Mortal Kombat 11 street date broken - Secret character, Shao Kahn Fatality and more!

Just found out that Mortal Kombat 11 street date has been broken. Source is TheNerdMag, they leaked the whole launch event for the game, so it is pretty credbile. Guy is doing an AMA thing on reddit, so far we know the following:

Removed secret character name for people who want to avoid spoilers.

  • We know all the game modes:
    • Story, Towers of Time, Klassic Towers, and Krypt.
  • The character select screen shows off the revealed characters, all the current characters will make this select screen comprise of 25 fighters. This does not include fighters to come in the Kombat Packs. (24 now with the secret character name removed)
  • Secret Character is
    Frost from MK: Deadly Alliance. Unlocked by doing chapter 4 in the story. Is the only secret character in the game.
  • Currently available fighters are:
    • Shao Kahn
    • Johnny Cage
    • Sonya Blade
    • Cassie Cage
    • Jax
    • Scorpion
    • Noob Saibot
    • Baraka
    • Raiden
    • Jacqui Briggs
    • Sub-Zero
    • Kano
    • Kabal
    • Lui Kang
    • Kitana
    • Kung Lao
    • Jade
    • Skarlet
    • Erron Black
    • D’Vorah
    • Kotal Kahn
    • Geras
    • Kollector
    • Centrion
Fatality Bonus:

Noob's 2nd fatality:

Shao Kahn Fatality:

Reset my story timeline if old.
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Nov 1, 2017
Came in here to see who this secret character was. There goes that.
It's Frost.

You can visit the link if you want. I wanted to put it in spoilers but I am a spoiler purist myself so I wanted to give people the right to not know the secret character completely. I'll add it as a spoiler tag now if it helps.
Look if someone's worried about spoilers, they're probably not gonna click on this thread


Oct 25, 2017
Is there standard vs in the game right? I've been missing the Kombatcasts but I assume that's what they've been using the entire time on them.


Jan 16, 2019
This is the best MK roster in my opinion. There are no charaacters that I dislike and thats so nice. Only Mileena could make it more perfect but even without here this is great. Even frost looks cool - way better than he previous design

prediction: chameleon will be dlc (or cyber reptile,,? :))


Oct 25, 2017
Frost isn't a secret characters. Shes right there on the select screen when you turn the game on.
Jan 11, 2018
Only reason I came here is because I hoped it would be the Switch version which would have a broken release date.

I'm disappointed, I just want to see how it runs...


Oct 25, 2017
Here to laugh at people thinking/hoping the secret character is Mileena

Edit: People comparing Mileena to Juri are just wrong.


Oct 25, 2017
I'm disappointed Kung Jin, Takeda, and Kenshi aren't back. :(

With that said, this is actually a pretty solid core roster.


Oct 29, 2017
Shao Kahn fatality such a missed opportunity.

He should have knocked the other character down into the ground so just their head is sticking up, and then used his hammer like a golf club to send their head flying and then the announcer says "four" after he does that, would be perfect.