Monolith Soft's Kyoto studio is hoping to develop original titles

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Momo, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Momo

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    For the record, the Kyoto branch acts as a supplementary studio for the Tokyo studio and Nintendo. At least as of right now, the majority of its employees are artists.

    The interview is in Japanese, so no English translation. I promise to give a thousand kisses if a kind soul could translate the interview. Thank you!
  2. Neoxon

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    Original as in their own games in general or original as in new IPs? I’d be down for either one.
  3. Harpoon

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    Isn't Baten Kaitos's creator at the studio? Time for a spiritual successor!
  4. tsab

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    They could tap into the Visual Novel Game market then
  5. Oregano

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    Why a spiritual successor when they're still on great terms with Bandai Namco?
  6. ILikeFeet

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    Hope it happens. Feels like this will be more dependent on Monolith Soft themselves, rather than Nintendo. MS just needs to decide to staff programmers in Kyoto

    All their games will be owned by Nintendo regardless (unless they work on an external company's IP, like SRW)
  7. jakoo

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    I mean, this isn’t a niche Nintendo has really filled themselves before right? I wouldn’t hate this idea.
  8. ILikeFeet

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    Nintendo has funded niche ideas before

    But not this niche.
  9. megaStryke

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    Yes, please! With the success of Xenoblade 2, I'm wondering if they'll be allowed to try their hand at a major original project, or they'll be limited to experimenting with small titles.
  10. Jump_Button

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    Love seeing games from more artists base teams, like Team Ico " or what ever they called now days"

    ps is this the artwork we saw?

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    Cing's games?
  12. sinonobu

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    I'd be all over this, but I don't see it happening.

    Even if it happens, it'll probably be Japan only title or sth....
  13. Harpoon

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    Because it just feels more likely to me. It's not like being on good terms with Namco means they're still making Xenosaga.
  14. fiendcode

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    They also did a bunch of ADV games in the 80/90s (Famicom Detective Club, Shin Onigashima, etc).
  15. Heartskips

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    Because this is about original titles.

    Nintendo has a bunch of visual novel IPs. I would be day 1 for a Tantei Club revival.
  16. Dark Cloud

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    Omg yessss please! Twice the amount of Monolith Soft games is what this world needs!
  17. ILikeFeet

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    no, that's for MS Tokyo's title. MS Kyoto doesnt even have job postings for programmers

    Cing's games (in addition to Telltale and DontNod) are what I envision VN becoming if they had a budget and more depth
  18. Oregano

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    original titles being new games, not necessarily new IPs.

    Monolithsoft were still working on Bandai Namco as recently at 2016 though, it's not like it's off limits. It would also mean they could have Tri-Crescendo co-develop again.
  19. Ephonk

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    Xenoblade 2 is Monolith Tokyo.
    Monolith Kyoto is a separate support studio for Nintendo (and monolith tokyo) doing 3D models, textures and art assets. It opened in 2011 and is closer to the main Nintendo studio's making it easier to collab on first party titles. They did art/assets/work on titles like Animal Crossing, Zelda BoTW, Splatoon 1&2, Pikmin etc
  20. Anaron

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    God yes please!

    Honne <3
  21. Muu

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    Half assed the pertinent bits. They’re not announcing anything anytime soon, just saying they’d love to do something if the opportunity comes up.

    E: the rest of the interview reads like a recruitment piece for new hires, touting its no overtime policy, how their scheduling system is great, etc etc.


    Do you plan to hire programmers and planners in the future in Kyoto studio, similar to Tokyo studio?


    Of course, my hope in the long term is to develop original titles in Kyoto studio as well.
    You would like to develop titles on your own?


    Yes. Of course. We’re only talking talking about the hypothetical future though. I do want to be ready for when a situation presents itself.
  22. SageShinigami

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    So wait, Monolith Tokyo are just wizards? How'd they create XBX then turn around and do XB2 with just 30 months development time?
  23. Gambit

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    Yes, please. Ready for another Baten Kaitos or anything else Honne decides to make.

    Give me a smaller-scale title with pre-rendered background for all I care

    DXB-KNIGHT Member

    Yes please go ahead!
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    Come on Honne, people need you, more importantly, Baten Kaitos needs you.
  26. Tribal_Cult

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    A Nintendo visual novel IP is honestly the stuff of dreams for me, but do not think they'll ever go that way.
  27. mindsale

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    I hope Monolithsoft really stops working on Xenoblade titles. X and 2 have shown that they cannot replicate what I loved about the original game.

