1. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves
    Member OP

    The image is from a friend, so I assume it's legit:


    It says: 69 Reais (21 dollars) each 3 months.

    What do you guys think about it?
  2. Would I eventually own the game after 3 months?
  3. Kenzodielocke


    It‘s a good idea, I like it.
  4. Jason Frost

    Jason Frost

    Probably not.
  5. Rychu


    Makes a lot of sense. Xbox One all generation has been about offering choices.

    With this we have the choice of:
    - Buying a game
    - Gifting a game
    - Downloading a game via Game Pass
    - Game rentals
  6. FelipeMGM

    #Skate4 Moderator

    It's a great implementation. The more options the better
  7. That's a great idea,MS really killing it this gen when it comes to their ecosystem.
  8. I'm assuming you pay off the difference if you want it. It doesn't seem like a bad idea because why would you rent it beyond 3 months if you didn't like it.
  9. Kolx


    Cool idea for mp games, but I can't see how sp games would benefit from that?
    Why would people buy games then?
  10. prison_architect

    Banned Member

    Gamepass is cheaper. Why rent a game when you can play it via Gamepass.
  11. bsigg


    I actually kinda like this idea.
  12. Lat

    Banned Member

    what if said game isn't on game pass? Not obviously talking about Forza, but in general.
  13. PurelyChris


    I think this is a great idea. With the shift towards digital this gen and, I imagine, even more so next gen, ownership of games isn't going to be so important. It's going to be all about spending little and often rather than putting down your £50/$60 on a game. We as consumers have already been trained to do that for years with microtransaction and dlc, the next step that would make sense is for full releases. Sure, service games are doing that to a degree, but I think digital renting and subscriptions will be massive when the next consoles roll around.
  14. Shaky


    Makes perfect sense. Most of the time I pass on $60 games because I worry I'll get tired of it quick and have wasted money. I assume after the 3 months you'd have to pay full price to purchase but 3 months is a good amount of time regardless.
  15. pswii60


    I'm assuming this would be an option for games not on Game Pass.
  16. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves
    Member OP

    For games available on game pass sure, but imagine this as an option for all games?

    You can buy at full price, or get a 66% discount to rent it for 3 months.

    I think I would actually prefer it for non mp games that I would never play again after finishing.
  17. IvanSlavkov


    Most likely this mercado pago, a payment method used to pay full price in installments which is very popular in Brazil.
  18. Rosur


    As its one game does seem more of a way to split payment over 3 months than rent a game (as otherwise would compete with gamepass).
  19. kubev


    The benefit to Microsoft (and the publisher) is that the cost for entry is lower, and this could actually help to prevent people from purchasing used copies. I've been saying for a long time that a rental system like this makes more sense for people who trade in games, anyway. I've never understood the obsession among people on tight budgets regarding being able to sell a game back when a cheaper rental system would actually go a longer way in saving them money. If you're not keeping the game forever, then why not just pay less for the game in the form of a rental?
  20. M1chl


    Yeah, but the exist Rent-To-Own scheme as it could be seen here: https://splice.com/plugins

    Where you "renting" the software each month (you can pause/cancel this) till you own it.
  21. MrTired


    Wouldn't that stop single player games from being viable?
  22. prison_architect

    Banned Member

    Yes, i referred about games which also are on Gamepass. But of course, not every game will be on Gamepass.
  23. Bits N Pieces

    Bits N Pieces

    Just keep doing what you're doing Microsoft, this would be a really cool feature :)
  24. Jawmuncher

    Crisis Dino - Snake is in Smash Moderator

    Good to have options. Can't say i'd exactly cave for $20 bucks for 3 months though. At $20 i'd just wait for the game itself to hit close to that price.
  25. Rychu


    Yeah, say what you will about Microsoft’s first party lineup compared to the competition but:

    When it comes to choice, options, services and software updates: Xbox One is absolutely killing it.

    With universal mod support coming within the next year or two as well as game streaming coming within the next 3 years, Xbox will continue to be a leader on that front.
  26. Chris.


    Great idea and absolutely makes sense with the direction ms is going in

    Really good pricing too.
  27. FairyEmpire


    Not a bad option, though Game Pass probably ends up being a better deal. Still, imagine being able to rent a game for like 2 bucks, in case of single player games you can beat in that timeframe it's a good way to save money. And if you end up liking it anyway and want to play through it again in the immediate future, you've only lost 2 bucks, or even less if you find a discount for the full game later.
  28. I never understood why Sony or MS didn't do this ages ago. Offer the game at a lower price as a rental for a small period. Maybe they think it would take away from actual sales? It's a strange one.
  29. There is such a thing as hire purchase. I wouldn't pay 21 quid every 3 months for a rental personally.
  30. Lukas Taves

    Lukas Taves
    Member OP

    I think it's the opposite.

