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Milking Venom: Why VE'NAM should be Sony's next Venom Universe movie

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Oct 25, 2017
Sony's working on Morbius, Kraven, and a bunch of other Spider-Man villain movies. But it's obvious none of these other titles are going to perform nearly as well as Venom. Venom is the only Spider-Man villain with the brand power that can hold his own movie and make a ton of money. So instead of making a Spider-Man villain universe, Sony should make:

Venom Universe

Starting with VE'NAM

Reason #1: The Title

It's genius. It's going to get butts in to seats.

Reason #2: Super-Hero Movies and Vietnam Go Really Well Together

Imagine this, but Venom.

Reason #3: You Don't Have to Follow The Comic, Nobody Does Anyway

Instead of Wolvie and Fury being main characters make the story about a GOTG style team of symbiote-enhanced soldiers carrying out missions.

After they complete them they're hunted and killed off by US Special Forces.

Using flamethrowers and loud speakers blasting

Fortunate Son

Oct 25, 2017
And Donny Cates is already in Hollywood, writing an adaptation for God Country! Just have him pop over with a Ve’Nam script, as well!
Oct 30, 2017
No thanks.

Edit: In fact, actually fuck you. "Bro how SICK was it when Dr. Manhattan popped those g***s?? Now what if VENOM did that??"
Oct 25, 2017
Watchmen and X-Men Origins are the only Vietnam-related superhero movies that come to mind, so I wouldn't say they go well together
Oct 26, 2017
Hello I am a Sony Picture Studio executive and this is one of the best ideas I've ever come across.

We will begin production immediately.
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