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Monster Hunter: World |OT3| Generations Ahead

Oct 25, 2017
Now that the thread isn't dead:

Is there any AT Luna armor worth making? If not I'm just gonna kill her enough times for Sakura because fuck Lunastra.
Oct 25, 2017
Anyone on PC willing to help me cheese the rest of the 50 guild card achievement? I think I have about 20 and it's been a monumental task.

I also need to kill Behemoth if there's a group that runs. I farmed all the mats for armor and weapon using GS so I'm familiar with a lot of the fight and will check out some videos. I also used to play a lot of high-end WoW so I'm not completely unfamiliar with group play or similar. Also have a solo KT "kill" using GS under my belt, so I'm not super bad or anything.
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Oct 26, 2017
Just downloaded it on Xbox thabks to gamepass. I keep asking myself if I'm reaaaaallllyy going to do this again after 400 hours on ps4. I realize how much I can cut after making dozens of armor and weapon sets I never/almost never use on my first go, but that still leaves all those kulve weapons and, decorations (sigh). I didn't go hard on AT kulve, and those drops rates are ridiculous now for the old Rarity 8s i learned to love, so maybe it won't be so bad....

The idea of playing iceborne on my One X though excited me. I would prefer to play the best looking and running version where I can, and I'm praying they will push the system a bit more now that they've had time with it, because the original 3 modes basically copied their pro support, and we know the X is capable of more.

Have they confirmed if the expansion will be sold standalone? I'm hoping they do a destiny package and include the base game at that point so I don't have to buy the game a second time.

Also, how has the population been for you Xbox folks? Any trouble finding event or kulve lobbies?