Microsoft Studios (& Partners) Current and Future Landscape

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Figments, Oct 26, 2017.

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    I could definitely see 3-4 years, more addressing the idea of seeing a new Rare game announced at E3 this year.
  2. Possibly but you're still left with the question of the other studios. Outside of Fallout and ES the company hasn't had a surefire hit in many years, and even games that did well first go round (Dishonored, Wolf, The Evil Within) have either bombed or at least underperformed in their second entry. I don't think any first party would want to take on that much bloat, and Zeni would of course never sell their profitable core while keeping the sinking ship that would be the rest of the company.
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    Im not sure man. Mojang was worth it because they kept supporting Minecraft on every single platform it was already on and only expanded to more ever since, so their revenue fonts only grew. If they were to keep Zenimax games only on Microsoft platforms, they would be loosing a huge cut of their market

    And that would mean not only plummeting a hefty fee for that company, but also having to operate a brand new branch with over 1000 emplyees. Thats insanely costly.
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    Oh wow. Was awake the whole night for this lol. I see access to some login entry database tables via the Xbox Live API SDK is still possible. That’s insane.

    Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 Arena Betas have a lot of entries - suggests these are coming soon. There is so much more but ... I don’t want to risk myself. It was fun two years ago. But I don’t want to be the party pooper again. Will probably report it to MS because ... Damn.

    By the way: MS getting Zenimax is completely disillusioned. Not even because of the money - but because of the number of people working there.
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    Hand it over.........
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    Just tell me if there is a recent entry of Battletoads.

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    Come on, just spit it all out. You saw Banjo mentioned, didn’t you? I can see through your secrecy!

    Right? :(
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    Come on now, spill the beans, or at least tell us via PM :P
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    I don't think Banjo would garner much attention in this time period. It's style is not what people are into nowadays, very heavy on collecting items and just overall a slower game. I think they should only return to it if they are doing something different, Nuts and Bolts was a start I guess. A remaster is not a good idea imo, especially given the fact the games are available in Rare Replay.

    I say this as a massive Banjo fan who enjoyed those games more than Mario 64.
  10. Klobrille genuinely knows things or something?

    I mean betas for both games shouldn't even be a huge surprise if Crackdown is seriously going to even release. Sorry that I'm losing most of my faith in the latter.
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    Yeah... I'm becoming increasingly more confident that they aren't going to use the Xbox One X to stretch this gen out to 2020. There's no definitive evidence that points to it, but they've had key decisions and talking points that I feel demonstrate their willingness to let stuff go.

    Some key examples from this gen alone would be:
    - Kinect (and Kinect fitness programs)
    - Xbox One "Elite"
    - Picture in Picture support
    - The Kinect adapter for Xbox One S/One X
    - Proprietary headphone jacks on controllers

    Right now I wouldn't be surprised at all if they announce and release the next Xbox in 2019. I just feel like to do that, they need to have all their ducks in a row in order to not piss people off. Full backwards compatibility for Xbox/360/One games and accessories would be the absolute minimum that they need.
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    You probably have nothing worth-leaking at all.
    Reverse psychology please work
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    I think 2020 is the earliest a next generation console by Sony or Microsoft will come out.
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    My issue is that they have spent such a great deal on advertising promoting the xbox one x to be this big game changer. "The worlds most powerful console", but there's not software to really show off the system outside of a few titles mostly third party. I agree that xbox one x was a pre-planned device. But R&D money for this thing was expensive hence it's price tag and hence them not even making money on each xbox one x sold. It's actually sold at a loss. I feel you don't put that much effort in launching a new iteration of your console treat it like it's the second coming, then ditch it for a new gen. We'll see, but if they do launch in 2019 I believe alot of press will scratch their heads and make articles saying that xbox one x was all for nothing.

    Well I guess we'll see, but more finger point to 2019 for Sony, Xbox that's another story.
  15. Burdmayn

