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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne |OT| The cold never bothered me anyway

A session with ERA users
  • xEik

    The Fallen
    Nov 17, 2017
    The Catalan Republic
    Join the session of an Era squad with players from all over the world who play at various times of the day.
    The session welcomes all Era hunters, no matter the rank. The latest ID, which I refresh every time I'm online in case it has changed, is the following:
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    Don't hesitate to post your desired quests in the gathering hub and, rank permitting, we'll join you.
    Mics are encouraged, specially if you want to coordinate strategies like sleep bombing or need healing mid-quest.
    Help requests for specific quests posted in this thread can be fulfilled as long as an adequate time-frame is provided in advance. UTC formatting is preferred.
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    Clutch claw tutorial
  • OP


    Oct 25, 2017

    • The clutch claw has a very limited range. Use it when you're close to the monster
    • If the monster moves or attacks, you will be thrown off. Use it when the monster is winding down from an attack or when it isn't moving. You also use stamina while clawed on and will fall off if it depletes
    • All weapons can use the clutch claw while the weapon is unsheathed, so you can work it into your existing combos and claw on when you see an opening. You'll get better at this as time passes
    Softening parts
    • There are several parts of a monster you can claw on to. It can be difficult to actually aim when it's moving around so you may grab the wrong part. You can move along the monster with the control stick the same way you do when mounted
    • Pressing triangle (PS4 controls) will do a slashing attack and dismount. With "heavy" weapons, you will immediately soften the monster's part; with "light" weapons, you need to do this slash attack twice to soften
    • A softened part takes additional damage similar to a weak spot. It eventually becomes unsoftened after a short time. You can tell if it's taking softened damage because there will be a little square of ticks around the damage number
    • This attack is very useful for creating temporary weak spots on monsters that have poor hitzone values along large parts of their bodies
    Smashing them into walls
    • The real fun of the clutch claw is slamming the monster into a wall. Claw onto its head when it is not enraged and press circle (PS4 controls) to make it swing around in a 45 degree angle. You can do this several times to get it to face the way you want
    • When it's facing the way you want (facing a wall or other obstruction), press R2 to unload your slinger ammo into its head. It will fly forward a good distance. If it hits a wall while it does this, it will take heavy damage and fall over, being immobilized for several seconds
    • This attack is invaluable for heavy damage and stunning the monster and should be spammed whenever it is unenraged. Often, a monster will become enraged immediately after you do this attack, whether it hit a wall or not. Make it count
    Bow advice and build
  • OP


    Oct 25, 2017
    I'm going to go ahead and threadmark my bow advice since it's a very common question in this thread:

    If you have a Mighty Bow jewel, do quick shot, normal shot, power shot, normal shot, power shot (Circle -> R2 -> Circle -> R2 -> Circle). After this combo, if you still have stamina, dash dance to keep the charge level up. If you don't have Mighty Bow, do quick shot, power shot, normal shot, power shot. Constitution 5 is largely overkill, Constitution 3 is fine. Don't ever use dragon piercer because it's terrible. Focus on using elemental bows (Legiana for ice, Glavenus for fire, Tobi for thunder, water element tree for water, dragonbone for dragon) and match the element to the monster's weakness. Try to get a Mighty Bow jewel if you can, the DPS increase is signficant. Also look for Weakness Exploit, Critical Eye, Stamina Surge, elemental attack increase, and Critical Element from the two-piece Velkhana set bonus or True Critical Element from the four-piece Silver Rathalos set bonus.
    Your priority skills for bow in order from most to least (or lesser) importance:

    1. Bow Charge Plus (but ONLY through the Mighty Bow jewel -- the Legiana set is mathematically inferior because it cannot fit most of these other skills)
    2. Weakness Exploit 3
    3. Critical Element/True Critical Element
    4. Constitution (either 3 or 1 depending on whether you want to eat for Felyne Black Belt and/or use Dash Juice every hunt)

    5. Elemental Attack (to level 6 preferably)
    6. Normal Shots 1 (second level is probably not worth sacrificing something else)
    7. Spread Shots 1 (second level is probably not worth sacrificing something else)

    Get as much in there if you can
    8. Critical Eye
    9. Stamina Surge
    10. Critical Boost
    11. Attack Boost
    Ideal bow build:

    Silver Rathalos Helm
    Silver Rathalos Chest
    Silver Rathalos Arms
    Silver Rathalos Waist
    Yian Garuga Legs
    Level 5 Charm for each element

    Then gem in the missing skills based on the order priority above, based on which jewels you have.