Microsoft Studios (& Partners) Current and Future Landscape

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Figments, Oct 26, 2017.

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    Isn't Forza Horizon 3 is the best reviewed Xbox exclusive? It got revealed 3-4 months before release...
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    Hmmmm thanks for sharing, Im sure I've already missed the back and forth speculation but now I'm going to go crazy thinking about what that could mean...

    As long as we get something from the Halo universe this year...
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    The Banjo project is Banjo_20A, Banjo Kazooie came out June 1998 so presumably, this project is an HD remaster for the 20th anniversary of Banjo which is still Banjo but not a sequel.
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    Any new IP either way from TC is going to be years away. 2022 is my guess.
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    Gears 5 is in full production. Release late 2019 maybe Sept 2020 if it gets extra polish.

    At the same time, they start staffing up now for something new. The team is efficient, and Phil Spencer now no longer having to answer to higher ups, greenlights this new project.
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    Peak Salty Hippo. "Stop funding games under obsure studios with no track record" and then praises a game that was developed by an obscure studio with no track record.
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    If you factor in acquisitions that are coming, MS will soon be a lot stronger.
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    There was the old Banjo revival Rare kicked around back in 2005. Going back to that premise of a remake that evolves into something new/remixed could be fun.

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    Yes he does the CEO and CFO
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    The job postings on their site doesn't represent a studio ramping up production for a second game, its just Gears roles. That's not to say they don't offer help and support to other studios making Xbox games but I just do t see them having a new IP coming any time soon. There's enough good rumours floating about just now that we don't need to start going overboard on what was probably a mistake :)
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    They still have to be good or in MS case "complete games" before they become stronger. Please don't rush it like Recore.
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    It wouldn't be anytime soon. You'r talking 4-5 years if it's happening.

    And it's a pretty strange specific mistake to make saying new and IP from TC.

    It's worded very clear.
  15. Maybe a stretch but the mocap thing might be related to Perfect Dark if Coalition is indeed involved. Technically The Coalition is to Gears what 343 is to Halo so in a way... it's a new licence for them. But I don't see that Perfect Dark thing happening. Time will tell.
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    I'm super pumped for it. Seems like a really fun co-op game.
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    What acquisitions?
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    He's just talking about hypothetical acquistions, based on that Spencer comment.
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    I doubt he would mention “B-K” specifically if he was talking about an entire Rare collection.
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    God I hope. I was really counting on the XB1X launching to bring VR with it for FM7, before they just stopped talking about it.

    When they do get round to it though, it had better not be as throwaway and useless as a lot of PSVR implementations are (looking at you Gran Turismo Sport).
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    I see. Seems like a bit of a stretch assuming MS is about to go on some shopping spree for studios.
  22. One game that really fits just as a Gaas game is Phantom Dust so am glad some of you guys brought up the potential of Phantom being an electric square game especially since a while back in the thread. Also the mech game is MechWarrior 5 no?
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    From Brasil ESRB.
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    Wouldn't a game based on a book not be a new IP, it would be considered as licensed right ?
  26. Well there it is.
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    To exactly no one's surprise.
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    I'm shocked, shocked!
    Okay, not that shocked.
    New gaming IP. Could go either way, really. Big thing about it that makes me think it's not is that it's just a fairly unknown short story - not really something you'd throw one of your big AAA studios into.
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    4za Horizon
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    Does it say anything in the description?
  32. It's absolutely a stretch.
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    Lol... They better not. :p
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    Personally I'm really pumped for C3, purely because I enjoyed the hell out of the original game (not so much 2). Despite the weak showing at E3, I still think this one could be special if MS give it the right attention.
    Nothing like Souls actually. To be honest there isn't anything like it even to this date.
    It was a card based multiplayer arena game. Essentially you played a 'Mage/Caster' of various disciplines, it plays like a 3rd person shooter, only each button was mapped to distinctive spell. Think Dragon Age Inquisition skill/spell mapping only in an arena setting with very unique spells. You could destroy supporting pillars and bring bridges down, cast defensive barriers that worked well against specific spell types. There was a massive amount of depth to it.

    If done right, Phantom could (and should! )be a hit.
    Man, even if they simply remade the original Banjo with updated assets/levels.. that would be amazing. Especially as a primer to test the demand for a new game. I really hope MS looks to the success of Mario and how it could translate to Banjo.
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    Coincidently, I’ve been playing through Banjo Kazooie this week. It’s a nice blast from the past, but a simple remaster would be a waste of time.

    It really hasn’t aged well. The platforming is non-existent, and the puzzles are so juvenile that the game would have limited appeal compared to something like a modern mario.

    But looking at the BanjoX clips, I think a remake would be really cool. Like if they reused the B-K premise, but reimagined the world’s, improved the mechanics, and added content (Worlds, enemies, abilities, etc). I’d be all over that.
  37. Hindle

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    Why come out and say I will make acquisitions . ............... If he doesnt intend to make acquisitons?
  38. daTRUballin

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    Not hating on Phil Spencer or anything, but PR people gonna PR.

    Not saying he won’t follow up on his promises though, but you never know.
  39. Hindle

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    Phil Spencer has never said anything that wasn't backed up. It's just people expect games and studios to grow on trees.

    It takes time. The last few years he has had to sort out hardware as well.
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    Yea, I was thinking the same thing.
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    Well they did try to acquire Bluehole..
  42. daTRUballin

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    Sure, I can accept the fact that Spencer probably had to deal with all the issues caused by the previous leadership these last few years, so I’ll be more lenient on him for this gen.

    But if things don’t improve at all next gen, I think we can call Spencer’s leadership a bust.
  43. Hindle

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    That I agree with.

    The next 5 years are for me his time to show what he can do.
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    If things work out for Xbox, Salty Hippo’s posts will be interesting to read 5 years from now. ;)
  45. Doffen

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    He could start by actually creating a studio instead of closing them.
  46. EightBitNate

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    I’m not well-versed on this, but which studios were closed while he was in charge of Xbox?
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    I am pretty sure Phil Spencer didn't wake up that day and decide to shutter Lionhead and Press Play. Obviously I can't prove it but I am guessing that Phil was told by his boss at the time to cut back on expenses.

    It doesn't make much sense to want to close those studios and then talk about opening new ones and acquiring others AFTER he gets promoted to Microsoft's inner circle of executives.
  48. daTRUballin

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    Lionhead and Press Play. Twisted Pixel was also let go when he was in charge, but that’s obviously better than shutting them down.

    So at least three studios have been either shut down or let go under Spencer. I really hope he knows what he’s doing.
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    Lionhead, Press Play, Big Park, Team Dakota, let go of Twisted Pixel. Then there were those four small teams that never did anything - LXP, Big Science and I can't remember the other two. That's not all bad though, sometimes you need to make tough decisions though now that he's talked about acquisitions, he needs to to it. That simple.
  50. daTRUballin

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    Wait, Big Park has been closed too??? When?