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    I'm fairly confident that it'll be 2019 for one or both, but I'd love to hear your thoughts about why 2020 is feasible!
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    So much more you say? VP Spencer gonna take the gloves off this E3.
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    Even if I would like to - I can’t post anything since I completely agree with the verification process here on Era and I obviously can’t verificate anything since this is just a database leak. All I have as my „verification“ is my own leak 2 years ago which obviously turned out true since I only stated what I found in a huge freaking table of data. I'm sorry.
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    I don't think it's as simple as that tbh. Both Sony and MS created mid-gen updates to their consoles, and MS' was inherently the more complex undertaking because they couldn't just "butterfly" the original XB1 design to arrive at something acceptable for today. The marketing around "most powerful console" comes naturally with having the most powerful console, pretty much every console with that distinction has flaunted it in the past. Not releasing a mid-gen update however was probably never a viable option due to likelihood that Sony would. The original XB1 already had a hardware image problem against just the PS4, if that same machinhe remained the only option for years whilst Sony also had the PS4 Pro, touting a 4K gaming experience it would likely have been an utter disaster.
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    You can always just PM me :p.
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    Given the time and budgets to make Triple AAA games, I just don't think Microsoft or Sony are in any hurry to reset the generation and start from scratch. You already have mid gen consoles for 4k-ish resolution and HDR for people who want better graphics and frame rates.
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    Oh I definitely agree that they've put a ton of stock into the One X prior to launch. To be fair, it is a pretty big deal for them to finally have hardware that usurps their competition this gen. Microsoft may not have the lead in software or units sold, but they'll now be able to end this generation with the most powerful hardware.

    As for sales, did they actually confirm that each One X is sold at a loss? I remember an interview where they talked along those lines, but I remembered it being more general talk about how they "usually" take a loss on hardware. If they did, that's an interesting wrinkle! But haven't the Xbox One S models been sold at a loss for quite some time too?

    As for press, I feel like I've seen quite a few outlets that are already scratching their heads about the existence of the One X. Reviews are very positive, but they're grading it based on how it delivers on marketing promises. I won't pretend that I'm not wearing a tinfoil hat right now, but I feel like 2019 is a very real possibility for the new hardware.

    That's a fair point, but the mid-gen refreshes don't do anything about the lowest common denominator for hardware. I also don't feel like the standard "reset" is going to apply for next gen, as the current generation is all about services both in and outside of games. Neither Sony nor Microsoft should want the kind of reset we traditionally see with new hardware for PS5/Xbox "Next".
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    PM us at least, we all want to see :P
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    PM a mod/admin and he or she can decide on whether it should be posted or not.

    But this reeks like wannabe-insider talk without showing any receipts.
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    I'd love to know your thoughts on the potential first party launch titles for both consoles if launching in 2019.
  25. Burdmayn

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    PS5 - Death Stranding, FFVII Remake, The Last of Us Part 2 (cross-gen)
    Xbox "Next" - Gears of War 5, Halo 6 (If we don't see it this fall), Forza Something or Other

    I feel like Microsoft's potential approach would be to throw their biggest existing titles at the box as soon as it launches. Maybe compliment that with news about new titles that are coming not long after the standard fare.

    Death Stranding would certainly sell the hardcore PS fanbase on new hardware for Sony. I also feel it worth noting that I'm expecting full backwards compatibility for both boxes with at least the current gen. Microsoft should realistically keep support going back to the original Xbox.
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    PM a mod Klobrille and mention the last time you did this as well :P
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    Share please. We're starving for new info lol.
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    I mean reset in that these several 100 million dollar games are only exclusive to this console in order to convince you to buy one. I

    think we're starting to hit diminshing returns as there's already mid gen consoles to satiate graphic whores. There needs to be something else. Perhaps next generation is when VR hits it's full stride.
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    I never stated anything about insider or stuff like that. Don’t call me something I never stated. I’m just a gamer like you who expects his first child within the next 10 days. That’s all.

    Again. I have nothing for verification as my personality has nothing to do with this. It’s a technical thing which I know some things about. All I can do is to prove that I’m the same guy who found out the stuff 2 years ago.
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    Ah, I got ya. Are there really that many titles like that though? Most of the biggest sellers on Xbox One/PS4 at launch were cross-gen third party titles. You do make a great point about VR though. That could be the next "big" thing that really sells next gen over anything else. I'm fully expecting PSVR 2.0 to release on or near the launch of PS5. I'll be amazed if Microsoft doesn't take next-gen as their opportunity to dive into VR as well.

    I don't fully buy Phil's talk about how the platform just isn't ready yet. That could easily be PR speak for "we couldn't justify investing in it for the current hardware".
  31. Agreed.
  32. Klobrille

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    I agree. Especially with the X in mind.
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    Assuming the next-gen boxes launch at $399 next year and have a next-gen AMD CPU and additional RAM, how much budget does that realistically leave for an upgraded GPU over the X GPU? Especially given the X is $499 with an old (cheap) CPU and modest RAM upgrade.