    Instead of having a smaller pool of players willing to buy the game at $60, and other players buying used games or waiting until it drops to $20-30 at retail, you offer at a discount right away, but since it's digitally the margins are better and it's 1 less used copy on the market. And since the price is lower, someone who would buy an used copy might just rent.

    But, how people would actually react I have no idea :P
  31. Rychu


    I’m not sure it will be $1.99, I’m going to say the minimum rental will be 15 days and it will cost a price range between $5.99-$7.99 or something like that (I personally think $6.99)
  32. Dre G Writer

    Dre G Writer

    I rent games from red box all the time. Games that I know I will only play for like a day or two, or maybe 2-3 hours and never play again. I be wanting to play those games, but I don't want to pay $60 for a game I KNOW I won't play over a long period of time. But at the same time, it bothers me knowing that I'm paying to play a game that the developers arent getting a single penny from. It's why I sometimes wait for games to go on sale instead of renting.

    I'd MUCH rather rent from a platform knowing those who made the game are getting some of the cash I paid to rent that title.
  33. Sonicfan059


    I’d actually prefer it for online only games. After 3 months you’ll probably be tired of it(unless there are significant updates) and online only games tend to end up useless when the player base dies or servers go down.
  34. mindsale


    At the conclusion of my third trimester do I give birth to a car?
  35. This is the reason I'm surprised that any publisher would consider offering rentals.

    If they did this and Sony did it too I could see it all but killing the market for AAA single player games.
  36. SK4TE

    Banned Member

    Is this just higher purchase? That’s cool.
  37. MrTired


    Fair enough, Microsoft will be able to see how gamepass effect sales. Microsoft is going hard after the used game market.
  38. Dre G Writer

    Dre G Writer

    Actually, theoretically, I think quite the opposite could happen. It can encourage people who would of never bought the game in the first place, a chance to play the game, and the gaming company still make a bit of buck from it. I personally rented a lot of PS4 games I know for a fact that I'd never buy because I know that I wouldnt play it for than a few hours, for example, tomb raider, call of duty, destiny 2. So that $60 price point is a turn off. But if I can pay $3 a day to rent it, then, thats the option I would go with, which I already do. But the renting companies here in the US dont split that money with the developer at all as far as I know. So thats money they arent getting, but going into someone elses pocket. And that displeases me somewhat.

    But if a slice of that rental money is going towards the dev, then they can make money off whim purchases from people who aren't even their core, nor targetted demographic.
  39. Detective


    Hope this is true.
    More options for customers.

    Keep innovating Live MS.
  40. Starlatine


    that's expensive as fuck, that's what i think
    but i like the idea of renting games for a few months without paying full price. if they catch on to stuff outside gamepass, that is
  41. Dre G Writer

    Dre G Writer

    Hmmmm, im quite interested in hearing more insight on this perspective. Care to share more details, thoughts and opinions???
  42. Thardin


  43. shaneo632


    I rent games physically and it's brilliant except for the wait times sending games back and waiting for the next one. Digital would of course obliterate that. If you could rent games for mere days at a time I would be all over this. Game Pass already feels like a soft test for it in a way.

    At the moment I rent 2-4 games a month for about £15 a month. If this can be around £5 per game I would be very interested.
  44. unicornKnight


    So you pay 21$ and you expect to own it? I could see it happening after renting enough months to have spend full price....
  45. pswii60


  46. Rocketz


    hmmmmmm I would be down for this.
  47. Chris.


    I don't think 20 every 3 months is expensive. How many people continue playing a game after 9 months? Not many. There's very few games that have players like that, and those are the type of games you wouldn't rent anyways regardless of price pretty much.

    They will probably offer a monthly rental aswell for like $10. I wouldn't mind paying 10 bucks to play the newest watch dogs or something.
  48. No I mean after 3 months of 21 dollars it’s now yours to keep.
  49. I was referring more to paying for 9 months (63 dollars) and then keeping it.
  50. Chris.


    So.. you expect to pay 21 dollars to own a game?

    It's 21 dollars for 3 months, not 1 month.
    Edit: I see above. Makes sense if you spend $60 on rentals you get to keep it. No arguments there, that could already be part of the plans though. This screenshot doesn't say much at all.