1. FluffyQuack


    Not sure if this has been mentioned by anyone yet. I discovered this in a silly way (I was trying to alt-tab and I accidentally pressed a key which activated it), but the game supports text chat. It's weird to highlight this as a feature as it used to be completely standard 15 years ago, but I think it's worthwhile to point out.
  2. CountAntonius


    That's actually a really good thing that some multiplatform games have left out recently.

    Reposting for new page.
  3. Mifec


    They said it would have it even before the console version was out.
  4. Chandler


    The game features text chat right now, it's just incredibly clunky on controller because how slow it is. I'd imagine that on PC where everyone has a keyboard plugged in, text chat will see more use there.
  5. saci


    That's goddamn brutal. And it's on a 5400 one?
  6. Eolz


    Another video without a framerate counter...
    Come on, it's easy to do.
  7. FluffyQuack


    Gotcha. I didn't expect the feature to exist even on consoles.

    Yup. Back when I got this PC I opted to go for harddrives which are known for being reliable (I've experienced harddrive crashes in the past and I never want that to happen again) and that happened to be harddrives which aren't very fast.
  8. Afro


    1080p/60 with no micro stutter/hitching w/ a 980 Ti sounds alright, I guess. That rumored HD texture pack would be very cool though.

    60fps feels much better with a gamepad than a mouse. 60fps feels very laggy w/ mouse after coming from 144hz.
  9. Vuze


    270mb executable. Denuvo putting in work it would seem
  10. eathdemon


    it ai heavy, there is a farly large amout of monsters/ cpu heavy effects going on. that being said, it isnt that cpu heavy when ign dropped it to its lowest setting, it jumped to 110fps mean your gpu is still more likely to bottleneck it.
  11. Orbital Edge

    Orbital Edge

    That's fantastic to hear. A big step up from preset messages.
  12. WBacon

    Capcom USA Verafied

    To eliminate interstitial loading during active gameplay, MHW loads the entire level into memory. In addition to managing assets loaded into memory, it keeps track of monster interactions, health status, environment/object changes, manages LOD & object culling, calculates collision detection and physics simulation, and tons of other background telemetry stuff that you don't see yet requires CPU cycle. This is in addition to supporting any GPU rendering tasks.

    While the MT Framework engine has been around for ages, it does a good job in distributing CPU cycles and load-balancing tasks across all available cores and threads. The engine itself is optimized for x86 CPU instruction set, is highly scalable, and loosely speaking, is platform agnostic regardless of PC or console platform so as long as it conforms to the x86 instruction set.

    For example, screenshots from the post below shows CPU load per core/thread.

  13. FHIZ


    I'd be curious to see what the HDR on console looked like without the volume rendering stuff, since that's what seems to create that "trademark" washed out color palette the game has at times.
  14. eathdemon


    am I reading those numbers right? thats a near perfect cpu load distribution? that is dam impressive threading by capcom.
  15. Waikipedia


    Does it have HDR?
  16. FluffyQuack


    I think it does. There are config lines for HDR settings in an INI file.
  17. Jim2point0


    Sigh. That's a no from me, dawg. Unless some random hero on the internet fixes it.
  18. Coolade


    I felt the same way but I pulled the trigger anyways. I'll run it in 16:9 on a TV or something rather than miss out and pray we can get Capcom to fix it someday.
  19. eathdemon


    I get it, but 21:9 is rare, I am happy they got everything else right.
  20. Sophia


    I'm disappointed by the lack of 21:9 support too, but at least it seems to support the resolutions so we can get a proper 16:9 image.

    Everything else about this port sounds fantastic and a huge upgrade from the PS4 version.
  21. FluffyQuack


    I found this video which shows the loading times on a PS4 Pro with SSD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7HGpTl6d3o

    So if I add those loading times to my list, we get a good comparison versus a low-end PS4 configuration and a high-end PS4 configuration.

    Title screen to hub on PC with SSD: 6 seconds
    Title screen to hub on PC with HDD: 12.5 seconds
    Title screen to hub on PS4 with HDD: 60 seconds
    Title screen to hub on PS4 Pro with SSD: 18 seconds

    Hub to Ancient Forest on PC with SSD: 7 seconds
    Hub to Ancient Forest on PC with HDD: 15.5 seconds
    Hub to Ancient Forest on PS4 with HDD: 61 seconds
    Hub to Ancient Forest on PS4 Pro with SSD: 17 seconds

    Ancient Forest to hub on PC with SSD: 2 seconds
    Ancient Forest to hub on PC with HDD: 2 seconds
    Ancient Forest to hub on PS4 with HDD : 35 seconds
    Ancient Forest to hub on PS4 Pro with SSD: 8 seconds
  22. TimExecutor


    LOL, no 21:9 support whatsoever. Too bad...
  23. Amiibola

    Banned Member

    Not that it's really important, but does the game support Dual Shock 4 right away?
  24. KainXVIII


    From one gameplay video i heard that DS4 is supported (but still showing xbox icons), maybe i'm wrong
  25. TyMiles2012


    Any controller is supported if you're using Steam since it has a built in XInput wrapper, though you'd be right even then since DInput is also supported according to Capcom Unity. When it comes to PS4 buttons, you could probably disable Steam controller support on big picture then try to use the PS4 controller then. At least with FFXV, DS4 inputs through DirectInput triggered the PS4 buttons on screen, and the DS4 through Steam showed Xbox buttons.

