1. HyperFerret


    I'm aware.

    It's still not really the same thing, that was more of a homage to cartoony western villains, and not really a statement on womens rights.
  2. DeeDogg


    Yeah he seemed to have some weird fetish for the thing. More than 10 videos of the same thing all edited and cut adequately and the games only been out a little less than 2 weeks.

    I just think YT should update their TOS because other YTers get their channels terminated for things that they had no knowledge about.
  3. The Kree

    The Kree

    God forbid anybody be held accountable for anything not codified in the law.
  4. alexlf


    In the community guidelines, under "Hateful Content":

  5. Avis


    I'm shocked at the amount of posters here handwaving this. It isn't rocket science.

    I have a young cousin who loves Dark Souls. Maybe they've watched some of this dipshits videos, or listened to the music he posted. Because of that, youtube bombards their recommend page with this:
    And now he's become more desensitized to violence against women, specifically feminists, who already have enough problems and enemies as is. Feminists are now the butt of a joke, a punchline.

    Both the youtuber AND Youtube are at fault here. The youtuber promotes violence against women to a ridiculous extent, and the YT algorithm allows this stuff to be promoted to a massive audience, much of which is young.
  6. torre_avenue


    Gotta say, the sheer amount of people that are more mad about one dude saying "men are trash" than a dude making multiple videos killing an "annoying feminist" really highlights why I don't want to be called a gamer.

    Y'all more concerned about preserving the dignity of men than calling out a dude who made some fucked up content pandering to the alt-right.
  7. Eatin' Olives

    Eatin' Olives

    Avoiding uploading numerous YT videos in which you find creative ways to kill feminists,, specifically feminists, in a video game is "walking on eggshells" now?
  8. nillansan


    That would be a change for the positive, YouTube is riddled with far right extremism.
  9. Snkfanatic


    You categorize someone not posting multiple videos killing the same "feminist NPC" in varying ways having to walk on eggshells? You can't be serious.
  10. UltraDSA


    No they wouldn't and I'm sure there's plenty of content like that out there at this very second.
  11. DeeDogg


    Or it’s time for YouTube to update their old ass outdated TOS. It should be like a biannual thing.
  12. ElBoxyBrown


    How does that justify killing them and making a video about how cool it is to kill Feminists? Do you know how bad that looks not just to a person but to a community?
  13. How About No

    How About No

    da fuq
  14. take_marsh


    Imma agree with youtube on this one. The videos titles establish a harmful context to the events within.

    Lol at boogie and h3h3 mention.
  15. Imagine doing this after reading Arthur's journal where he wrote about his time with
    the suffragettes and having a good time.
  16. Ravelle


    Good riddance, complaining on twitter for attention is always gross even more so if you tag a a couple other YouTubers in hope they support you or make a video about it.
  17. ShinUltramanJ


    Holy shit I saw this video pop up on YouTube among suggested feeds. Glad he had his channel terminated. What an asshole.
  18. Tain


    i don't get why arguing that a dude's monetized video game suffragette murder compilation videos are worth keeping hosted and accessible is getting me dogpiled on

    i'm having an entirely normal one over here, what gives
  19. alexlf


    Maybe you missed my post, but it's been in the TOS for years now. See above.
  20. MotionBlue


    Yep, pretty much. I'm not sure if Shirrako is alt-right, or just another snake YTer chasing views and ad revenue though.
  21. nillansan


    • User Banned (2 Days): Hostility towards other members; previous infractions
    How does this not qualify as being anti-feminist content? Are you just ignoring all the context provided in the OP?

    Fuck off then, coward.
  22. LiquidSword


    Every thread about women since gamergate. It’s like they wait for one poster to make a post like that and then come in and derail.
  23. Bobo Dakes

    Bobo Dakes

    Gotta live up to the phrase.
  24. DeeDogg


    I’ve seen it. Thank you for that. I feel stupid now though so I’ll hang my head in shame and leave now before the dogpile lets on even harder.
  25. clamj00ce


    Me too. Stupid YouTube algorithms
  26. Rigby


    You mean the context of being a game?
  27. Bansai


    I'd wager that more people still are upset about the videos rather than the post, so no need to group every user together.

    And some people are mad because it's a bit weird that in this supposedly open and inclusive community you can just throw a sizebale chunk of the world to one bag and call them all trash. Personally I don't give a shit but it's easy to see why somebody would be irked by this.

    That would probably be one of those ludonarrative dissonance thingies haha.
  28. alexlf


    Alright, no problem. Sorry if I came off as snappy, I just have a history of people seemingly ignoring my posts lol.
  29. Primethius


  30. Bobo Dakes

    Bobo Dakes

    No one cares when you criticize a dominant group in power for the shitty things they do and say. Because it hurts no one.

