Minecraft has sold 144 million copies

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Soony Xbone Uhh, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Soony Xbone Uhh

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    Up from 122m as of end of February 2017.

    This averages 2 million copies sold per month.
    The game is still snowballing, as the previous average was 1.7 million per month.

    MAU are up to 74m from 55m a year ago.

    Platform release information:
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    one game has outsold many franchises combined
  3. Zedark

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    I said damn.
  4. Benji

    Benji US Sales Insider Member

    Holy fuck
  5. FelipeMGM

    FelipeMGM #Skate4 Moderator

    holy shit
  6. Toni Codrea

    Toni Codrea Member

    Whew. I can see why though, playing this game with friends is one of the best possible gaming experiences.
  7. Joker Code

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    Unbelievable, every kid I know plays Minecraft.
  8. King_Moc

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    Wow, has to be the biggest selling individual game ever? Excluding free to download stuff.
  9. Theorry

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    22m a year. Sounds pretty good haha.
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    There was a good number who laughed at MS for buying this
  11. Rychu

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    I know some people have predicted that Minecraft is dead because it doesn’t chart at the top of NPD anymore but I think that’s because almost everyone already owns it on every platform.
  12. Maxey

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    It crafts money. Moneycraft.
  13. qrac

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    I bought it for switch last summer and for win10 in oct. Great game!
  14. Anth0ny

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    doesn't this count pocket edition or whatever

    gta5 is more impressive to me
  15. Smurf

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    just crazy numbers
  16. Theorry

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    It even sits #4 top paid this week on the Xbox store haha.
  17. ShinUltramanJ

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    Feels weird not owning a copy of the biggest game in history.
  18. Soony Xbone Uhh

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    Yes, of course.
  19. added_time

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    I haven't checked but I would think it would be Tetris?
  20. Finaj

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    Jesus Christ.
  21. christocolus

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    Amazing.. :)
  22. Zedark

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    22 million in a year is nuts. I am interested in how many of those are from the Switch. It's the only factor I can think of that might have accelerated the sales to this degree.
  23. Welfare

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    God DAMN!

    Minecraft will just keep selling, don't see what stops it as more and more people are introduced to it every day.

    3DS and Switch were 2 new platforms last year right?
  24. Spine Crawler

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    wow... and I thought wii sports or Mario kart wii sales were impressive..

    why ms is not keeping this xbox exclusive is a mystery. how much money did Markus Persson make?
  25. Smurf

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    Same here. I should just buy a copy, even though I won't play it
  26. Benji

    Benji US Sales Insider Member

    It's because it's only a $20 game in a revenue based chart.

    But make no mistake it's still selling huge amounts
  27. Rychu

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    Switch is probably a big part of it (along with the Xbox One X update and Better Together). I think they’re going to run into a problem though where everyone owns the game on all platforms in a few years and they’ll need to add new platforms to continue selling and growing Minecraft’s userbase.
  28. Manfred

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    Platform : Release date

    Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux : 18 November 2011
    Android : 7 October 2011
    iOS : 17 November 2011
    Xbox 360 : 9 May 2012
    Raspberry Pi : 11 February 2013
    PlayStation 3 : 17 December 2013
    PlayStation 4 : 4 September 2014
    Xbox One : 5 September 2014
    PlayStation Vita : 14 October 2014
    Windows Phone : 10 December 2014
    Windows 10 Edition : 29 July 2015
    Wii U : 17 December 2015
    Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV : 19 December 2016
    Nintendo Switch : 11 May 2017
    New Nintendo 3DS : 13 September 2017
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    Wonder how much more it’ll do once the retail release is out on Switch. Feels like they’ve left a lot to sales on the table, though it is due to the update being delayed
  30. silva1991

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    So did it outsell Tetris yet?
  31. King_Moc

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    Sold copies? Maybe, if you include gameboy bundle ones I suppose.
  32. Lord Brady

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    I'll contribute for a third time once they discount the Switch version.
  33. TheMan

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    just bought a copy on ps4 last week, lol. I had been waiting YEARS for it to go on sale, but of course it never did so I just pulled the trigger. It's fun, but seemingly has fewer features that its 2d counterparts like Terraria, which is surprising.

    Are of the skin packs worth it?
  34. Irate Bandit

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    I think i have bought the game 6 times.

    Once on 360
    Minecraft came with my Xbox One
    Bought the $5 upgrade on Xbox One as i had the 360 version. Sold the disc version of Minecraft
    Once on PS4
    Bought the Pocket Edition for $1.50
    Got the Windows 10 Edition for $2 from a user on the old forum
  35. ZhugeEX

    ZhugeEX 诸葛亮 - 卧龙 Administrator

    One thing that's also of note is that the game is free to play in China right now and that version already has notably more than 20 million players.
  36. Soony Xbone Uhh

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    I steal this for the OP
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  39. Stygr

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    20 million active users?
  40. RellikSK

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    My brother is a teacher and he said they are going to start using Minecraft as a educational tool at his school. It is going to carry on going up.
  41. Zedark

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    Eh, they'LL have dozens of million to sell to on Switch in the coming years, as well as to new PS4 and XB1 owners. Minecraft is GTAV on steroids: everyone is buying it on every platform, so it'll probably go on for a good while still. I wouldn't be surprised if Minecraft is going to outsell entire massive franchises like COD and Pokémon in the end.
  42. Perzeval

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  43. Aaron D.

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    That's so awesome.

    Such a revolutionary release.
  44. staedtler

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    I remember playing the alpha versions but never went further. I can't believe how successful it's become. Even though Notch is a goof, he has made one hell of a milestone video game.
  45. Benji

    Benji US Sales Insider Member

    The insane thing here besides the sales is 74 million active users per month.

    74 fucking million per MONTH
  46. foxuzamaki

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    If i was drinking it would be all over my car window weight now
  47. timmbp

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    Game of a generation.
  48. Rychu

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    I think we could eventually see a Minecraft 2 (when sales slow down for Minecraft) because Microsoft doesn’t really tell Mojang to do anything except Minecraft and they have to make another game at some point right
  49. Bitch Pudding

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    That's 1,5% of China...
  50. Zushin

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    Jesus fuck. Betcha Notch didn't know the behemoth his lowly game would become when he started.