    On another note, I'd love to see how this performs on Ryzen. Jumped from the Intel ship for a 1700 since the price got slashed due to 2nd gen. I'm guessing single core is about as good as my 4670k, but double the physical cores and 12 more threads will really benefit, especially if MT Framework is good at multithreading. Fingers crossed for a DigitalFoundry video soon! All the reviewers and streamers all used Nvidia and Intel from what I've seen. lol
  26. eathdemon


    if dragon's dogma was anything to go by, mt framework scales to aleast 12 threads.
  27. Scuffed


    I'm gonna wait on this. Wow expansion should keep me occupied and I'll check back on this port after it's been out awhile. I'm not overly concerned based on the early impressions but I am a little hesitant.
  28. Dinjoralo


    Er, no. For me at least, using a Dualshock 4 through Steam has it show the correct buttons.
  29. Any word on how the networking will work? P2P or dedicated severs?
  30. eathdemon


    p2p no reasson to do dedicated servers for only 4 people.
  31. Would be useful for people who have strictnat forced by their networks. Guess we’ll have to see how it plays out.
  32. spineduke


    crap..hopefully they have relay servers setup.
  33. Kadath


    Oh, so you mean this game is doing so much behind the scenes that it cannot possibly run on an underpowered console CPU. Understood.

    I didn't know MHW was a PC exclusive meant to push the hardware to its limit.
  34. Chandler


    Did you even look at who you're responding to? Or do you really not believe Capcom when they're talking about their own game vs your extremely limited knowledge of how the game runs?
  35. Mr Satan

    Mr Satan

    guys I'm super lazy and kinda dumb so if you guys could tell me whether this might run better than an OG Xbox One on an x4 860K and 2GB 1050 that would help alot

    yes I know these are bad computer parts for a modern man
  36. CountAntonius


  37. texhnolyze

    Member OP

    Is that an Athlon cpu?' Id say go for the XBox version.
  38. sredgrin


    I would say at minimum wait for release and don't preorder.
  39. saci


    What in the hell are you on about?
  40. SunhiLegend

    The Legend Continues Member

    Just looking online your CPU compared to the one I was using (AMD 955) is slightly faster and your GPU compared to one I'm currently using (GTX 760) is pretty much equal. With my AMD 955 and GTX 760 I didn't have any problem running games higher than an OG Xbox One, so hopefully if it's a decent port you shouldn't have any problem running higher.
  41. FriskyrumX


  42. Night Angel

    Night Angel

    Is my 2500k overclocked to 4.3 going to be enough?
  43. Jawbreaker


    For sure.
  44. Night Angel

    Night Angel

    Thank god. Best processor I've ever bought lol
  45. Parsnip


    They really should have had a beta like they did on consoles, would have been a good way for people to get an idea about the performance on their hardware.
    Too bad they didn't. Unless they make a surprise announcement and do one at the last minute.
  46. Having a ryzen 5 1600 I think it should be enough as CPU requirements, the problem is my (now old?) GTX 970
  47. Mr Satan

    Mr Satan

    thanks for the advice guys, think I'll wait it out to see how the community develops compared to the XBox
  48. Kadath


    Yes, I know. And I also know that no developer or community manager will tell you their game is unoptimized.

    When a game can run on a console there cannot be an appeal to what the engine is doing that justifies the bad performance, because PC CPUs&GPUs greatly outperform console hardware. As long the code is as well written and matches the effort that was put on the console, which clearly isn't the case.

    IF a game comes out on PC only, then you might claim the engine is doing things so complex that you either have them, or need cut features. But if a game comes out on consoles first, then PC hardware power is ALWAYS significantly greater.

    You can claim the game is running complex quantum mechanics calculations, but if it's able to do that on consoles then it has to be able to do that much more smoothly on PC.

    What we see in current benchmarks is that on similar PS4 settings the PC port uses an unreasonable amount of CPU power. That's an unambiguous sign that the engine is inefficient.

    Good multithreading is just one aspect. Just showing that the engine distributes well the load doesn't mean that it is using that power efficiently.

    A screenshot that shows a game using lots of CPU and GPU % occupation proves only that the game is making the hardware draw a lot of energy. Again not a proof of efficiency at all.

    What happens instead is that there's code written specifically for consoles that won't run efficiently on PC. It doesn't mean that code CAN'T run efficiently on PC, but you'd have to rewrite and re-engineer most of it. This is pretty much universally not something that is worth the effort because PC is not a priority and rewriting an engine is not cost effective.

    In the end, companies do the minimum effort that lets them sell the product. Is MHW selling well even if it's unoptimized on PC? If so they have no reason to do any better than that. Just a business choices. You tell your customers to buy a better CPU and you're done.

    (plus, the suspicion about DRM, might be just a coincidence, but for a reason or another all games that have Denuvo and performance issues always have them on the CPU side. And that makes the suspicion at least legitimate)

    If instead the community manager came here to reveal that the PC port was running a more complex game simulation - better physics, better monsters AI and whatnot - then this would justify the worse performance on PC. Alas, this is not the case. The engine on the same setting is running the exact same simulation than on consoles. So the much greater power to run the same stuff just can't be justified.
  49. Soviet Bear

    Soviet Bear

    Just to point out that the Monster Hunter dev team have a long history of solid and consistent post-launch support - mainly in the form of free DLC as we have seen recently with the console release of MH World. They've been doing this before CDPR and the Witcher 3 were a thing.

    So I wouldn't put it past the dev team to provide patches to improve performance, considering their track-record.
  50. Amiibola

    Banned Member


    Minimum effort

    Either you're spoiled or missed some ports of the PS2 and Xbox 360 eras

    Now those were unoptimized ports made with the minimum effort possible