    Are my feelings supposed to be hurt because a guy said men are trash. Okay, gonna keep enjoying my male privileges and continue being part of the dominant group on this site with the loudest voice.
  31. MisterBear


    I'm sure everyone would stand by and accept someone coming in and stating, "All women are a trash species". That'd go over real well...

    Thinking that, "well no, that is an incorrect view point and the other one is wrong" is literally what the opposite side would say about that. Thus conjuring a community of one sided people that think, "They are in the right" when in reality, both are fucked up. It's all fucked up. Stop judging people by their sex and race, it's not that hard. All around.

    Now come the drive by's of people inflammatory comments towards me, just because it's accepted here.
  32. DeeDogg


    No I was going through like a million and saw yours lol
  33. Spinluck


    Him using the game as a platform to prop up misogyny for views.

    Unless you want to blame Rockstar for making Women's Suffrage a thing in the game.
  34. Alimnassor


    Why are you even allowed to kill them in this game? Wtf is wrong with you Rockstar? Even in-game violence against Women is unacceptable.
  35. Haha. I stumbled across that dude while browsing YouTube vids while trying to figure out a “non-sensational” title for my Diablo Immortal impressions vid, and I wondered if what I was watching was parody—I quickly realized it wasn’t.
  36. Definitely, lol. Doing my boy Arthur dirty like this with their hateful agenda. To then cry like a baby on Twitter, those videos were something else...
    Glad Shirrako's channel got busted.

    There are women enemy types in this game though. Bounties and the like.
    Like any other Rockstar game they let you do what you want. He just used the game mechanics for his shitty politics.
  37. Astral


    I know this is kind of off topic but I’m not seeing the problem with someone saying “men are the worst” or something similar. Considering the shit women have to put up with, it’s not too crazy to think that. It also seemed like obvious hyperbole to me.
  38. djshauny1


    Its a videogame dude. Not real life.
  39. Palette Swap

    Palette Swap

    Miss me with this bullshit when you were camping for Comicgate a few months back.
  40. Voryn


    Please dont quote me. The mods made their stance very clear on the issue and I don’t want to get banned for ignoring their red text.
  41. I was so fucking disappointed when I saw this video in my recommendation. I used Shirrako to listen to Bloodborne OST and I couldn't believe he was this type person. Fucking shameful.
  42. Skux


    The article is misguided. The problem here isn't RDR2, it's the YouTubers making content against YouTube's ToS.
  43. Man fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck gamers.

    Complete fucking gutter trash
  44. Tranqueris


    Yeah I've been wondering how these people are reacting to the fact that Morgan hates the Klan and treats black people like human beings.
  45. torre_avenue


    You know what's equally as distressing to me? The people that came in to say "#NotAllMen" and "But why is this wrong?" and just bounced.

    To those people, you're the reason why gaming as a medium isn't taken seriously. You're the reason why women and anyone not straight, not male, or not-white sounding gets shit thrown at them for not being the norm. How hard is it to have some fucking empathy for people that aren't you and step back to see the bigger picture? Christ, I just know that you will be the folks that insist on games being art while enjoying jiggling anime tits and acting hostile to any modicum of attempt to make gaming more accessible & welcoming. You're the ones holding gaming back from being better because all you do is jump into threads like this, act like devil's advocates for topics that really don't need them, and bounce, awaiting the next time you can defend men, anime tits, and gamers behaving badly.
  46. Bobo Dakes

    Bobo Dakes

    Hope you learned something.
  47. If anything, RDR2 surprised me with how they handled racism and other topics.
    Kill a racist on the street and get your honour up, no problem. For example.
    I loved that.
  48. Driver


    Fair point. I clicked on the thread because the title was interesting. I read the OP and then suddenly I see the usual ERA crowd one liners: "men are trash", "gamers are a mistake", etc. Instead of focussing on the moron making offensive videos and YouTubes rightful decision to ban them, lots of users, including myself, focused on the needless inflammatory shitposts.

    To be clear, the youtuber is wrong and an embarrassing human being. YouTube was right to shut him down. But posting "men are trash" and "gamers are a mistake" just distract from the actual problem and topic being discussed and add absolutely nothing of value to the thread. These type of posts do nothing but derail thread after thread related to these issues but they are a constant presence. It would be nice if these posts were warned just as other derailing shitposts are.
  49. Spinluck


    This isn't on R*.

    The player has spun this into something a base that dislikes women can actively engage in. Even if you did decide to kill them in your own play through, that is just you acting out on shit you wouldn't do in the real world or whatever. But to make a bunch of videos titles like this:


    This ain't just killing a video game character. No need to make excuses for boys.
  50. Fuck gamers
  51. sph3re


    How old are you? Because I was using the whole "it's just a game!" argument back in grade school. It's a silly argument.