Mizuho Securities: The PS4 came out top for hardware in November 2017 (USA)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Nightwing, Dec 8, 2017.

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  1. Nightwing

    Nightwing Permanently banned for usage of an alt-account. Member Original Poster

    PS4 around 1.4-1.6 million......damn

    Edit: all credit goes to Magicpork
  2. Y2Kev

    Y2Kev Member

    I didn't think PS4 would win. Deal was good but limited quantities and XBX launching. Wowza. Beast, etc. RIP Vita.
  3. Spine Crawler

    Spine Crawler Member

    Ps4:switch 2:1 seems terribad
  4. chobel

    chobel Member

    The big news here is Super Mario Odyssey > Battlefront 2. It's missing digital but still.
  5. black070

    black070 Member

    PS4 is a beast.
  6. Mazzle

    Mazzle Member

    So they think that Switch sales overall, without counting in christmas sales will slow down over the next few month or am I reading this wrong?
  7. JetSetRadio

    JetSetRadio Member

    Wow, nothing stops that train.
  8. MWorldII

    MWorldII Member

    I wasn't expecting PS4 to dominate in november. Also surprised by third place for Switch.
  9. Ada

    Ada Member

    Gonna need to see some receipts, posting quotes isn't a source.
  10. #10
    Yikes. I thought Switch would be 2nd. Pretty sure I still had PS4 first in the predictions thread, though. That X1X bump, I guess.
  11. BlueManifest

    BlueManifest Member

    The switch trend is slowing down even right after Mario odyssey released?
  12. Abylim

    Abylim Member

    Trust worthy source?
  13. Filament Star

    Filament Star Member

    Not really, PS4 had some deep deals for Black Friday that made them fly of the shelf.
  14. DeathyG

    DeathyG Member

    Yeah, those $199 PS4's did exactly what I expected them to. Good to see console sales so strong.
  15. Y2Kev

    Y2Kev Member

    It's equity research so probably.
  16. Hoo-doo

    Hoo-doo Member

    Not discounting the Switch at all was a strange move. Knock 50 bucks off at least, come on.
  17. Saint-14

    Saint-14 Member

    Surprised PS4 sold more despite the 1X launch, doesn’t bode well for Microsoft.
  18. Notaskwid

    Notaskwid Member

    So much for X will "save" xbox.
  19. score01

    score01 Member

    Wow at PS4 winning. I was sure Xbox had it in the bag. Maybe there was a lot of BF stock for the PS4. Wonder how much they could have sold if they could have met demand.
  20. Schmitz

    Schmitz Member

    PS4 on top while there was new hardware from the competition is impressive.
    That $199 PS4 was sold out so quick.
  21. Rob2K19

    Rob2K19 Member

    The power of Kingdom Hearts helping PS4 take 1st place.

    If this is true.
  22. mclem

    mclem Member

    I think it's talking about software sales, which seems reasonable to surmise at the moment simply because there's no big launches on the immediate horizon. The Direct might well affect this prediction depending on what sort of dates appear in it.
  23. Spine Crawler

    Spine Crawler Member

    They had supply problems so not really the time to cut the price
  24. Pankratous

    Pankratous Member

    Surprised Xbox isn't last, not gonna lie. Thought it would be Switch PS4, X1.
  25. Zappy

    Zappy Member

    It's 40% up YoY. I'm sure MS are considering that a big deal.
  26. #26
    Both consoles saw roughly 40% growth YoY

    If true this is excellent. Last november was pretty close if I remember well, something like what, 1,1 million for PS4 vs 1 million Xbox One ?
  27. texhnolyze

    texhnolyze Member

    It doesn't look like the Switch is slowing down anytime soon at all. If anything, I feel like it has just only started.
  28. Inuhanyou

    Inuhanyou Member

    i dunno if i trust this report....they seem to be suggesting that Sony's BF stock was enough to offset XB1S, XB1X and Switch at the same time. very dubious proposition there

    gonna wait for npd official
  29. ZiT

    ZiT Member

    When MS doesn't say anything about BF/Nov performance, you can kinda guess that PS4 will gonna to win Nov NPD.
  30. ianpm31

    ianpm31 Member

  31. The Boat

    The Boat Member

    They "sense" and "have the impression" uh?
  32. Brandon

    Brandon Member

    That makes more sense but I thought there were multiple reports that the Switch was the best selling item on Black Friday?
  33. LuckyChamCham

    LuckyChamCham Banned Member

  34. KonFot

    KonFot Member

    • User has been warned: drive-by console warrior post.
  35. Mikey Jr.

    Mikey Jr. Member

    So not official official obviously, but switch came in third for sure at least which is a bit surprising.

    Ps4 and xbox could be a toss up with only 10% difference.
  36. Dr.AfroJaguar

    Dr.AfroJaguar Banned for having multiple alt accounts Member

    Am I the only one thinking PS4 being 2:1 the switch, a new console, is a bit...odd?
  37. Dr.AfroJaguar

    Dr.AfroJaguar Banned for having multiple alt accounts Member

  38. Primethius

    Primethius Member

    About ~750-800k for Switch is a bit disappointing. PS4 and XB1 posted some impressive numbers.
  39. Soprano

    Soprano Member

    I thought XB1 would be first because of 1X. That $200 PS4 must of sold a ton. There also was Call of Duty and Star Wars PS4's though.

    I thought Switch had stock going into the holiday? Or are sales that low because of no deals maybe?
  40. tapedeck

    tapedeck Member

    1X was sold out all over the place and PS4s for $199 were selling like water, December will really show which console is most in demand.
  41. Revolsin

    Revolsin Member

    Not sure if this takes digital retailers into account, which was where that data for Switch came from.
  42. #42
    Not really if Switch was supply limited.

    Sony can probably push way more PS4s to market in a given time frame at this point.
  43. BitByDeath

    BitByDeath User banned at own request Member

    Is still possible considering PS4 sold out the day before Black Friday.
  44. Mr Swine

    Mr Swine Member

    Ouch, I really hope Switch sales don’t fall off a cliff next year :/
  45. AceofSpades

    AceofSpades Member

    Xbox outlook is not good tbh. early in the year people were claiming S sales slowdown was in anticipation of Scorpio, now X released and had Zero effect on PS4 momentum.

    what amazed me is how PS4 managed to absorb X and Switch launches and show growth YoY.

    This is talking about NPD, looking at it from WW perspective is even more impressive for PS4 and tragic for Xbox and Switch.
  46. JammerLammy

    JammerLammy Member

    How about Pork loin? Do we have numbers?
  47. Primethius

    Primethius Member

    Switch was not supply limited and hasn't been for the past couple of months.
  48. Joseki

    Joseki Member

    See? Switch was a fad confirmed.

  49. Y2Kev

    Y2Kev Member

    Ahead of filet mignon but behind fish filet. Looks like nobody watched The Meat Awards.
  50. Starlatine

    Starlatine Member

    People thinking a 499$ console would top sales against another which was 199$ are concern trolling, no other explanation possible
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