    I'm excited for new IP's coming from their teams.
  28. rzmunch

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    More games is always good. I hope Nintendo gives them the opportunity.
  29. Instro

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    That would be nice. I always thought it was a waste that Honne was running an asset studio and not directing games. Baten Kaitos 3 would be lovely.
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    I’m not sure what they’re capable of, usually seem to lend support but hiring and expanding the Kyoto studio could lead to some interesting things.
  31. 10k

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    Do it. Make a Xenoblade spinoff where it's just mechs and you build them up and get parts for them and make the mechs stronger over time.
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    Which "they"? If you mean Rika Suzuki, that's correct. She did her best to evolve the detective-mystery formula back at Riverhill Soft back when there was more competition (from Data East's Jake Hunter series and some advanced mysteries from Thinking Rabbit, the studio which originally designed Sokoban). But the rest of Cing's staff hails from different developers, the vast majority of whom had no connection to that kind of classic late-'80s/early-'90s graphical command-menu adventure games.

    Suzuki and Taisuke Kanasaki basically had to add mechanical innovations to get Nintendo's greenlight approval, so I bet Monolith Soft Kyoto would end up doing the same if they wanted to make a graphic adventure or VN using their art expertise.
  33. ACL

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    Would be really nice if they pull through. Ideally that's a hint of actual plans. Unfortunately it looks like that a project will be completed late in Switch's life at best, a game during Switch's height really would increase chances of Honne working regularily on new projects.
  34. Mandos

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    And 60% of the studio were working on BOTW during XB2 as well. They did a good amount of outsourcing on artwork and designs
  35. Crow Pudding

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    Give me that Disaster: Day of Crisis 2
  36. Cinemikel

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    Yes! DO IT! I'd love to see what kind of new things they would make!
  37. Kaitos

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    Baten Kaitos 3 kthnx
  38. jred250

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  39. ReitStuff

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    I believe both games were in development at the same time.
  40. FiXalaS

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    They can make a beautiful Visual Novel
  41. RampagingSoul

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    I wouldn't mind Monolith Soft's Kyoto Studio working on their own games instead of just being a support studio.
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    I think by ''they'' Fiendcode is talking about Nintendo themselves in the case of Famicom Tantei Club, maybe together with Pax Softnica for Shin Onigashima (my personal dream was that Sakamoto would be willing to work with Cing to make a new FTC, but that will never happen now).

    But really, if we are talking about Nintendo VN, they should probably get together with HAL and Monolith to produce a new Metal Slader Glory again. That game had decent story and characters, it can easily be modernized to tap into the same otaku market that something like XB2 did considering it was pretty otaku oriented in the first place.

  43. Enduin

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    I concur.

    A proper sequel to BK would practically be a whole new world anyway. Just give me that next gen visuals and continuation of that sublime BKO combat.
  44. SageShinigami

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    So a single studio is big enough to do two games at once? That's impressive.
  45. ILikeFeet

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    cutting a lot of corners

    I'd doubt it'd be a tradition VN anyway, given how 3D-focused the staff is. much like Another Code, it'd play more like a 3D Adventure game than anything (I find VN/adventure games/point & clicks an interesting comparison)
  46. gordofredito

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    I hope Monolith as a whole (not just this small studio) makes new IPs. They are talented but seeing the massive quality drop from Xenoblade 1 to XCX to Xenoblade 2 has made me wonder if they know what to do with the IP. Let it rest for now
  47. Ephonk

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    That's partly true, as in: the story etc was apperently written at the same time. But the technical part of the development seemed to start after they finished XBX

    Another quote:
  48. Instro

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    For what it's worth, their next game is being billed as a new IP.
  49. Ishaan

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    A couple quick notes:
    • This sounds as though Monolith Kyoto is still a ways off from developing original games. Honne says that he would like to be prepared for that eventuality but it doesn't seem to be the case at present.
    • At present, Monolith Kyoto appears to mainly employ artists/design people, with few (or no) programmers
    • They note that employees moving between the Tokyo and Kyoto studios is a possibility, which might be a way of attracting talent to the Kyoto studio (with the promise of working with the "main studio" if you do good work)
    • Honne notes that he would like to employ more young people at the Tokyo studio
    • They talk about effective scheduling and overtime, and the idea of putting in overtime only when it's really needed
    • They point out that Monolith Soft is a place where there is free communication among peers (and management)
  50. Heartskips

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    Problem about Metal Slader Glory is that the mech design is so amazing I kinda want an action game with it! lol Wouldn't complain about a new ADV game tho.