    I just can't see cross-gen titles looking much better at all on the new consoles compared to X with the potential GPU budget available. Pro and X will only make next-gen incredibly underwhelming if the next-gen boxes launch as early as next year.

    At this point last gen, I was desperate for new consoles to come out because 360 and PS3 were really showing their age on a 1080p screen. But this gen, I've got a full blown 4K OLED and X and Pro are still blowing me the fuck away. I mean, I'm playing through Gears 4 right now and the IQ is literally perfect, combined with HDR it looks sublime. I'm not craving a new generation any time soon, which is the polar opposite of how I felt at this point in previous generations. Or perhaps next gen will be about more than just additional horsepower, we'll have to wait and see. Obviously VR will benefit much more from next-gen, so there's that I suppose.
  34. litebrite

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    This is what I was getting at.

    I just don't see the demand for new consoles being there next year.
  35. Yes and at the same time no. If it's truly something big I'd rather be surprised at their E3 show while not expecting anything huge at all. :)
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    Congratulations man. Best wishes for your family.
  37. Burdmayn

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    I can't fully speak to what tech will be available for these consoles in 2019, but I don't recall many complaints about GPU power. I've seen more discussion about how current-gen consoles (and their refreshes) are being held back by the CPU above all else.

    I do think you bring up a great point in that mid-gen refreshes are going to hurt the appeal of "next-gen" no matter when that happens. Sony and Microsoft can wait until they can have a considerable jump from their mid-gen consoles, but that would leave the PS4/Xbox One looking extremely weak. If they release earlier, it won't look like much of a graphical improvement from the refreshed boxes.

    That being said, as someone who hasn't invested in a 4K display or either of the mid-gen refreshes, I'm starting to feel like my PS4/Xbox One S are showing their age.

    Time will tell what actually happens, but I've always felt like this gen wouldn't last more than six years. Mid-gen refreshes just helped keep consoles more relevant for folks like you in the meantime. Otherwise, those who wanted to invest in 4K displays would likely flock to PC.
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    There is no way that they're not releasing Crackdown. This game has been in development since 2013/14, I don't they can cancel it so far into development.
  39. Theorry

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    Come on tell us! :D
  40. I don't think that makes it immune from cancellation. Of course, I don't personally think it will be cancelled. Even if the game doesn't turn out well, they'll release what they got. They're not going to take another blow by cancelling an AAA title in their current lineup.
  41. Theorry

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    Btw that Crackdown 3 beta Arena stuff.

    Really hope we get it.
  42. litebrite

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    Plus Crackdown and it's multiplayer ia the type of game that would receive updates which can also be used to fix things over time should the game release in a not so optimized state.
  43. m23

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    Are you talking about that e3 where screens of Recore and DR4 were leaked?
  44. That's true but it's just not a good look on how long it's taking them to show some MP. The footage looked so damn cool with those explosions and the destruction. Wonder if we're still even getting that or if it's nothing like that anymore.
  45. Agreed, this happens way too much in Xbox threads; since 2012 everyone and their cousin has info on Microsoft.
  46. CalamityPixel

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    Killer Instinct 2 will get announced at E3. It's true, my Dad works for Nintendo.
  47. Theorry

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    Well the info on the game page still says it and they kept saying it during E3 also. So i dont think they silenty killed it.
    They just need to show it for the hype to be starting again for it. Or even let us play it.
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    I would love to revisit Albion. Project name could be Wisdom. An UK Studio should do it.

    I would love to play around with Ms. Dark again. The Coalition should definitely help if it’s a 3rd person game. I mean ... Not them alone obviously.

    I would also love to play the Crackdown 3 campaign in 4-player coop.

    I would love playing Forza with the rising sun on the Horizon.

    I would love to play AoE4 soon ... But it‘s probably super early.

    I would love to have a really high player-count (connections per session) for Xbox biggest franchise.

    Oh and I think I‘m sure Phil likes Mechs.

    I‘m sure they have things I have no fucking clue about what they mean.

    I doubt I get anything for Conker, Banjo or Crimson Skies in the foreseeable future.

    Make out of that what you want. I don’t know what is just a prototype etc. I would definitely love to see those things happening though.
  49. litebrite

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    There's plenty of time to show MP before it releases.
  50. krang

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    Share it with a mod anyway, they might think it’s worthwhile.

    Congrats on the new baby, and as the voice of experience: good luck!