Media Create Sales: Week 49, 2017 (Dec 04 - Dec 10)

Discussion in 'Sales Threads' started by Chris1964, Dec 13, 2017.

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  1. Zedark

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    97k, the 7 went on holiday it seems.
  2. fiendcode

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    This isn’t an irrelevant grouping, it’s 3 of the 4 other competitive platforms within the same generation 3DS shares. The question was if 3DS was a successful platform or not in the west, well it’s outsold the generally accepted to be successful Xbox One in the west and despite that machine being “only” 4 years into it’s (6-7 year?) cycle it likely won’t catch up at the rate it’s going. Moreover 3DS has seen an odd late cycle turnaround, where for example in the US sales rose in year 5, then rose again in year 6 and now according Nintendo looks like it’s somehow rising again in year 7.

    Yes 3DS has declined in the west from the heights of GBA and DS, but that wasn’t the issue being discussed. The point of contention was if the platform itself were successful or not. I’m just saying it is.

    You brought a direct DS comparison, so you set a standard for comparison. No system compares well to DS, except the PS2. You’re inserting an impossible bar here, one that other successful systems like NES, MD, GB, SNES, PS1, GBA, 360, Wii, PS4, Switch, etc, all also fail to meet.
  3. AerialAir

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    Ares isn't even a Switch exclusive though, and it might even have to compete with iOS/Android if both versions are identical.
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