More 360 games are getting a Xbox One X enhanced patch. Crackdown, Fable, Witcher 2, Forza Horizon

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Theorry, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Remo Williams

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    Beautiful. Any Zonda R shots?

    And I really want to see Xbox 360 Forza Motorsport games upgraded now. I need me some Fujimi Kaido.
  2. Trago

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    Some of those games clean up nicely at higher resolutions. Texture quality ain't half bad either.
  3. dex3108

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    Eh I don't know but resolution bump on emulators on PC is kinda standard thing and any game works so I really wonder what kind of emulation is MS using for BC.
  4. fierrotlepou

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    That Xbox One X was a good buy.
  5. Kraid

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    I’m so annoyed at myself for not buying FH digitally before it went away. Sigh.
  6. Theorry

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    Yeah. Probably alot of people missed it.
  7. leng jai

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    They enhanced Horizon when you can't even buy it digitally anymore? Really? I mean I love the game but that's kinda strange. Now I have to go track down a hard copy.
  8. Marble

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    Seriously, how do you guys do it? I can't even find the time to finish my current gen backlog. Why the need to play all this old stuff? I played several last gen games because they were remastered/remade and I'm a big fan of them, but I really have no desire whatsoever to play any other old PS3/X360 titles.
  9. Huddy

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    I noticed the frame rate being a little rough at times. I thought the technical issues had largely been fixed when it was added to BC, but I guess the 4k goodness is taking it's toll a little.
  10. D65

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    Fuck man I really want a XOX now.

    Is the net code in crackdown still garbage tho?
  11. Theorry

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  12. Hawk269

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    HOLY SHIT!!!

    That looks fantastic. This was one of the games that I always wanted to get the "X" patch. I still think the original and F3 are the best of the series, but what makes the original really different is that it was not "go anywhere" and I felt the structure of the actual races was a lot better. I played this game a few months ago on the "X" and it was just "meh" looking since it did not improve much, but holy hell does this look good.

    Witcher 2 is a fantastic game that did not look too hot on 360, but going by these screen shots, it looks amazing on the "X". Don't miss out on this one.

    Fable Anniversary, another game that I was playing on my PC a few weeks ago at 4k and kept telling my wife that they need to make a "X" version since it is a great game, but it did not look all too hot on the BC...better than standard 360 hardware, but nothing as clean as it looked on PC at 4k. With the "X" patch it looks on par to the PC 4k version. Simply fantastic.

    And to think I am stuck at work for at least 4 more hours. Can't wait till I get home. With these 4 new games and the new update to Elder Scrolls On-Line it is going to be a late night for me!!!
  13. I think my nostalgia goggles aren't working, but yikes...these Crackdown controls have no aged well at all.
  14. JeffG

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    Good games are good games. lol The last few games have played are Mass Effect 1 and Fable 2

    Now I will fire up Crackdown. I just double checked and I did pick it up when it was offered as a Game for gold.
  15. Hawk269

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    Don't get me started... Forza Motorsports 4 which I consider the very best of the series overall would be AMAZING! From your lips to God's ears that this happens.
  16. Prine

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    MS please, this would be glorious
  17. DumpsterJuice

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    A damn good buy. I have had no regrets at all. I love that they are enhancing some BC games.
  18. Playing fable now enhanced. The camera has a little weird shaking issue but it looks really clean.
  19. shinobi602

    shinobi602 Newman Administrator

    Mass Effect Trilogy WHEN GODDAMNIT.
  20. Greebman

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    Nah it's that early last-gen stiffness before they figured out proper third person controls. You need to get used to it again first.
  21. Hexer

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    Yeah, I had some stuttering problems it seemed. Couldn't tell if it was screen tearing or fps problems. Only booted it up and ran around for a few mins though. Could just have been the guild area.
  22. pswii60

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  23. peepers

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    It's really fucked up how when checking the enhancements for the first time, I think to myself "shit looks the same", but when I fire it up in performance mode is when I really notice how bad it was before. We really do remember games as we want them to look rather than how they really were.
  24. BBQ_of_DOOM

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    I had an existential crisis revisiting Ocarina of Time and Goldeneye a couple of years ago.
  25. Theorry

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    Thats why its always funny when someone says of a new game that releases now. "damn thats ugly it looks like a 360 game" haha. If they only went back to see how a 360 game looked.

    Perfect example Crackdown 3. People saying it doesnt look that better them Crackdown 1.
  26. D65

    D65 Member

    MS has done BC the best way possible.
  27. Klobrille

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    Some more Forza Horizon Super-Sampled shots. Looks like a great looking current-gen game to be honest. It's magic.




    Two extra shots without HUD:


  28. black070

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    Despite having a massive backlog and very little time, I’m itching to get an X just for these enhanced 360 games.. damn it.
  29. brightsons

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    Mass Effect Trilogy and PGR 4 WHENNNNNNNN
  30. digitalrelic

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    This is absolutely absurd. It seriously looks current gen.
  31. Ieet

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    damn i want to play witcher 2 now,
  32. black070

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    How is this looking better than Burnout Paradise Remastered?!
  33. jmizzal

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    It wont let me buy Crackdown on the web or on the Xbox one X it just goes to a black screen

    Whats going on?
  34. leng jai

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    Outside of frame rate these enhanced 360 games are better than a lot of actual paid remasters. Gears 3 in particular is a better effort than most remasters.
  35. LordBaztion

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  36. Theorry

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    Its almost thread worthy haha.
  37. PROh1bited

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    Yeah, I’m getting the same thing.
  38. bender

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    Glad I picked up FH before it was delisted.
  39. Hawk269

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    There are some racers on current gen that don't even look as good as FH in BC/"X" Mode. Truly impressive.
  40. Spider-Man

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    Looks like I'm replaying Crackdown!
  41. shinobi602

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  42. Smurf

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    Oh god

    Forza is looking really good
  43. Remo Williams

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    Or you could check eBay. I can see a Chinese seller is currently selling the codes at £14 a pop.

    No problem? I play what I feel like playing at any given moment, whether it's a new game or an older one is irrelevant. I'm currently playing through Demon's Souls for the first time, and I guess I'll be going back to Crackdown and Forza Horizon. I've never played the Fable remake or The Witcher 2, so as far as I'm concerned, those are new games that I'm looking forward to play supersampled.
  44. Theorry

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  45. LordBaztion

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    lol, I just realised
  46. tyraniboah

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    Got something dumb to ask here. I have a pretty strong PC that I prefer to play the majority of my games on. For games like the Witcher 2 (and 3 for that matter) that are multiplats, do these enhancements include better assets and stuff or are they the equivalent of putting everything on max settings? I already have an S and I'm not looking to spend the extra money on an X, so I'll be somewhat disappointed if I can't play the multiplats in the best possible state on what should be the most powerful platform.
  47. leng jai

    leng jai Member

    It's pretty simple. Horizon always looked better than Burnout. Both games are essentially 4K updates with other minor enhancements, main difference is one is $40 with DLC included and the other is free (if you own the game obviously).
  48. chadskin

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    FH looks seriously impressive, great job MS.
  49. Phonomezer

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    All games look incredible, what a difference.
  50. II JumPeR I

    II JumPeR I Member

    So glad that i waited playing more through Fable :) Hehe said to a friend a week ago that i wish that the game would be enhanced for OneX and here we go :D

    But because the game is running on Unreal Engine i guess that we will see more enhanced games pretty soon.