on Switch). Simply treat it as if it was a normal console ffs.
  32. Zedark


    We only need to survive the next 10 minutes!
  33. LordKano


    Those are isolated statements (opinions). Yuzo Koshiro is not even a game developer/director.
  34. Pekola


    Just please bring Scarlet Grace into the limelight again with releases on platforms that can possibly bring more attention to it.

    That's the latest entry, and while it's a budget constrained entry, we'd all appreciate it. Heck, bring the PS2 Saga too.

    Please, Square. Have mercy!
  35. JonnyDBrit


    Better hope we're not operating on Dragonball time.
  36. Heartskips


    I have this weird belief that Romancing Saga 2 is just the storm before Scarlet Grace for other platforms.

    I want to believe.
  37. Lite_Agent


    Media Create:

    Switch 221,210
    PS4 45,161
    New2DS LL 31,653
    New3DS LL 19,115
    PS4 Pro 17,804
    Vita 9,049
    2DS 4,324
    Xbox One 2,175
    New3DS 421
    Xbox One X 132
    Wii U 75
    PS3 44

    YWB2: 208k
    Digmon: 44k (24k PSV, 20k PS4)
  38. skittzo0413


    Talking about the "official positioning" as a 3DS successor is kinda nonsense but I do get the concern over whether or not it will be a 3DS successor in terms of audience composition. Level 5 for instance is clearly not treating it like a platform that a lot of kids will be using anytime soon, since the price is so high.


    Damn MC still lower than Famitsu. Gonna be an interesting race to see if it can get to Wii U's LTD this year.
  39. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud

    Switch 221K
  40. DarkDetective


    Finally, a 200k+ week!
  41. Grads


    arms is back at 272,000 :D
  42. sfortunato


    ARMS and Pokkémon above 10k.
  43. WestEgg


    Xbox above 2k?
  44. RailWays


    Switch 200k+ finally. Now we need to see a 300k+ week.
  45. Chauzu


    I’ve missed the arms legs jokes.
  46. Zedark


    MK8D over 50k, SMO over 130k, Splatoon 2 over 70, BOTW just under 20k, XBC2 with a rather mild 40% drop, and ARMS and Pokken over 10k. Great Switch numbers!
  47. DarkDetective


    Week 51 is the biggest week of the year. 300k should be a minimum, and fortunately we're hearing lots of good news about supply.
  48. Mbolibombo


    That's not right?
  49. b4lmung


    Surprise at the XB numbers.
  50. Other


    Every dev that trots out the '3ds sucessor' remark or similar is probably just regurgitating some pre-prepared remarks written up by Marketing that exist only to save the face over the company's slow pace to support an obviously successful product.
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