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MLB 2018-2019 Off Season |OT| Now welcoming postseason losers

Oct 26, 2017
Dodgers gave Roberts a 4 year deal. :/

Kenley working on cardio week after his heart surgery. And Magic plus his partners going all in and met with Harper. He probably tried to pull a move he used with Lebron
Oct 25, 2017
On one side I really hope the white sox don't spend that much on one player that is likely only going to average like 3 WAR during the contract. On the other side it would be nice to have a star player on the white sox again since they really haven't since Frank Thomas (Chris Sale was to some degree but you only got to see him every 5 days)
Yeah, I can't fault the Yankees.
That's a lot of money for effectively 1 good year.
Oct 25, 2017
The fact that the reported number the Yankees offered was 5/100 doesn't mean that was their last, best and final.

It assuredly wasn't. There's no reason to put your cards on the table when the guy across from it wants a term you're not willing to do, e.g. a sixth year.
Oct 25, 2017
I guess my viewpoint is its a great trade for both. Cards have pitching they believe can fare better than Weaver, and Kelly looks be supplanted by Knizner. I just don't trust this approach anymore, it burned us w/ Heyward (though that clearly turned out in our favor), but Goldschmidt will likely want to test FA, and Ozuna will for sure.

I also feel that since Goldy was acquired via trade, they still should go for Harper. Either way, you have a guy to build around, and if you extend Goldschmidt or Ozuna depending on how he bounces back, then even better.

I just don't see the Cards going that route. We'll get a few BP arms, and that'll be it. Fowler in RF next year w/ O'Neill as the 4th guy.