Mob Psycho 100 II |OT| ...95%...96%...97%...98%...99%...

Oct 27, 2017
A few questions for the discussion about the episode's end.
What about Reigen's performance against Claw when he channeled Mob's power? Wasn't Mob only "subconsciously" powering Reigen?

Also, isn't Reigen technically telling the truth when he says he has psychic powers, based on the conversation he has with Dimple after the above?
Technically Reigen got some spiritual awareness following this event (before, he haven't any), but afterward it only helps him to see ghost and spirits.

Anyway... I'm the only one who think the flashback scene would have be better if it was shown only in this episode? Or more specifically, when Reigen discover Mob have physic powers.
Oct 25, 2017
Some of the animation choices through out this season have been great. We had the scene in episode 4 where all the psychics ganging up on the father start turning into giant teddy bears and in the latest episode the scene where Reigen turns into a microphone was another excellent bit of visual storytelling.
Oct 25, 2017
My interpretation is that Mob "knows", but it's deliberately left ambiguous as to how long Mob's known (because it doesn't really matter so much).
I think the other thing is Mob isn't really concerned whether Reigen has special powers or not outside of their initial meeting and the occasional time he might bring them up to someone else. Prying into Reigen's life and trying to know for sure whether he has powers is not really something Mob would do any more than he'd know about the latest scary urban legend. As Mob put it at the very end of the latest episode, he's always known that Reigen is a good person and that's all that matters to Mob in the end.
Oct 27, 2017
Its pretty fun watching the reactions to this episode and #5. People were crying in a lot of cases for this episode and everyone was freaking out for the big fight in 5.
It’s pretty interesting. I read about a few people who said they kept on pausing during the episode because they were so uncomfortable watching Reigen dig himself into even bigger holes lol