Microsoft is NOT buying Valve. Yes, Gabe actually responded.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by GameZone, Feb 1, 2018.

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    I never bought into this particular aspect of the rumor, seems more like a WANT from MS rather than a legit possibility. Also was this a response to you?? Or was this someone else.
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    MS is looking into prospects of potentially buying companies x y and z makes a shit headline because internally talking about it as a potential thing doesn't mean they contacted companies x y and z at all, hence making the entire original topic fluff.
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    I like Jeep's response of "Nope.avi" and Alden's "Lol, I hope not"
  5. Imran

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    You'd have to be pretty dumb to think "Microsoft is investigating this possibility" means "THE CHECK HAS CLEARED THEY GOIN IN"
  6. javiergame4

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    RIP your email or whoevers email is that. Also, nice to know.
  7. Einbroch

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    he didnt say no

    he just said he wasnt aware
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    It's actually Nintendo they are buying.
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    People actually believing that Microsoft would buy Valve Lmao
  11. jesu

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    What do you expect him to say?
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    Even if they were he’d never admit it on an email like that.
  13. Soap

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    If they were publicly trading, they could easily try to perform a hostile takeover - beyond that, as a privately rub company, there is no way Valve is getting sold and there is no way Gabe is giving up his billions for Microsoft of all corporations.
  14. Gundam

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    "The community is shaken"?

    I don't know why, but that instills mighty chuckles for me.
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    Given that Valve is privately owned and they are not beholden to any shareholders, I expect Gaben to say the truth.

    Valve isn't for sale.
  16. RexNovis

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    He is the owner of valve and valve is a privately held company which makes him the sole owner. If there had been any offers or moves made by MS he would know.

    I am baffled by how many people bought into these rumors of Balve and/or EA being acquired. Y’all are letting your own biases cloud your judgement if you think these things are at all likely to occur.
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    I always get a kick out of Newell's curt email responses to dumb questions.

    This is the way Newell always responds to these sort of things.
  18. Dremorak

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    Of course not. The fact that anyone thought this might be happening is hilarious.
  19. Derrick01

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    Here we will all act like this is common knowledge, seemingly forgetting there was a 90+ page thread on this nonsense that was full of people who thought this was a real possibility.
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    "Not that I know of"

    Confirmed Gabe being forced out of Valve. Print it.
  21. TheGhost

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    Is the community really "shaken" by the rumor?
  22. Soap

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    I’m not claiming to be an expert or anything, but private companies still have shareholders... They are just harder to define. I would be hesitant to call Gabe the sole owner, but he is certainly the individual with the most power.
  23. jelly

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    Sounds like he is interested, please call. How many billions, a few more......okay.

    Steam doesn't suit Microsoft, they would rename it SteamXbox, upgrade the client with new features, hurrah, make Half Life 3, hurrah.

    Seriously, how would Microsoft even meld Steam into Windows etc. Doesn't work.
  24. Maffis

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    Valve won't ever be bought. This rumour was stupid from the beginning.
  25. jesu

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    So if Valve were in negotiations with MS, you think Gabe would tell some random guy that emailed him?
  26. ASleepingMonkey

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    Writing it now.
  27. BBQ_of_DOOM

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    This is a message board about gaming. Why wouldn't we discuss a rumor like this, and given the possibilities and potential fallout, why wouldn't that discussion be considerable?
  28. Rickenslacker

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    He wouldn't need to humour a response in the first place.
  29. LeleSocho

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    Does anyone know how rich is Valve really? i don't know if MS could offer an amount of money large enough that Valve may be tempted to accept.
  30. Kyrios

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    I'd imagine they're more stirred.
  31. Soap

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    I doubt he’d reply at all if he was.
  32. Mr.F

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    The real news is valve acknowledging its community
  33. Derrick01

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    Anyone with an ounce of sense and knowledge about Valve as a company knew the part about MS buying Valve was complete BS and not worth discussing. It was never anything more than pure fanboy fantasy. We know no one can buy Valve unless Gabe chooses to sell, and he hates MS. It was a very easy thing to shoot down.
  34. X1 Two

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    He just says that he is not aware of it. That's not a no. ;)
  35. JustJavi

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    I was thinking exactly the same
  36. Hindle

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    At least sell the Half Life franchise for fuck sake.
  37. Kyrios

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    Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve tried.
  39. BernardoOne

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    No, he just wouldn't reply.
  40. jelly

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    I imagine Valve and Gabe is somewhat like Lucasarts and Lucas, when the time comes to move on he will reach out to someone and that will be it.
  41. BBQ_of_DOOM

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    Right, but that wasn't the entirety of the thread.
  42. CommodoreKong

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    This was obvious to anyone who follows or knows anything about modern Valve.
  43. Milk

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    Woke up last night in a cold sweat because of it.
  44. Nzyme32

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    I rather HL crash and burn with Valve or see a return with them than farmed out for perpetual sequels till its wasted away and they either reboot / make some other franchise. There are plenty of franchises and companies you can get that from.
  45. o’dium

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    Not that I’m aware of... that’s 3 A’s in there...

    Episode 3 co... oh wait we’re not doing that anymore? What? Oh...
  46. srtrestre

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    Well, he's not saying it didn't happen. Just that he hasn't heard about it.

  47. jryeje29

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    The truth lol

    If I was Microsoft I'd buy valve just for the steam integration factor alone, I mean there's a lot of other things I would also do but then again I have no real business experience and would probably end up hurting profits more than help.
  48. Hindle

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    That's silly.

    We have seen what one generation of developers did with Half Life.

    Let's see what a new generation can do. The IP to me is like SW, or Batman. Let different guys have a go.
  49. JaseC

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    I suspect Gabe will hold on to his majority stake in Valve ("more than half", which is assumed to mean 51%) well into retirement, but when he inevitably does cash out, it's more likely he'll do so internally, similar to Mike Harrington all those years ago. Selling to a third party would rob Valve of the autonomy upon which it was built and adversely impact company culture.
  50. Arkert

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    RIP email account

    And it's not only a spokeperson. It's the founder himself